2005-05-10 - The Forum and the 2nd Print!
The forum is back from the grave (more or less) and the 2nd print is now available from MBD Records.

2005-04-06 - Forum status
The Hazul server has ceased to exist, which means the forum will remain offline until a replacement host is found. Hazul has provided a db dump from the old server, so no forum logins or post data should be lost. In theory.

2005-03-29 - Status update
Work is progressing on the new MACHINAE SUPREMACY album titled "REDEEMER", and we are looking at a late summer or early fall release. Song titles include among others "Elite", "Rogue World Asylum", "Ronin" and "Empire". This time around the music delivers a heavier attitude, with more focus on the guitar play and vocal harmonies than before. The album will contain 12 (or possibly 13) songs.

Preceeding the release of "REDEEMER", two free non-album songs will be released on the website.

Less thrilling is the news that Kahl is moving from Lulea in May. What this means for the rest of us is not yet clear, but there are no plans to end anything.

Also, an elite "WOO-STYLE" t-shirt has been added to the Sqream merch.

2005-02-06 - First print sold out!
The first print of Deus Ex Machinae has sold out, and a second print is underway. It's still ok to order, but delivery may be slightly delayed.

2004-12-04 - Jets'n'Guns Official Soundtrack Released
Head on over to the discopgrahy section for options on downloading this 28 original track monolith of sound.

2004-10-26 - Do the right thing...
"Those who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -Benjamin Franklin.

Whether you like it or not, what is going on in the USA right now concerns _everyone_. New song released: Legion of Stoopid.

2004-10-04 - Rebel Music
Summer has passed and the first print of DXM is nearly sold out, we're glad to say. For an independent, underground release, it has gone very well, and we are working on a follow-up. In the meanwhile, here's a new song: Soundtrack To The Rebellion.

2004-05-06 - New T-Shirts!
The Sqream people have added another Machinae Supremacy print to their collection, available on t-shirt, hoodie and girl-t.

2004-04-01 - Album info and Pre-order opens!
Album information and pre-ordering is on!
The info, 2 new downloadable songs, and some other goodies can be found in the discography section.

Machinae wannabe musicmakers may want to take a look at the Machinae Drum Kit, a sample pack containing one-shot multisampled drum hits from the album (in neat .wav format).

2004-03-09 - Album Complete!
The Machinae Supremacy album is now complete. It features 14 songs with approx. 72 minutes of music and a 16 page booklet. It will be released by the UK label MBD on May 1st, 2004. The album information, such as title and song names, will be released April 1st, 2004. Check back with us then.

And of course, happy birthday, Lisa Miskovsky.

2003-12-15 - Machinae T-Shirts!
Machinae Supremacy T-Shirts are now available at!

2003-10-30 - Album Update
It's been taking longer than anticipated, obviously. But nearing the end, we feel as we hope you will, that it has been worth it. We estimate another 2 months of work until total completion - we are now recording almost every day - and meanwhile, the work to find distribution has begun. Hang in there, friends.

2003-10-30 - Jets'N'Guns
The Czech game project Jets'N'Guns is back in development after a period of various misfortunes. Jets'N'Guns is an elite 2D-shooter game and Machinae Supremacy is making the music.

2003-10-15 - Bouff bulletin.
The Kenzmeister has put together an official Emily Booth Video Show Reel on top of the bashing Machinae Supremacy 'Bouff' track. Check it out.

2003-08-17 - Fanclub message.
The lack of Machinae Supremacy news on this site these last few months does in no way reflect inactivity. The band is working on the announced album and we suggest that you visit the FORUM if you want to take part in this process with your support and ideas. Most of the band members are active on this forum as well.

2003-04-25 - Fanclub message.
The Machinae Supremacy website has now had over 200 000 unique downloads. We thought it was worth mentioning. ;)

2003-04-25 - Forum and gigs
We now have finally got a forum and the first gig for this summer has been booked; We're headlining the spring festival KŚrtegen in LuleŚ in a couple of weeks. We have also begun recording stuff for the album and our co-producer Cid Inc. has got his hands on the first track.... Peace everyone, and use that forum! Listed @