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Chief Administrator of Oromia says decision to move capital city based on study 


Addis Ababa, June 11,2005 (WIC) - The Oromia State Chief Administrator, Junedin Sado, said the decision passed by the Executive Committee of Oromo People Democratic Organization (OPDO) yesterday to move the capital of the state to Fifinne (Addis Ababa) was made on the basis of an extensive study and has no relations to the current political situation. 

While briefing journalists today, Jundein said the decision was made in line with the resolution of the regular state council meeting held in Nekempt town in 2001, which entrusted the OPDO with the task of undertaking study regarding the seat of the government. 

According to the Chief Administrator, the study included the benefits the Oromia state would get and other related socio-economic affairs. 

He said the decision made by the OPDO should be approved at the state council meeting to be held soon in conformity with the constitution of the country. 

The state government had set up two cabinets entrusted with the task of conducting the study during the past four years, he said, adding that the decision to move the capital from Adama to Finfinne was made following the interest of the Oromo people as reflected in various public forums.  

Commenting on the relationships with the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD), which has won the election in Addis Ababa, the Chief Administrator said the two parties would function under the umbrella of the constitution and the City Charter, adding that this has been the case over the past years. 

He said there would not be any conflict as long as OPDO and CUD members and supporters are operating peacefully in both Addis Ababa and the Oromia state.  

Junedin said a study has been conducted by professionals to determine the role of Oromia state, adding that the findings of the study would be realized following its presentation to the federal cabinet of ministers and the approval of the House of Peoples Representatives. 

He stated that by moving the capital city of the Oromia state to Addis Ababa the state would enjoy its special privileges in line with the federal constitution. The Chief Administrator however underscored that the city would maintain its status as the federal capital city. 

He meanwhile assured the CUD that it could operate peacefully in areas where it has won seats in the state in accordance with the constitutional rights of peaceful coexistence. 

The Chief Administrator added that there would not be any room for conflict as long as the constitution is respected.


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