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Hogan Knows Best
Hogans Make Reality Debut

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Beauty and the Geek
Season Finale

Arrested Development
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Jessica Simpson
Summer of Simpsons

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Arkham Episode 3

Camane posts signs around Rome claiming that Octavius is Caesar's rightful heir. Under Tyrannus's protection Octavius is on the run because Cassius wishes him dead. The two are captured by mercenaries and put into a gladiator's prison where they will face certain death if their true identities...

Rescue Me
Balls Episode 16

Tommy's fate in the firehouse depends on vote by the crew. Tommy reunites with his dad. Franco and Laura's relationship grows.

Average Joe
The Joes Strike Back Episode 2 Episode 23

Anna and the Joes go on a group date to Sea World where one guy will win a one-on-one date with Anna. Anna must elminate more Joes and seven hunks join the group competing for Anna affections.




Which show has characters going through conflicts in real-time?

The answer is...


"Walks a perfect line between the creepy and personal"

Patricia Arquette and her co-stars have crafted an engaging mystery series with the help of well written scripts. The title sequence is good too!

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