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DatGen v0.7.8


Download Maid - Beta Test
A new "file cop" like plugin has been developed for DatGen. This plugin will allow you to find errant custom content packages, provide you with a diagnosis, and allow you to delete or move the packages with ease.

DatGen 0.7.8 Official Release
The latest version of DatGen, v0.7.8, has officially been released. Get it on the downloads page.


Hairtone Management Tool - Saturday, June 11, 2005
Currently in the works is a tool to help users organize their hairtones. Bodyshop's facilities for creating new hairtones are very limited. Most custom hairtones, unless otherwise updated by the content creator, fall into the alternate bucket in-game (the * bucket). This plugin will allow users to choose which color bucket their hairtones fall into (black, brown, blond, red, gray, styles). This should clean up users CAS screens and make it easier to find the hairtone color and style you want when creating new sims.

Download Maid - Saturday, June 11, 2005
Due to high demand, a file-cop like plugin called "Download Maid" is beeing developed for DatGen. This plugin will allow users to search their Sims 2 downloads directory for suspect custom content packages. If any suspect custom content is found, Download Maid will list each package, list all the known issues with the package, and flag the package as low, moderate, or high risk. The Download Maid will also provide you with a recommended action for the given type of error and risk severity.

The Download Maid will search for the following things:
  • Zero-length packages (useless time-waster)
  • Empty packages (useless time-waster)
  • Packages with corrupted OBJD's (could slow down TS2 loading)
  • Packages with corrupted GMDC files (unknown impact)
  • Performance-hampering files within packages
  • Orphaned textures
  • Orphaned objects
You can download a test of the Download Maid now by getting the debug version of DatGen.

CHARRED Updated - Wednesday, May 28, 2005
DatGen's flagship character editing plugin, CHARRED, has been updated today. This latest release is much improved from the previous one and allows users to edit much more data than before. This version of the plugin is included with the latest official DatGen download. The following tabs contain editable data:
  • Life
  • Personality
  • Aspiration
  • Skills
  • Interests
  • Memories
  • Relationships
  • School
  • Career
If you have questions regarding CHARRED, including how to use it or to report a bug, visit the Plugin Bugs forum.

DatGen v0.7.8 Released - Wednesday, May 28, 2005
The latest and greatest DatGen is finally here. After several delays, this release is packed with new goodies for the TS2 community. This release includes several new plugins, as well as improvements to existing ones. A full list of updates follows:

  • Full 3D previewer allows you to view meshes outside the game.
  • The SceneGraph editor has been significantly updated, with new viewers and updated descriptions of previously unknown values.
  • An ANIM editor has been included in the new SceneGraph editor. While this doesn't let you fully edit animations, it should help modders to fully decode the format.
  • A SceneGraph Browser has been added, to simplify finding and browsing SceneGraph chains (RCOL chains).
  • An updated version of CHARRED is included. You can edit life data, skills, interests, personality, memories, school info, and career info.
  • The file-groups feature has been completed. File groups allow you to quickly find and load single files or groups of files.
  • The plugin manager has been improved, and includes a full plugin properties viewer.
Along with these updates and additions, a few other plugins are being developed for the next release:
  • Object Test Tube, or OTT for short, is a very simple clonign tool that will allow you to make recolors or new objects.
  • The Object Browser will allow you to easily find and view objects outside the game.
Stay tuned for more updates. The next version of DatGen is sure to be as packed full of new features as this one, and is due in a few weeks.

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