Well, that's it for Gamezville Series 2. The team are all taking a well deserved break (except for the Guru who is refusing to leave the lift shaft!).

In the meantime, check out the Gamezville photo gallery  to remind yourself of some of the series highlights and some of the celebrities that dropped by Gamezville Towers and if you're desperately in need of knowledge, don't forget the Guru Gold service, click here for more details. Got to keep the Guru busy...he'll go crazy otherwise (well, even more crazy anyway!)

Also have a look at 'The Team' page, to find out the G-Team's fave moments!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in, everyone on the forums and everyone who came on to do a Face Off, review or just hang out in the background.
We'll see you all soon...but you know where to come for the best in hardcore gaming action...GAMEZVILLE!

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