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Listed here are is all my published writing work, and some unpublished near misses.

Alternatively you can read all my Film Reviews here.

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The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide To Dawson's Creek

120,000 word episode guide to about Dawsons' Creek, published by Virgin Books, examining each episode in exhaustive detail. Intended as an aide memoir or a toilet book - reading it in one go is not recommended! Has now been translated into French.

The Unofficial And Unauthorised Guide to Farscape

100,000 word episode guide to the best sci-fi show on telly at the moment. A real labour of love.
The show was, naturally, cancelled the very week the book came out stateside, goddamit.




TV Zone

I am the regular reviewer of the TV show Jeremiah for TV Zone. First season episode reviews appeared in issues 150, 151, 153 & 155. Second season episode reviews appeared in issues 170, 173, 174 and 175.

I wrote a 3000 word cover feature article on Farscape for issue 153.

Uncharted Territory was reviewed in 154 and got 8/10. The reviewer said it was 'pretty frelling good, really'.



The longest running Sci-Fi mag in the UK, I think. A real thrill to write for, as I'd been reading it since I was a kid.

Feature articles on Buffy season four and Angel season two. Seven short character profile sidebars.

Previews of Eight Legged Freaks, Star Trek: Nemesis and Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones.

Cover Article - The Chosen Ones, 3500 words on why Buffy is so damn good. Except for Season Six, which mostly sucks.

Cover Article - What TV Was Invented For, 3500 words on on why Farscape is so damn good.


Film Review Special

A quarterly magazine affiliated with Film Review. Each issue has a particular theme.

Combat Special

My own list of Top ten Worst War Films. Got me into all sorts of trouble with the Scots for nominating Braveheart!

Superhero Special

Unbreakable review; Iron Fist, Judge Dredd, League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen previews. Spoofs feature.

Sequels Special

2,500 word article about sequels, and my own personal Top 10 Worst Sequels of all time.
Fantasy Special

A whopping 10,000 words on my personal choice of the Top 50 Fantasy Films of all time.

Spielberg Special

My first big article: 3,500 words on The Very Best Of Spielberg. Review of Duel.

Blockbuster Special

Lots of previews
of summer movies.


Film Review

I still review for Film Review, with five of my reviews appearing in the next two issues.

Sidebars on Bond Spoofs and Vin Diesel. And angry letters about my Worst War Movies choice!

Sidebars of Philip K. Dick, FBI movies, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Scooby-Doo.

Sidebar on Sean Pertwee.

500 words on Cameron Crowe


Movie Idols

Poster mags given away free with other magazines. 2000 word biog and 1000 words on the films of a particular celebrity six times a year. I've done five so far.



Raven Chronicles #13

Script - The Leader Of the Pack
Ghost Rider: 2099 - Daddy Dearest

A complete, unpublished 22 page story from Marvel's defunct 2099 range.



I've written loads of disposable news stories for Top of the Pops, far too many to link to here. I have conducted interviews with the likes of Adam Duritz from Counting Crows, Robert Palmer, Alvin Stardust and Mungo Jerry. You can also read some of my pieces, such as my Top 5 Drug Songs and Top 5 Singing Drummers.



In 97 I wrote a really embarassingly bad article about teaching in Poland for a small Seattle publisher, and it appeared online. Thankfully it disappeared soon after. But they did produce a book for prospective teachers that was illustrated with many of my photos. Now I find three of those pics have turned up here. How they got there I have no clue, but they acknowledge me on their contributor page. Which is nice.

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