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Mavis is a Naturopath of 7 years, having previously practised as a Registered Nurse. She specializes in sclerology, whole food liquid supplementation (no tablets!) and complex homeopathics. Look further & see how you can be mentored by Mavis and achieve ultimate wellness!

Contact NameMavis Carruthers
Address24 Thomas STREET
East Cannington
Western Australia 6107
Phone08 9358 4408
Fax08 9358 4478
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Abundant Life Naturopath Centre

Sclerology & Iridology
• Photograph the iris and whites of the eyes
• viewed with you & interpreted immediately
• physical signs – current and inherited
• emotional signs - current
• emotional (past) baggage
• See healing lines – the result of work you have already done on yourself!

Liquid supplementation – not tablets!
• Whole food nutrition and liquid supplementation is the platform from which I work.
• I believe that whole foods are essential in detoxifying the body and regenerating the cells.

Homeopathic complexes
• Detoxifying first then balancing
• Homeopathic medicines compliment this lifestyle practise, by restoring the 'chi' energy more rapidly with accelerated detoxification, so rebalancing the Mind, Body & Spirit more efficiently.

• From my research, dehydration is the basis of all disease.
• Feed a plant fertilised water all the time and it will die.
• Water is Life. Water is Health. Water is Healthy.
• Copious water supplemented with sea salt will eliminate many of your physical symptoms......and it is free!!!! (Well…………. almost. Filtered water is best & comes at a small cost)

Emotional Release Therapy
• Using a combination of Kinesiology, Traditional Chines Medicine and Spinal Stimulation, negative emotions can be released and replaced with empowering energy.
• Begin to appreciate how your reactions provoke others to react, creating disharmony.
• Enjoy the practise of responding to create harmony in one’s life.

Pain Management
• Acupressure massage is a gentle method to release tension in painful joints & muscles
• Infra red torch therapy accelerates the pain relief in minutes, thus increasing range of movement in the joints.
• Discussion on stretching exercises.
• Mineral & homeopathic therapies, alongside foods adjustments, complete the treatment picture.

Cost of Appointments
• Initial Consultation for 1.5hours: $75
• Follow-up Consultation 1 hour: $45

Centre Hours
• Tuesday – Saturday
• 9am – 5pm
• Receptionist Wednesday - Friday

Monthly Presentation
• Whole Food Eating
• Detoxifying & Regenerating your body
• Third Tuesday of the month
• 7pm for 7.15 start
• Gold coin donation

My approach is simple and effective - you have the choice to do what you believe to be best for you!

Yours in Health & Abundance!

Diploma Applied Science (Nursing) (Naturopathy)
Certificate in Sclerology
Certificate in Integrated BioDynamics
Certificate in Remedial Massage

Herbal Medicine, Homoeopathy, Iridology, Massage (Remedial), Naturopathy, Nutrition

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