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  Rail Clearways Plan

Planned major Clearway routes

View a map of the Clearway routes

Clearway 1 - Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra

• Clearway 1 increases capacity on the Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line.
• Estimated Clearway cost: $255 million.
• Bondi Junction turnback – under construction, operational in 2005.
• Cronulla branch line duplication, planned construction 2005-2008.

Clearway 2 - Bankstown

• Clearway 2 upgrades capacity and operations on the Bankstown Line.
• Estimated Clearway cost: $290 million.
• Lidcombe turnback and platform – planned construction 2005-2007.
• Two extra tracks, Sydenham-Erskineville, planned construction 2007-2010.
• Liverpool turnback and platform, planned construction 2005-2008.

Clearway 3 - Campbelltown Express

• Clearway 3 provides capacity to facilitate express services from the Campbelltown area to the City via East Hills.
• Estimated Clearway cost: $340 million.
• Extra tracks, Kingsgrove-Revesby, planned construction 2006-2009.
• Extra platform at Macarthur, planned construction 2008-2010.
• Clearway 3 will also benefit from the Sydenham-Erskineville upgrade.

Clearway 4 - Airport & South

• Clearway 4 will divide the existing East Hills Line into two independent clearways and will see the creation of the all-stations to the City via the airport route starting from Revesby as detailed in Clearway 3 above. This route will be known as the Airport Line. These projects are fundamental in achieving reliability on these routes.
• Estimated Clearway cost: $183 million.
• Macdonaldtown turnback, under construction, operational in 2005.
• Homebush turnback and platform, planned construction 2005-2007.
• Revesby turnback and platforms, planned construction 2004-2007.
• Macdonaldtown stabling, planned construction 2006-2008

Clearway 5 - North West

• Affecting the North Shore, Western and Northern Lines, these projects will improve reliability and capacity.
• Estimated Clearway cost: $166 million.
• Extra platform at Berowra, planned construction 2004-2005.
• Epping to Chatswood route, under construction, operational in 2008 (independently funded).
• Extra platform at Hornsby, planned construction 2005-2007.
• Carlingford Line upgrade, planned construction 2009-2010.

Sources of congestion and planned Rail Clearways projects

View a map of the sources of congestion

Quakers Hill to Schofields duplication
The existing single-track route on the Western Line’s Richmond branch is congested and patronage is growing rapidly. The double track route will improve reliability and reduce crowding on trains.
Planned construction timeframe: 2007-2010.

Lidcombe turnback and platform
This will reduce congestion between Lidcombe and Strathfield by starting Bankstown Line trains from their own separate turnback and platform at Lidcombe. This will permit a reliable and more frequent service on the Bankstown Line, with connections for Bankstown Line passengers travelling to destinations on the Western Line or to the City via Strathfield at Lidcombe.
Planned construction timeframe: 2005-2007.

Liverpool turnback and platform
Liverpool is an important train terminus for the various groups of lines. The existing three platforms at Liverpool can get congested with trains, particularly in peak periods. An additional platform will increase capacity to manage the various train services and will improve timetabling of the Bankstown Line.
Planned construction timeframe: 2005-2008.

Homebush turnback and platform
This project will allow all-stations Inner West Line services to and from the City via Ashfield to start at Homebush in readiness to commence after the faster service from the South Line has passed through, thereby improving reliability.
Planned construction timeframe: 2005-2007.

Revesby turnback and platforms
This facility provides an improved starting point for local services on what is currently known as the Airport & East Hills Line. It removes the need to cross in front of frequent Campbelltown express services, as is currently the case on this route. This will improve reliability for both services, especially once the four tracks, extended from Kingsgrove, are completed in 2009.
Planned construction timeframe: 2004-2007.

Extra platform at Macarthur
This will improve the capability of Macarthur to act as the primary terminus for all Campbelltown area express trains, thereby improving frequency to this regional centre and transport interchange.
Planned construction timeframe: 2008-2010.

Carlingford Line upgrade
A new passing loop will be provided to allow trains to pass each other on the single track area. This will improve service frequency between Carlingford and Clyde to half hourly all day with improved connections at Clyde.
Planned construction timeframe: 2009-2010.

Extra tracks, Kingsgrove – Revesby
Currently, trains from Campbelltown to the City via the Airport & East Hills Line experience congestion through sharing the existing double track with all-stations trains.

Two additional tracks from Kingsgrove to Revesby will create a completely separate all-stations route to the City via the airport (see Clearway 4). As a result, Campbelltown express trains will be separated from all-stations trains after leaving Revesby and the express trains will operate via Sydenham. This will greatly improve reliability of both routes. The service patterns on the Airport & East Hills Line can be simplified and more structured.
Planned construction timeframe: 2006-2009.

Extra platform at Berowra
This will increase the reliability of North Shore Line trains between Hornsby and Berowra by providing a dedicated turnaround platform separate to the platforms used by stopping trains to and from the Newcastle & Central Coast Line.
Planned construction timeframe: 2004-2005.

Cronulla branch line duplication
Additional peak services will be provided from Cronulla to reduce crowding. This will remove delays caused by trains taking turns to occupy the two single track sections and allow operation of six trains per hour each way in peak periods. This in turn will reduce crowding of Cronulla trains at stations such as Hurstville, Sydenham and Town Hall.
Planned construction timeframe: 2005-2008.

Epping to Chatswood route
Apart from servicing the rapidly expanding North Ryde – Macquarie Park area, this new line will also improve connections from stations between Hornsby and Epping to the lower North Shore. By diverting some City bound trains from Hornsby currently running via Strathfield, to operate via Chatswood, the new route will make available capacity for extra trains operating on the route between Strathfield and the City. This capacity will be used to ease crowding on some services.

This is a separately funded project and is integral to the Clearways plan. It is currently under construction and is planned to be operational by mid-2008.

Extra platform at Hornsby
Three major train routes (North Shore, Northern and Newcastle & Central Coast Lines) converge at Hornsby causing congestion. This traffic is expected to increase as the Central Coast area grows and the Chatswood to Epping rail line is completed. An additional platform will relieve congestion by providing a dedicated terminating platform for Northern Line trains.
Planned construction timeframe: 2005-2007.

Bondi Junction turnback
The new turnback will increase the number of trains that can be turned around from 14 to 20 per hour, allowing additional trains on the Illawarra Line to be provided to reduce passenger crowding on peak services. This will enable the Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line to remain independent from other lines. There will be sufficient capacity to handle all Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line services to at least 2021.
This project is currently under construction and will be operational in 2005.

Macdonaldtown turnback
This facility removes surplus empty trains from Macarthur/Campbelltown that are creating congestion on the route to Ashfield and will be terminated after dropping their passengers in the City. In the evening peak a new Campbelltown service will be able to start from the turnback.
This project is currently under construction and will be operational in 2005.

Macdonaldtown stabling
As additional services are added to Clearways 3 and 4, an additional stabling facility is required to hold trains in between the morning and afternoon peak period. The close proximity to the City significantly reduces empty train movements, which reduces congestion and improves reliability.
Planned construction timeframe: 2006-2008.

Two extra tracks, Sydenham – Erskineville
This will enable Bankstown Line trains to have their own dedicated track from Sydenham through to Central Station, allowing improved reliability and greater service frequency. Regular trains from Liverpool via Bankstown will run express to the City from Bankstown, with regular all-stations trains from Lidcombe servicing other stations.
Planned construction timeframe: 2007-2010.


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