The Communion of Saints

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The Communion of Saints: "All Who Are In Christ" (included only in my book A Biblical Defense of Catholicism) 36K

The Communion of Saints: Biblical Overview 19K

Reflections on the Communion of Saints (blog)

Cloud of Witnesses: A Biblical Primer on the Communion of Saints 7K

"Witnesses" of Hebrews 12:1 4K

Intercession and Invocation of the Saints: How is it Different From Magic? 14K

Dialogue on Objections to the Communion of Saints 22K

Exposition on the Veneration of Images, Iconoclasm, and Idolatry 51K

Calvin, Calvinism, and Violent Iconoclasm (blog)

Discussion With a Reformed Protestant (Catholic) on Art, Early Protestantism, & Catholic Corruption (vs. Kevin Johnson) (blog)

1 Corinthians 15:29 and "Baptism for the Dead": What Does it Mean? 59K

The Biblical Evidence for Relics (blog; see also additional comment in BlogBack on 2-19-04)

Did the Catholic Church Change the Ten Commandments to Bolster its Alleged Gross Idolatry? (Dave Armstrong vs. Eric Landstrom)

Martin Luther Espouses Prayer For the Dead / Retroactive Prayer


Asking the Saints to Intercede (Jimmys Akin)
Can Those in Heaven Hear Our Prayers? (Jimmy Akin)
Why Do Catholics Pray to Saints? ("Matt1618")
Are Saints "New Revelation"? (Canonization)?  (Mark P. Shea)

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