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Tom March has facilitated successful in - person Workshops in the US and Australia for over 15 years. With the launch of this online course environment - edge-ucator.com - Tom can support more in-depth and ongoing professional growth than was previously possible.
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Online Support scenarios that might work for you:

Traditional Online Courses
Working the Web
Web-and-Flow has incorporated the main aspects of "Working the Web for education" since 1999. This 2 - 4 week course (overview 68K pdf) - serves as both an introduction and extension for educators using the Web in classrooms and libraries. Best used to introduce "working the Web" to educators who don't regularly and easily integrate rich resources into their lessons.

BestWebQuests University BestWebQuests.com presents BWQU (72k pdf course description) a 4 - 8 week master class during which Tom March provides personalized brainstorming and feedback on participants' WebQuests. Raise the bar on your group's WebQuest development with this inspiring workshop.

Unconventional Options!

One-off Fee'd back on WebQuests
Let's say you've already worked with a group of your teachers to create WebQuests in a workshop or college course. How about some objective Real World feedback? Tom March has long been recognized for making WebQuests that support a New 3Rs: learning that is Real, Rich and Relevant. See if you think your WebQuests achieve all that they can.
Follow-up to In-person Visits
The best activities are usually developed after new learning settles in and mixes with each educator's special gifts. That's why Tom has a keen interest in supporting people after an in-person session ends. Curriculum change also requires ongoing motivation and support so sustain your teachers' momentum throughout the school year.

How this works...

  1. To make it feasible, you must gather a group of 15 - 30 cutting edge-ucators from your school, district, region, pre-service program, college course, etc.

  2. Check the Calendar for availability.

  3. What you can expect to pay? Things are a little flexible, but a good rule of thumb is to figure the cost at $100 / participant / week. Prices are reduced substantially for the two longer workshops listed above, but the price as well as the content will be worked out to suit your goals and budget. Remember, a group of 15 - 30 participants is required to book a session.

  4. If your goals align with what Tom can offer and the price and timeframe work for you, don't be slow in making Contact with Tom March via edge-ucator.com to co-design your online learning experience.

If you are registered for BWQU, you can log-in here.