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Nicko's Diary

Nick scratches his head and looks all around
To the left and the right, no ball can be found
To his dismay, he can’t really recall
Whereto exactly he shot that ‘Kin ball....

2005 Tour Dates!

18th - Spain
21st - Greece
25th - France
26th - Belgium (Graspop Festival)
28th - Norway
29th - Norway

2nd - Germany (Full Force Festival)
3rd - Holland
6th - Finland
7th - Finland
9th - Sweden
15th - USA, MA (Ozzfest)
16th - Canada
17th - USA, CT (Ozzfest)
19th - USA, NJ (Ozzfest)
21th - USA, NY (Ozzfest)
23th - USA, PA (Ozzfest)
24th - USA, DC (Ozzfest)
26th - USA, NJ (Ozzfest)
27th - USA, NJ (Ozzfest)
30th - USA, IL (Ozzfest)
31th - USA, IN (Ozzfest)

2nd - USA, OH (Ozzfest)
3rd - Canada
4th - USA, MI (Ozzfest)
6th - USA, WI (Ozzfest)
7th - USA, MN (Ozzfest)
9th - USA, CO
11th - USA, WA (Ozzfest)
13th - USA, CA (Ozzfest)
14th - USA, CA (Ozzfest)
16th - USA, UT (Ozzfest)
18th - USA, AZ (Ozzfest)
20th - USA, CA (Ozzfest)
26th - UK (Leeds Festival)
28th - UK (Reading Festival)
31st - Ireland

Bruce's Solo Album

Visit for the latest on 'Tyranny Of Souls' - soundclips and video now available! Plus the chance to win Bruce's entire back catalogue. Watch the trailer...

Eddie's Megastore

Link To Eddie's Megastore The latest tour shirt - 'Eddie Rips Up Europe Summer 05', Get it Now!

The new football shirt available now!

Very special and very collectable Limited Edition print of Number of The Beast album sleeve Now Available! Just 1,000 individually signed and numbered by the Artist, Derek Riggs.

Want a Maiden Ringtone?

Quality is always of prime concern to the band, which is why there were no official mono or polytones approved. However, the picture has changed recently with the advent of realtones, which are now approved by the band and available to download here.

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