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So, chances are you wandered over here from one of my comic strips.

Thanks, and welcome. This is the other thing I do. My hobby.

And if you got here some other

The songs on this site are all homemade, except for the stuff that was recorded at a college radio station--in other words, the production is pretty rough. But they're good songs. Really, I promise.

I've got a finished CD available now, from Cafe Press, but I've also put all the tracks on this site for download--buy one if you want, because they're neat, and to help support me if you like my work. Or just download the tracks with my blessing, and pass them around.

I'll also post various less polished stuff--rough demos of songs, cover versions of stuff, and some recordings I have of a college radio performance.

This site will grow with time. For now, though, it already contains as much of my music as anyone could reasonably need.

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