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My first CD. Buy it here from Cafe Press, or just download the tracks. Either way, share and enjoy (and if you really enjoy it, do at least consider tipping the artist).

1. [SND] If I Can't Get To London (4.7M): Written in 2002. This seems to be the most popular one, live. The lyrics are based on a book, but I shouldn't say which one; I don't think you need to know to appreciate the song. It's mostly just a poppy song about being alone and desperate. Lyrics.

2. [SND] Impression of You (5.4M): The oldest song on the album; I wrote it in 1999. It's about the ugly end of one of those unhealthy friendships. It was a very angry song when I wrote it, and I guess it still is, but the years have made it kind of sad and reflective, too. Lyrics.

3. [SND] From the Rain (5.9M): Another 1999 song. It's just kind of sad and pretty; I don't have anything else to say about it. Lyrics.

4. [SND] I See (4.0M): A 2004 composition; actually, I wrote it the day after election day. Kind of a love song in times of political stupidity. Lyrics.

5. [SND] Mockingbird Song (3.0M): I wrote this song in 2000. It's a folky little slip of a tune. It's either about nothing, or about something too subtle for a quick summary. Lyrics.

6. [SND] California (5.4M): I wrote this in 2001, when I was living in California. It's just a song about missing a friend. Lyrics.

Jim and Ben

7. [SND] We All Fall Down (6.1M): Written 2003. A curious blend of wanderlust and guilt. I'm proud of the chords in this song, although I can't take full credit for them (a friend helped). Lyrics.

8. [SND] Turn Away (4.5M): I suppose this song is about addiction, or at least about bad habits. It's actually kind of a mashup of two different song ideas that, different though they are, seemed to fit together well. Both ideas are from around 2000 or so, but I didn't put them together until 2003. Lyrics.

9. [SND] Warm (5.8M): I think this kind of sounds like a Toad the Wet Sprocket song. I wrote it in late 2001. Lyrics.

10. [SND] Tin Heart (5.3M): A 2003 composition. It prompted me to research whether tin actually rusts, as per the lyrics. Apparently it does, but slowly. Which is good, because no other metal would have fit, somehow. Lyrics.

11. [SND] Hey Abandon (5.9M): A 2000 composition. Another song that's about a mood more than a particular subject. I can't sum it up. It's just pretty and sad. Lyrics.

12. [SND] Still Nina (4.2M): The first song I wrote in 2005. Like "London," it's about a fictional character, and you'll either know the reference or you won't, but it's not a requirement; it's just a song about losing someone you love and not being able to stop it. Lyrics.

Bass: Jim Clawson

Keyboard: Ben Yackley

Guitar, sax, and vocals: D.C. Simpson

Download the front cover and back cover in hi-res form.

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