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Climate Models
No proof is sufficient: In the face of evidence resulting from their own research, some scientists refuse to abandon their preconception that computer-based climate models reliably forecast future climate. As usual, the models do a poor job of capturing observed behavior.
Key words: Robock, Ukraine, soil moisture, scientific bias, climate models, Landsea, Trenberth, IPCC TAR, Hansen


Climate History
Timetable of Doom: United Kingdom newspaper The Independent loses credibility as its tales of global warming doom and gloom grow increasingly outrageous. There is a name for this genre: science fiction. Scary scenarios of our planet devastated by ecological catastrophe as a result of rapidly rising temperatures are not supported by the best available science.
Key words: global warming timeline, extreme scenarios, The Independent, models

Climate History
Disaster averted: New research suggests human activity over the last 8,000 years may have headed off an impending next ice age. That’s a good thing, right?
Key words: Ice Age, human activities, global warming, Ruddiman, ICCT

Climate Politics
2ºC or Bust?: Quick, look out your window! You’ll quickly grasp the absurdity of the International Climate Change Taskforce’s recommendations for limiting global temperature rise to 2ºC.
Key words: climate change, 2ºC, Olympia Snowe, International Climate Change Taskforce, ICCT

Climate Politics
2,500 Minus One: Dr. Christopher Landsea, a leading NOAA expert on tropical storms and hurricanes, withdraws as an author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fourth Assessment Report (due in late 2007). He cites concern the IPCC has become politicized and is “motivated by pre-conceived agendas”.
Key words: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, Fourth Assessment Report, hurricanes, Christopher Landsea, Kevin Trenberth, NOAA

Climate History
Yesteryear’s Climate Catastrophe: Despite recent headlines, the global warming we know today isn’t the same as contributed to mass extinctions 250 million years ago . Saying global warming caused the Great Dying is a far easier in the popular press than making a case for it than in peer-reviewed scientific literature.
Key words: extinctions, global warming, asteroid