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June 09, 2003

Mini Drug Binge

This is a veritas post.

Substances consumed:
Methamphetamine (meth)
Dexamphetamine (Dexedrine)
Clonazepam (Klonopin)
Diazepam (Valium)
Cannabis (weed)
Ketamine (K)
P.subs (magic mushrooms)
Salvia Divinorum (Diviner's Sage)
LSD (acid)
95% alcohol + cannabis (Green Dragon)

Infected Mushroom - None Of This Is Real [sixthseal.com]
(right click, save target as)
[6:25 minutes 128 KBPS STEREO 44.1KHZ 5.87 MB .mp3]


(Day 1 – Day 6)

This is the mysterious container...look down for more.

My love for this substance is not unknown, so there’s nothing much to say here. I planned to go on a 3 day run, but some things came up and I had to extend it. It wasn’t pretty towards the end. Eating only dextroamphetamine sulfate tablets and water for days is making your stomach endure things it’s not built for. I had to abort the run by the fifth day, because I thought I was going to kick the bucket (again). Angina, hypertension, couldn’t breath, very elevated body temperature, sudden jabbing pains all over (someone diagnose this please), blah blah you know the drill. The strangest thing was that I had swollen and red hands and feet after drinking only a tiny bit of water. I think most of the problems would not have occurred if I forced myself to have (reasonable) water intake every few hours and eaten something. It’s a useful drug for studies and work…in moderation. My attempt to terminate the run did not succeed on the fifth day (with benzodiazepines), but I managed to sleep on the sixth day. Meth was insufflated and dexies were taken orally. There was an attempt to insufflate meth to try and keep awake for the LSD visuals, but no amount could keep me awake after the alcohol. :)

Peppermint Peckers!

The tin is just nice for storing meth, crushing dexamphetamine tablets and shards of meth. Stimulants only please!

It looks sad...


(Day 5, Day 6)


I had 5 mg on the fifth day but it did not bring me to the place called sleep. I stacked it with 20 mg diazepam after it that became obvious, but it still didn’t push the issue into the agenda. I consumed only 2 mg on the sixth day with 10 mg diazepam and alcohol, and was asleep within hours. This benzodiazepine seems to have lost quite a bit of its hypnotic effects for me. Sometimes it makes me feel drunk and anxiety-free and happy like Xanax (alprazolam) does, and thus I stay up with a contented grin, but not sleep.


(Day 5, Day 6)


This particular benzodiazepine makes me extra sleepy. I only have a limited stash (now I have none :p) so I tend to squirrel it away for the moments when I really need the hypnotic effects.


(Day 5, Day 6)


I smoked quite a few bowls of weed before the appetite suppressant effects of meth/dex was overridden. I ate a normal sized meal on the fifth day (with lots of candy) and another one on the sixth day. I use the word bowl and cone interchangeably and by that, I mean the conepiece.


(Day 5)


I attempted to potentiate the benzodiazepines on the fifth day with ketamine to induce sleep. Approximately 100 mg was insufflated, it didn’t k-hole me, and only minimal ketamine effects were felt. I don’t know if it’s because of quality issues or other factors.

Ready when you are

Enter Marquis - Bubbling (?) but no color change

Enter Simons - No color change

Ketamine will not react with Marquis or Simons.

Caution: Please note that benzodiazepines in combination with ketamine may suppress breathing.

Psilocybe subaeruginosa

(Day 5)

Since I couldn’t sleep anyway, I thought “fuck it” and consumed some magic mushrooms. :) Benzodiazepine’s disinhibiting effects might have contributed to the decision to take several different substances on the sixth day. I don’t know the amount of mushrooms that was taken, but it was fairly fresh. It produced some minor visuals and lots of laughter. I actually went to uni while under the influence. :) No paranoia was noted, probably due to the clonazepam. I went with CT on a mushroom hunting trip last week and we shared the haul. The pictures from that trip is here:




Salvia Divinorum

(Day 5, Day 6)


This is 5X salvia extract, courtesy of CT aka My Generous Friend. ;) I smoked some on the fifth day with a bong and a (dodgy) lighter. It’s supposed to be smoked with a butane lighter, the sort that produces a flame that burns hot and fast for maximum effects. I did not notice anything except a mild “ketamine feeling” the first time. I smoked it again during the mushroom trip and it produced some nice visual distortions. The best one is the way the area where two walls come together began to flow downwards like a waterfall. What is with me and waterfalls on mushrooms anyway? I would like to try it again with a butane lighter and no other substances to get a feel for this herb.

Caution: Salvia Divinorum is illegal in Australia.


(Day 6)


I also dropped a tab of acid on the morning of the sixth day. I don’t know what lead to this decision…I was just sitting there, doing some revision and unable to sleep when I thought:

“You know…a tab of acid would be great right now. I wonder if it would give me greater insight into this revision I’m doing.”

Duh. :) It didn’t, but it sure was fun. I was tired as fuck though, and hurting all over, and I was expecting a bad trip, but it was a good one. This is the Buddha tabs that I had written about previously. That one and the amanita muscaria report made “Erowid’s Recommended Report”. =D It did hurt the site’s bandwidth though, due to the direct linked images. But hey, it got Erowid’s Recommended Report! :)

Anyway, I think this is a different batch from the previous one. It looked smaller than the previous tabs and the cardboard was not as easily dissolvable as the previous one. It seemed (qualitatively) weaker too. However, there was an incident regarding this which might have caused that. I put them into my other stash drawer WHICH IS RIGHT BESIDE THE HEATER! LSD is sensitive to heat, and I only realized after noticing that the drawer is kinda warm after an hour or so, and moved it to another place. It still is psychoactive, but sadly, the strength of the LSD seems to have been reduced.

It's not dissolving...

There wasn’t any paranoia on this either, probably due to the clonazepam. The clonazepam was also responsible for making me search 30 minutes for the acid tabs after I dropped it, only to find it was right beside me all along. The best visual from this trip was right when I was about to sleep…I found the pillow occupied by large and transparent organisms. It's the ones that we learnt in high school Science...the ones that are one class above single cell organisms. They weren't moving, but once in a while they would wave their feelers around a bit. It made me a bit wary about sleeping on the pillow. :)

95% alcohol + cannabis

(Day 6)

The (190) proof is in the pudding

I made a batch of this last year and found it to be weak, so I made another batch this year and put more cannabis into it. 95% alcohol (sold as Everclear in the US) is available in a few bottle shops here. I don’t know the legal status of spirits with this strength, but I don’t think it’s illegal. It is hard to find though, I haven’t seen it displayed anywhere, I had to ask for it by name and it was produced from the storeroom.


Basically, you put (finely shredded) cannabis into the bottle and let it sit around for a few weeks. I recommend filtering the mixture after that because I got a mouthful of soggy (really soggy) weed and nearly retched. I can’t describe the texture, but I didn’t like it. :) Alcohol was the magic ingredient, it put me right to sleep when combined with benzos. Benzodiazepines alone have consistently failed to produce the appropriate hypnotic effects for me now. Alcohol is the missing link,

”And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.”

Genesis 2:2

The draft of this document is here:
Mini Drug Binge v.beta [sixthseal.com]

My apologies, this isn’t well written at all, but I do have exams coming up too, you know. Contrary to popular belief, taking drugs is not my day job! :)

Posted in Drugs by veritas at June 9, 2003 04:54 PM


this country is totally freakin' out...not a single decent drug in sight..and the ket is seriously bad shit...id give my left leg for some mushrooms like....got paypal?=p

Posted by: chemicalsxgirl at June 1, 2005 09:33 AM

hello all readers of this blog...i am here to tell you how to get an 'outer body expierience':D!
(bare in mind if this experiment is not conducted with great care you could find this out to be an inner hospital experience:S)
step one: invite a very close and drug free friend over, if you have none of these find anyone who can dial 999)
step 2:make sure you are in no immidiate danger of having to leave your house for the next 2 days.
step 3: contact your provider, make and order of
2 tablets containing a high MDMA level (64mg MDMA per pill,*doves*)
2 tablets containg a resonably high doesage of MDEA (blue X triangles)
1-2 tabs of LSD (depending on tolerance levels)
1.4g of cannabis (skunk apose to hash)
40cl of vodka (the cheap crap!)
THE MAIN INGREDIENT- 1 small snortable lines worth of heroin.
take all the ingredients within 10 minutes....
wait(depending on your tolerance levels by this time you will either of died :( or be higer than a giraffe ontop of the alps freebasing)
when you are sitting there, buzzing like 100000bees thrown into a field of pure pollen, notice that you will not longer have any contact with your central nervous system, time is off the map, your brain is a distant relative, and you have about as much contact with your muscles as you do with your grandads penis(unless you are a sick pervert)

note: i have never ever exprimented with this coctail (well maybe once...or twice) and have no responsibility towards the death of innocent people trying to get, well, high as a motherfucker.

(heroin is very very very very addictive, dont take it unless you have a terminal illness or are immortal, and rich, all the other drugs needed to conduct this experiment, or aplsalute battering of your persona, are illegal and, i would say not condoned, but to hell with it whos sending this)

Posted by: Dr PSYCHO at May 24, 2005 11:42 PM

Hey, are there some of my fellow aussies on this site? If so thats awsome. Can you get acid in melbourne because i have paid hundreds and still not got it.Does anyone know if that k source (forevermeds@hushmail.com) will deliver to australia, i have heard that many companies do not.

Posted by: Tom at May 17, 2005 01:38 AM

i have once gone for 12 days straight on dexamphetamine. i was so fucked after that. i was so skinny, i had 6 per day up the nose. i had extreme trouble eating after, like stomache cramps. and going to the toilet to do No2's was a nightmare. but i felt like everything was following me. even the door closing behind me. thought it was going to eat me. and cats were so fucking freaky. i'd walk past and they just stared at me. like they were giving me death stares. i also had massive chest pains, and my knees felt like shit. whats worse is during my binge i had shattered part of my left ankle, i didn't feel much pain when it happened. it was all crunchy at one point. its still like that. and i'm never doing a large binge like that again. it was too fucking hardcore for me.

Posted by: dj_esky at May 8, 2005 06:01 PM

I was wondering if there is a way to get ridd of the sketch after popping eh?

Posted by: Liddel at May 8, 2005 04:03 AM

Is ACID still available in melbourne at all?

Posted by: JimBob at March 15, 2005 10:59 PM


How much dexedrine did you take during the binge? I'm just now coming off one too.

(Great site by the way)

Posted by: Larry at February 26, 2005 09:25 PM

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Posted by: darby at January 27, 2005 07:16 AM

Has anyone come across a site that hasinformation on all the sid effects of meth? Im talkin realy detailed info that breaks down each side effect and gives possible remedies for them. I cant seem to find a good one that doesnt just list the common baisic side effects. A site that COMPLETELY explains side effects/symptoms.

Posted by: socrates at November 29, 2004 06:55 PM

hey i have a question, i was chatting with my friend on msn when i realize that my hands were purple and then it will go away and my hands would look like there tan, but do u know what it means when that happens when on meth. well peace out

Posted by: Amanda at November 26, 2004 09:47 AM

my binge experience

8 ball of good speed - $150
friday night - 2 lines / ganja / no sleep
saturday night - 2 lines / ganja / beer / 6 hours sleep
sunday - 3 lines / ganja / i feel like shit and dont sleep til 4am monday

the best bit about the weekend was friday night when i got home and was laying in bed. i have never been that off tap ever from speed til sunday after smoking week and seeing my mates band. does anyone else get cramps in there hands?

Posted by: billy at October 13, 2004 12:07 PM

I love your site, and I enjoy your post. As for the tin full of penises, I would like to recieve it full of crystal. Anyway, good luck to you and keep up the good work.

Posted by: ATLien at June 13, 2004 05:10 PM

I have a mini binge experience written down that i'm about to type if anyone wants to read...i doubt if there is any punctuation or anything like that so it might be a bit hard to understand..(written around 4am i think)(this is really a meth binge but it might take u awhle to get that)namees of people n places have been change to protect th innocent..hahaha i alwasy wanted to write that

Monday March 1, 2004 i was so bored all day i thought that i was goin to die i thought that noghtin interesting could happen at all.on staurday the 28th of feburary i went to *J and for 35$ i recived two hits of extacy(pink Ape's(pink ap's))and also a few hoots for when i wake up sunday i woke up around 9 am in the morning by ten o'clock i had alredy gotten stoned by myself(*G harassed me n *D all day long ot find him drugs(fuck that))my parents and everyone else was gone away so i got stoned a few more times by myself frank dorve me to purple's adn i have to pay him when i get my check *G,*D, and purple couldn't find any drugs..i wasn't gonna hlep them out becasue they were bothering me..so finnaly after muich bothering i gave into *g n *D n spotted a half hit to one n sold the other to the other..those 3 got 2 40oz of rhum n they let me drink!stupid bots thoguth that i didn't drink becasue i didn 't like it the problem is i like it too much..i got pretty drunk and then snorted my hit of E adn when to *saltania somehow i got in to *shakers for free Purple couldn't get in becasue he was too out of er so him n *d took of with my money i might add n went to find some bud for the night wheb *G heard he left to go find them i was fucked up good n being very sociable.at liek 12:40 i called *d n them at purple's and decided taht i wanted to go there i went around and asked "nickle, dime, quater" to everyone. finally i got like 9$ wen to get my coat but i lost my ticket n the guy told me that i had to wait until the end to get it but then i statred making a big scene so then he let me go in the bakc to go tru all the coats n find it but it was fuckign packed in there so i was liek fuck..but then the guy was like somoen turned this ticket in n then we checked n it was my coat n then *P was outside n i told him to call me a taxi but he drove me so i got to keep all the change i got Monday i woke up at 8:30 such a long day i thought tat i was goin to die..finally i got to town n then i was getting my phone out to call *d then *J called n sadit aht i had to get mw adn my money(only 15$that somehow turned into 20?)adn he had a suprise for me,i got there around 7 pm adn started smoking GAK!(what a good suprise)i got to talk to my best friend his girl friend (in cuba) for like 40 secs smoked meth until my taxi got there at 12:30i was compelety fucked.i had no money or no way home..i liek liek an hour away..iwas goin to get stoney toney the taxi driver to come get me n try to charge it w/o his boss knowing because i already owed him 35$that i was avoiding paying..well stoney toney wasn't wornking to *j told them jsut to send any cab but he told them that iwa s goin somewheres else so the boss wouln't know it was me..well when i gto into the taxi i told him where i was really goin n the taxi driver alfy called his boss to let hgim knwo where he was goin n the the boss was like well let me talk to her..so yhe got all mad becasue i din't pay himthen last time n then i told him that i coudn't pay this time either he said that i had no choice but to pay blah blha blah finally when we were almost home he called n bitched more but then he said that i owed hin like 80$ the next tuessdayb then i have to give frank 25 that liek 1 o'five so that night i obviosly didn't sleep n the next day i wen back to town at like 10:30 am n my dad got a air cut n then we ddi a few things cuz my apt wan't until 12 so i got my hair done went to *g's n he smoked a joint with me n he got baked n i didn't i wasn mad at him again what a suprise! me n *d2*d n*G were all goin to go i on more gak but eh *G n*d fucked off me n *D2 went to *slatania w/*j n smoked gak n put it up my nose all day again did nothing coulnd't sleep or eat counn't eat like anythign in the past 2 days monday i have a grenola bar n then tuesday well today ..well not anymore i guess it's now 4:02 am wednesday march 3rd..i was baout to pass out earlier today because i was so hungry but when i tried to eat a bag of cheesies i ate 3 of the cheezies n i htoguht that i was gonna puke afew hours ago around 12:30 i ate a nutrigrain bar and it actually mad e me full in the lsat 2 days i lost 12 pounds in like 25 mins i will have been up for 44 hours...at some point i was comming down off the gak so i took a cafine pill n then another n then anoother n then i filled a little case fulli knnow that i'm gonna need then for th day because i won't be able to afford drugs to keep me goin..i now owe another 20$ it was 30 n then i paid 20 n then he gave me another point for ten for that money i must pay *J.he hooked me rihgt the fuck up these past few day's in 4 1/2 hours i have to go driving wiht the driver training people i'm gonna be a sketch bag for thati fellt like ican go without sleeping or eatign forever. i forgot my phone at ty's but my friend sketch bag wanted dope so wehn *d3 went to get some for her he picke dup my phone..that ois kinda weird because the night before he forget his cells phone somewheres and i had to get it well he was with me but i had to ask the scrary gateway guy for it.on monday/tuesday ngiht i got home at like 1-130 n went on the computeri started talk to crystal n worte afton a huge ass e-mail that took 40 minutesn then i called crystal in bc n talked to her for 4 hours i barley gave her a chance to talk at alliw as so hyped up...

the next mornign after writing this i went crazy for the first tiem trying to rip out my hair n everything even in front of my family..i did get more gak that day n then iw as better thursday i took a day long break n got to sleep that ngith the weekend i was back n suday i stopped again n i really went crazy hat day like my parents don;t know that i do any drugs or anything but i even tried to kill myself in front of them..well the things that i was trying to do couldn't kill you but at that time i thoguth they could

Posted by: red banker at March 23, 2004 02:35 AM

What do you do, just take drug and then report what happens to you? I've always wanted to try acid but I'm scared because a few months ago i had a good experience with X.

Posted by: Brittany at January 26, 2004 10:44 AM

teddybwear: if you really want one, email me your postal address and i'll mail a tin over.

Posted by: killuminati at June 17, 2003 01:43 AM

but u can bring em back to msia with you. its june. youd keep the ants away wontcha? ho hum..

Posted by: teddybwear at June 16, 2003 10:07 AM

oops: ah...i don't usually have that much stuff in my room, honest. *looks around for police activity*

Posted by: veritas at June 12, 2003 08:08 PM

hi veritas:) i am amazed by the inventory level that you keep on all these substances:)

Posted by: oops at June 12, 2003 07:57 PM

teddybwear: ants will be crawling all over it by the time it gets to you...

Posted by: veritas at June 12, 2003 05:17 PM

i want a peppermint pecker! then again.. i want the whole tin!! bring a tin back to malaysia for me! I WANT IT!

Posted by: teddybwear at June 12, 2003 12:05 PM

Xiu: thanks! :) anyway, i'll be shocked if they have the kind of technology that does that from a low resolution picture. i did mosiac out most of my details though, because i did not want people who know me in real life to recognize me based on those features. :)

Posted by: veritas at June 11, 2003 09:28 PM

Dude, do you reckon you could be identified by your fingerprints in that photo? :\ Good luck for the exams!

Posted by: Xiu at June 11, 2003 05:34 PM

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