Fri Jun 24, 2005
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Debian Mini-Conf @ LCA2003

Woohoo! It's happening again!

The annual Linux Conf Australia is becoming quite an event, and the planning for LCA2003 in Perth, Western Australia is already well underway.

The organisers of the main LCA have set aside some lecture theatres for the two days prior to allow interested parties to get together and have themselves a mini-conference, and the Debian Mini-Conf prior to LCA2002 organised by James Bromberger et al was a great success, so it's happening again.

James is busy as an organiser of the main conference this year so the task has fallen to me, Jonathan Oxer, to blackmail^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H ask people to attend and/or speak.

Here's the deal: LCA2003 runs from Wednesday January 22nd to Saturday January 25th 2003, and covers general Linux topics. The Debian Mini-Conf is the 2 days prior, on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st, and is for issues more specific to Debian. If you want to come to the Debian Mini-Conf just fill in the form below, sign up for LCA2003 and turn up 2 days early.

» Debian Hits Double Digits  DMC@LCA2003
Submitted by Jonathan Oxer on 16.06.03
On August 16th Debian turns 10, and that seems like a good excuse for a party. Or many parties!

To help match up would-be party goers with the various events being organised, has put up a page listing planned parties.

» 100th person registers!  DMC@LCA2003
Submitted by Jonathan Oxer on 13.01.03
Looks like it's going to be quite an event. A last minute rush of registrations took the list of names to 100 this afternoon!

Not everyone will show of course but it still points to this Debian Mini-Conf being an important event on the calendar.

See you there!

» Keysigning procedure now online  DMC@LCA2003
Submitted by Jonathan Oxer on 13.01.03
The keysigning procedure for the Debian Mini-Conf is now online.

Because of the potentially large number of people involved (registrations for the Mini-Conf are now approaching 100!) the procedure is going to be a bit different to keysignings you may have attended in the past.

In particular, the ID Check stage will most likely be done using a video camera with each person coming to the front to show their face and ID to everyone in the room at once.

I therefore strongly advise that if you wish to be involved in the keysigning you should read through the procedure at the address above, so you know what to expect.

Also, you only have until this Thursday to get your public key to the keysigning coordinator, so if you haven't done it already, do this ASAP:

gpg --export -a keyid | mail -s "Debian miniconf keysigning"

(should be all one line). Thanks!

» Debian Mini-Conf: Keysigning procedure  DMC@LCA2003
Submitted by Jonathan Oxer on 09.01.03
Thanks to the efforts of Jamie Wilkinson the procedure for the GPG keysigning at the Mini-Conf is now being finalised. In the next few days the procedure will be sent out to all delegates and also published on the web site.

In the meantime, Jamie is going to collect all the public keys, so please send your (public!) key to:

For those who are a bit rusty on it, you can get your public key using:

gpg --export -a keyID

(Where keyID is your personal ID / email address). If you feel really lazy, pipe it straight to mail:

gpg --export -a keyID | mail -s "Debian Mini-Conf keysigning"

(should all be one line).

Fine Print

  • Transport / accomodation is up to you: please check the LCA2003 site if you need help
  • There is currently NO arrangement for internet access (sponsors please?)

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