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This is a drawing of some sort of cave system. Water will flood the cave and people will get trapped in the cave.

I think these are sun sports or solar flares...Might be a problem this summer.

NOTD: 13

BLW: BUY @ 6.75 SELL @ 45.25

LOTTERY: 28 11 22 31 9 12



Some sort of nuclear attack on a small country, maybe Japan I think. Not really sure what I drew, can't remember that part, but this is what I can remember from the dream.

Car bombs will be a concern in the United States in the near future.  Several bombs will go off in the US killing dozens of people.  So please be careful, and if you see something suspicious, report it.

A small plane with 4 people aboard will crash in some sort of island I think.  The island is close to New York City, USA.  The plane is a 172 something...  The cause of the crash will be pilot error, due to flying too slow, causing the plane to stall and then spin.  I think the plane will crash nose first into this island, maybe on a beach or something. 4 people will die, not sure if they are all in the plane though...Will happen in a few weeks.




Some sort of bomb will be hidden inside a dog cage.  The cage will be loaded onto a commercial airliner, this is all I know.

A very large plane will crash and be totally destroyed, I think.  I also do not remember drawing this, may have crashed into a bus?  Maybe on takeoff??  Very little detail on this one.


SHO  BUY @ 15.75 SELL @ 33.25

LOTTERY: 23 31 11 21 32 9 4



Some sort of missiles will land on the shore line of some county, may be Japan. The missiles will explode when hitting just above the ground.  After the attach, I see thousands of people moving inward up hill.

Someone, a women I think, will rob a bank in a Wal-Mart, and she is currently hiding out in Texas.  I have marked her hideout with an X above.

This is a drawing of a suicide bomber who will cause terror in a small town in the USA.  His location is drawn above.

NOTD: 74

DVA  BUY @ 39.1 SELL @ 60.25

LOTTERY: 8 32 1 44 1 21 8



A dam will crack and possibly break in the United States, not sure where yes, but will happen very soon.  If you live downstream from a Dam, be careful.

This is a very bad drawing of a dog that will save a babies life.  The dog will carry this baby several miles to its litter of puppies, and actually give the baby milk.  Sounds crazy huh??

NOTD: 33


LOTTERY: 14 8 9 12 43 1 6



If you know someone named David, please tell him to be careful when crossing a road, or when driving for the next several days, a school bus will crash and kill 2 people in other vehicles, I do not think any kids will be killed. I think the crash will take place next to the Statue of Liberty?


NOTD: 22

COL: BUY @ 36.0 SELL @ 49/5

LOTTERY:  42 17 52 47 7 2



Fire on a school bus, do not know why I see so many school buses in my dreams...

This is about the missing finger news story, and I'm pretty sure that the finger came from the place I drew above.  Where I drew the arrow is where the finger was acquired, I do know that the city is Las Vegas, NV and I think the lines are roads and the names are written next to the roads.  Not 100% certain, but I think so...

NOTD: 64

AOLA: BUY @ .11 SELL @ 5.25

LOTTERY:  62 12 19 23 1 8



A body is tied to some rocks at the bottom of a lake, I pretty sure of the location.

I think these are fish, although I do not even remember drawing them.  But from what I see, I drew fish....why??? I have no idea

There will be a major oil spill very soon, do not know where yet.

This one was done at 11:23 PM, I think its going to happen very soon, so I included it.  It has something to do with an assassination attempt or plot against the US President, George W. Bush.  Something about a red square and a gun or grenade , all I know on this...




This is a drawing of a major accident on Interstate I95 in the United States, was started by a tractor-trailer that overturned.  If your going to be driving on this road, please be alert.

NOTD: 17

GRE: BUY @ 18.0 SELL @ 32.10

LOTTERY:  9 43 8 21 22 3 9



Grasshoppers will be use in a treatment to cure cancer.

A hot air balloon will catch fire and it will be caught on video tape.

A US Army track vehicle will flip over, killing (2) people.

NOTD: 54

MFE: BUY @ 24.80 SELL @ 37.10

LOTTERY:  32 11 23 12 8 12



A letter laced with Anthrax will be found in California

Someone will use poison to kill a person in a high position in the US government.  The poison will be in the food the person in question will eat.

Frogs.... Uh... ??

NOTD: 15

TRK:  BUY @ 32.70 SELL @ 47.20

LOTTERY:  52 21 3 13 82 1 9



Whales will beach themselves, and I think its related to warming of ocean temperatures.

This has something to do with ocean currents that flow around the world.  I think the currents are going to change dramatically very soon,  not really sure if this is that important, but I did have a dream about it.

NOTD: 94

LOTTERY:  72 14 3 33 52 4



A fire will burn several buildings in Las Angeles, CA

This is about the Michael Jackson child molestation case.  There are pictures that were suppose to be destroyed of Michael Jackson in the act of molesting a boy.  The pictures are on some type of memory stick?? and will soon be destroyed by the owner if someone does not stop it.  I'm pretty sure that a family member of Michaels is involved with this.

NOTD: 96

VIS: BUY @ 52.1 SELL @ 57.8

LOTTERY:  4 21 44 11 21 13



Exploding light bulbs?  Some sort of light bulb that explodes with found to be the cause of several fires.

High Voltage power lines will be downed by an auto/bus accident.

This is a personal message directed to a reader of this website.  If your name has a "t" in it, be ready for some sort of surprise within 24 hours of reading this.  It will be a good surprise :)




Some sort on new virtual reality glove will be very popular soon, I think it is a secret project of Microsoft Corp.

There will be a serious accident soon with a Nascar Race, two people will die and many more will be injured.

Someone is putting poison in prescription drugs, one person will even die.  I think this has to due with an overseas drug company.

NOTD: 35

MAS : BUY @ 29.5 SELL @ 43.5

LOTTERY: 40 10 12 16 28 6



Live on the east coast of the US? The dream drawing above is a map of where this years major hurricanes will strike.  I added the state lines later, but I'm pretty sure where the dots are landfall areas. 

A dentist will be accused of rape with several of his patients.

Something to do with a quarter, all I really know.

NOTD: 55

RTU:  BUY @ 16.5 SELL @ 23.5

LOTTERY: 34 5 22 53 11 9



There will be several church fires in the Unites States this year, the cause will be arson.

The recent story about the News Week magazine reporting that US Soldiers desecrating the Koran by flushing it down the toilet.  Actually, this story is true, but the person who reported the story was pressured by the military to deny this action. The US soldiers not only flushed the Koran down the toilet, the urinated on it, ripped it up and wrote profanity on it.   I served 12 years active duty in the US Army, and as American, I'm very ashamed of the US Military.

This is another dream/invention drawing.  It is a hurricane wind deflection devise that I think will save many homes from the damaging winds of hurricanes.  It a very simple devise using a sheet of metal with a hinge at the bottom.  A bag is filled with water from a garden hose, and the metal sheet lifts up from one side forming a triangle.  This will deflect the winds from a hurricane, or whatever, upward and not directly on the structure.  The weight of the water will keep the wind shield from moving, and with a turn of a valve, it can be release to move the wind shield, or put it away. The wind deflector does not need to be the height of the structure, one of only 5 feet high could protect a 15 foot high structure.  Sounds good?



LOTTERY: 3 44 6 11 2 32



12:44 AM | This actually came to me about midnight, I heard a news story about 2 missing girls on the radio and I had some sort of vision about this, at least I think so.  I drew a diagram from my mind of where I think they may be, and unfortunately , I do not think they are alive.  I believe that they are at the bottom of a lake, where I drew the arrow above.

The Secretary of Defense, or State will be a target of another attempted assassination, very soon.   Last week I predicted that someone would throw a hand grenade at President Bush in Russia, and the next day it happened, yet know one seemed to believe me... Oh well, maybe this time.

A large steel tower will come crashing to the ground, not sure where yet.

There is going to be a very serious issue with a government GPS satellite this year, causing many problems with people that use this service.

A dam will fail in the state of West Virginia, USA.  The dam was very poorly constructed and actually should of failed years ago.  3 people will die.

NOTD: 77

CNO: BUY @ 19.5 SELL AT 37.5

LOTTERY: 23 73 82 1 21 3 4



Singer Britney Spears will have a problem with her unborn child?  Not sure if its a miscarriage or not, but a serious problem.  When did she get pregnant anyway?

All I know on this one, is a McDonalds will be robbed, not sure what one or where...sorry :(

If you going to an area what may have wolves, please be very careful as I had a dream of a wolf attacking a small child.

NOTD: 32

LOTTERY: 9 67 21 23 4 12 9



A large earthquake will happen in Alaska, I think the center will be where I drew the X

A F4 or F5 tornado will kill several people and destroy several building in Oklahoma, USA.   The think the twister will struck the town ok Lawton first, then head north.

NOTD: 36

GOOG:  BUY 239.5 SELL 295.25

LOTTERY: 05 15 23 30 34 42 14



Two people are plotting to cause harm to the United States First Lady, Laura Bush.  This will happen very soon, and if she is not protected properly, someone may harm her.


Usama Bin Laden will be in the news again very soon, I'm pretty sure that he will be found dead.  I think the cause of death may even be from natural causes.




A famous racehorse will be injured and eventfully will die.

A oil tanker will leak thousands of gallons of oil into the ocean very soon.

NOTD: 99

SID:  BUY @ 16.25 SELL @ 19.75

LOTTERY: 8 36 21 43 12 1 44



Donald Trump will be hospitalized.

Several UFO sightings will make news headlines... A picture of the UFO will be very popular in the internet.


NOTD: 34

LOTTERY: 19 65 23 42 84 92



A major oil deposit will be found in Alaska, enough oil to supply the US for 100 years. This discovery could eventually end the need to import oil from other countries.

A important terrorist member of Al Qaeda will be shot, I think by his own members.  He will live for several days, but eventually die of some sort of infection.

NOTD: 34

FRS:  BUY @ 22.5 SELL @ 27.5

LOTTERY: 01 16 32 39 30 02 5



A M1 tank and several other military vehicles will be destroyed in Iraq. Many US soldiers will also die in the next week, more than any other time during the war.

Several people will die in a prison fire, that's all I know on this.

NOTD: 77

LOTTERY: 02 01 16 39 22 06 5



A news reporter will have an heart attack on live TV and die.

United States president George W. Bush has cancer, he just does not know it yet.

Bird Flu will kill thousands in the country of Vietnam this year, it will get so bad that the entire country may be quarantined.

NOTD: 53

DWA:  BUY @ 33 SELL @ 54.5

LOTTERY: 24 7 5 28 39 36



I had a dream last night of a child, most likely a girl, who is locked in a basement.  She do not have food or water and is very scared.  She was locked in the basement by her step parents. Her stepparents are hardcore drug users. 

Some sort of container that is on a ship in the Pacific Ocean heading to Canada is carrying chemical weapons.  This container NEEDS TO BE FOUND, as many people will die if its not.

NOTD: 32

POM: BUY @ 22.2 SELL @ 32.10

LOTTERY: 47 22 23 26 44 12 5

Today's Thought: Following the Michael Jackson case?  I had a dream about the outcome and will share it with you tomorrow.



A plane in the US will come very close to crashing due to a thunderstorm, this will happen in the next 3 days.

Something to do with an oil pipeline and a fire...All I know on this one.


A King will die over the next several weeks, do not know who, but a king will die.  If your not a king, nothing to worry about :)

NOTD: 51

LOTTERY: 21 4 45 9 25 12 22

Today's Thought: Michael Jackson will be found guilty on several counts of child molestation, but not all.  He will cry like a baby on national TV and his lawyers will state that they will appeal.   Tomorrow I will tell you what punishment Michael will receive from the court.



A crew aboard a US Nuclear Submarine will get very sick from some sort of new virus.

A earthquake is about to happen very close to Peru, should be a 5.5.  I think it will happen very soon.


Actually I have no idea about this, was next to me when I woke up.  Something to do with a simple formula for everything???  I think the E=MC square has something to do with it.

Do you believe in miracles?  Do you believe in God? If your reading this on May 29-June 5th , 2005 a wonderful miracle is going to happen to you tomorrow!  And when it does you need to pass it on, and it will come around again.  So, if your reading this for the first time from May 29th to June 5th, 2005, and something wonderful happens tomorrow, you need to tell 20 other people about your miracle, and next year at this time, another wonderful event will happen.   At least that's what I can figure out from this drawing...

NOTD: 32

LOTTERY: 31 43 37 45 26 32 5



Had a dream that Tea made people live forever....yeah right

Some new sort of worm will be found in humans, I'm not sure of this worm will do harm or not.

In seven days I'm going to have a dream about something wonderful that will affect the entire world, and when I have this dream, you will be the first to know what's its about, I have no idea.

NOTD: 86

GTRD : BUY .03 SELL @ .41

LOTTERY: 02 48 26 32 45 6 10

Today's Thought: Be very careful when crossing the road this week.



A high political person in Iraq will die today.

There will be a major earthquake in the US very soon, will let you know when I think its imminent.

A 18 year old girl named Nate (I think) is being held by by 3 men, which abducted her at some sort of party.  She has been raped and beaten, but is still alive.  The location of the girl is show by the X above, but I have no idea of where this place is, may actually be an island like Hawaii. I also know that if someone does not stop her going to this party, she will eventually be killed and her body will be dumped into the ocean, and eventually some of her body parts will wash-up on the beach??

A fire will destroy a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) restaurant killing several people.


LOTTERY: 22 6 23 32 17 8 22



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