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Fight smurfs, Kill Shiva, and make it back home for bed time!
Posted 6.4.2005 @ 6:36:PM by Elpea
Ever wanted to take your forum anger out on fellow forummers and was always stopped by the Code of Conduct? Well, fear that no more! Thanks to Gaurdian_112's Heroes Chronicles scenario for AoM:TT. In this scenario you get to go around the distant HeavenGames lands, in a galaxy far far far...Well, not so far away. In an intriguing storyline involving conspiracy plots of the HG mods and forum smurfs. Go check it out, and maybe you're in it! (If you didn't make it, I'll be making a Lp version later, so drop by the file comments and complain that you're not in it, so I remember to put you in as a slave on the next).

Sith Lord... Sith?
Posted 5.29.2005 @ 2:07:PM by Sunshine
Congratulations to Sith for being promoted to an Angel! He will be assisting in the general content of the site, ensuring that the quality and the quantity of articles are up to scale. Considering that he can now edit AoMH's many pages, it seems only right to promote him to the red which is so famously attributed to his namesake. Let's just hope he's not evil

Congratulations, again. Make us proud!

Petition Against Cheaters on ESO
Posted 5.28.2005 @ 2:12:PM by Sunshine
Started in a French AoM community, the fan produced petition against cheaters asks Ensemble Studios to create a much needed patch, as a potential solution to the cheating problem on ESO:

"Recently, but also since a very long time, cheaters and hackers use programs and use them to cheat in the ESO ladder.

Talented programmers like you can surely provide us a patch in few days or weeks.

I make this petition for all the people that I know who just feel abused with all form of cheat. Those cheaters take the pleasure away, no more fun, the ladder doesn’t reflect the real good players and at lower levels, the cheating part is even more present."
Even though the petition may not work; it's worth a try. And so far, within a few days, it has gained 632 signatures - a substantial number of AoM fans. Will you be a signatory?

Age of Wiki down
Posted 5.27.2005 @ 7:14:PM by Elpea
A few months ago AgeofWiki, a online encyclopedia dedicated to providing Age of Mythology designers with tons of information, tips and tutorials for modding and scenario designing with AoM went up and had tons of information and updates by members of the community. However, a few days ago, AgeofWiki was hacked and is currently down. However, the site's database and files are safely backed up and will soon be transferred to HeavenGames and it will be even better, so stay tuned!

Results of the VSport's E3 All Stars Game
Posted 5.27.2005 @ 2:08:PM by Sunshine
The results are in for the VSport's E3 All Stars Game, and it seems, despite the expertise of their European challengers, the two Americans - DoJo_Hope and DoJo_Nemesis - achieved victory in the Age of Mythology component of the tournament. Judging by the large turnout of spectators at the event, it's very likely the VSport's E3 All Stars Game will come back for another year at E3 2006. Congratulations to the winners!

And as dawn breaks, the sunshines orange across the countryside...
Posted 5.26.2005 @ 2:34:AM by Socvazius
So here I am, 18 years old, just graduated from high school, getting ready to start college...and the prospect of free time dwindles as the days go on. Simply during the application process, I barely had enough time to take care of stuff at HG, and I'm not thinking it will get any better during actual college. It's not fair to this site to have an inactive webmaster, so I've decided to pick someone to replace my wrinkly behind: Sunshine.

Sunshine's been around quite a long time; maybe not the whole time as staff, but she's been a visitor of Heaven since 1997...she's bloody old, I tell you what. And with 3 of those years being staff, she's got some experience under her belt. She's served as my right hand for quite some time now and is one of the most dependable and dedicated staff members I've ever had, so it's only fitting that she should have my position upon my leaving.

Congratulations, Sunshine, and good luck to the AoMH populace, who knows what she'll do with this kind of power. *cackles*

Design Community Update
Posted 5.21.2005 @ 10:14:AM by Elpea
A lot has happened since the last update, both in the modding and designing community. Our modding community has been going slowly but good things are still coming out of it, such as King Jared's thread where modders such as AoMPlayer000 shared their little known tricks that sure are helpful. At the Scenario Design area, Gaurdian_112 is hard at work with his 2 big projects, Heroes Chronicles and Birthright 2. These two projects are simply amazing and worth checking out, there are plenty of screenshots and information provided at Gaurdian's showcase. Finally, our good old threads have been getting some revamping and retouchings. FD2 has remade our Design Teams List thread, which needed some revamping and FD2 gladly did so. Finally, our Angel Shiva has been hard at work to update the Eye Candy thread, which has hundreds of beautiful user made eye candy screenshots of AoM.

That is it for now folks, see yea next time!

VSport's E3 All Stars Game
Posted 4.23.2005 @ 1:48:AM by Sunshine
GaryPayton sends us word that GGL, Intel and Nvidia are hosting the Annual VSports All Stars Game at E3 this year. Supporting a number of recent games - including AoM - it will feature a battle between some of the best players in the world. Players are chosen through both popular vote and by organization. If you're interested in voting, you may need to register at their site beforehand.

Welcome our latest Cherub...
Posted 4.5.2005 @ 10:35:PM by Socvazius
Sith! He'll be helping out newly red GloryofSparta with her work on maintaining the content of the site, so give him a nice hearty congratulations in the community forum!

New Seraph!
Posted 4.1.2005 @ 8:18:AM by Elpea
Our webmaster (or as we call here, Seraph) Socvazius has been accepted into Harvard! Although that's great news, it also means he won't have anymore time to lead this site and has stepped down from his role. Socvazius will be missed tons, so please leave him a good bye message at the forums. Taking his place will be SilverOsirisAOM (or as he is called, SOAP) who has demonstrated that he is capable of running this site and will do so starting today :).

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