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Location : 900, Samyang 1-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do 690-071

Contact : Tel. 064-750-5211 / Fax. 064-750-5214

Introduction to the Plant
Plant #1 with a 10,000 kW capacity, was constructed from period March 5, 1981-November 29, 1982 so as to supply power stably to Jeju Island following the removal of the Jeju Thermal Power Plant #2 (5,000 kw, constructed on Jeju harbor in 1968, removed in 1997). Its outstanding performance includes fault-free operation of the steam turbine plant #1 (8 times), 408 days of fault-free continuous operation (the first in Korea), and an excellent workplace in the internal management evaluation (7 times), a accident-free certification (10-times) by the Ministry of Labor.

Construction of a gas turbine power generation facility for peak load was started on July 1, 1983; gas turbine plant #1,2 and 3 in 1984; gas turbine #4 in 1985; and #5-8 in 1986. Even though they were constructed for peak load, they have been used for middle- and base-load as well, and the operation time of each plan is 80,000 hours up to December 31, 1998, greatly contributing to the stability of the power system in Jeju. A gas turbine generator which was moved from Bupyeong steam turbine facility on June 21, 1994 is also running here as a peak-load generator.
Construction of the new Jeju thermal plant #2-3 (capacity 150,000 kW (75,000 kW x 2) was started in January 1997 and completed in March 3, 2000 (Plant #2) and December 31, 2000 (Plant #3) to cope with the drastically increasing demand for electricity in Jeju area. As a result, Jeju Thermal Power Plant consists of multiple facility types steam turbine, gas turbine, and internal combustion - and the capacity of Jeju Plant (255.000 kW) accounts for about 60% of the total power generation capacity of Jeju area.

Jeju Thermal P/P is trying to acquire certification for an environment-friendly company by minimizing discharge of pollutants and improving wastewater processing facilities. Staff and officers are working in a harmonious way to make this Jeju plant a workplace free from labor-management conflict through various activities such as operation of labor-management harmony plaza, staff & officers and environment clean-up events, and the supply of tents and camping facilities for employees' family events.
How to reach us Samyang-dong, Jeju-City
If departing from airport (by air)
Jeju International Airport Ora rotary (turn left and head to city hall) Gwangyang Road
(drive straight ahead to Seongsan direction) Police station road (drive straight ahead to Seongsan
direction) Square number 6 (drive straight to Samyang, Seongsan direction) Samyang police
station crossroad (turn left and head to Wondangbong) Jeju Thermal P/P
From Jeju International Airport to Jeju Thermal P/P takes approximately 30 minutes (distance: approximately 20km)
If departing from a wharf (by ship)
From the passenger terminal at Jeje harbor
1. Dongmun rotary (turn left and head to Sarabong) - > Sarabong rotary (drive straight to square
number 6)
2. Mountaineering road in Sarabong, international harbor - > Sarabong rotary (drive straight to
square number 6) Square number 6 (turn left and head to Samyang and Seongsan)
Samyang police station crossroad (turn left and head to Wondangbong) Jeju Thermal P/P
- Time taken from the passenger terminal at Jeje harbor to Jeju Thermal P/P : 15 minutes (distance:
approximately 10km)