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I love Live 8

Live 8 was ace. I wish I was at the Hyde Park concert, what with The Who, Pink Floyd, Velvet Revolver, The Killers, and U2* on. (*Nah, I hate U2 really). Damn those people for making you text in. :(. Ah well, it's fairer that way.

Did you put your name on the Live 8 List? If you haven't, do. It's all for the good of the campaign. The more people who sign up, the more names that will be on the petition being presented to the G8 member nations (The UK, US, France, Russia, Canada, Germany, Japan and Italy). Which is v. important. Because it is.

Anyway, back to Live 8. It was able to get it's message of the need to end poverty in Africa (amongst other places) through the 2005 G8 summit, without spoiling the music (which, let's face it was what most people were there for, they didn't really know about the background - especially in Tokyo, Japan). And rightly so. I'm glad they didn't spoil the music. With a lineup including Paul McCartney, The Who, Pink Floyd, The Killers, Velvet Revolver, Razorlight, Keane, U2 (shudders), Stereophonics, and Sting (as well as all these), I doubt it would have done much good for the campaign.

I (mostly) enjoyed the concert though...


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I hate Spammers

They make me mad. So mad that I want to kill something. Not really, that's illegal :D. But they do make me very mad.

For example, this site has just recieved 700 visitors from porno, drugs related and warez sites, using up 178MB of bandwidth on their own (I have a limit of 3GB, so that's quite a lot to me). I've just gone and blocked their scummy asses (they probably don't wipe) so that for now at least they can't access the bloggy part of the site. They'll end up accessing it again from some other place.

The reason they do this is to make their search engine ranking (in Google for example) higher (because of the way that Google works, it counts the links to a certain site, the more the better usually), and to advertise on my site (through this blog statistics page. If you notice any porn, drugs or other illegal sites, please don't hesitate to tell me about it so I can block their sorry arses from my site.

I hate those wankers. So fucking much. If you do want to piss them off a bit, e-mail them hate mail. I know that's what I've done (be careful, use a different e-mail account to the one you use normally, chances are that they'll spam it so much).

OR, if you have a website and you're getting tonnes of spam, stick this little sticker on your site (to get yours, click here).

I hope you've liked my mini-rant about those COCK SUCKING SHIT EATING FUCK HEADS that are THE TURDS OF THE INTERNET, SPAMMERS.


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I hate EMA

(I know that this post is a little hipocritical, seeing as I recieve the money and spend it instead of getting a job)

For those of you who don't know what EMA is, it's basically a bribe for students to stay on at school or college for A-Levels instead of leaving to go to work. But that only applies to the 'poorer' kids. The Educational Maintainance Allowance ranges from £10 to £30 depending on how much your parents earn, which is fundamentally unfair. What about those parents who earn loads but don't give their kids money any more. They'd be in the same situation as the kids with the EMA allowance, but they wouldn't get the free money basically because their parents earn more money. Which is stupid. With no financial incentive to go to a sixth form college when other people will recieve the money for going, it's not fair. Instead of the tiered system, they should treat every student equally. I know that there are about 50% of students in my sixth form that get EMA and 50% who don't. Why not just lower the EMA and give it to all the students? It makes sense. So everyone gets, for example, £15 a week for attending college instead of some (including me) recieving £30 a week and some none.

Then there are the big blunders that the EMA people make. They can overpay students by accident (how??). If they do that, the student can just spend it thinking it's one of their bonuses that they get. But it won't be. Then they'll be asked to give it back. Which again, is stupid. How about instead of the bonuses, give all students an increased EMA all year round.

On top of all that, it makes me lazy - I haven't had a proper job yet...

Thanks for reading my mini-rant.


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I hate Chavs

Lord Of The Chavs

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a chav. I bet you haven’t. Well now you can! Just read this ‘interesting’ (it’s boring really, but you can improve it if you want) diary type page about being a chav. I assure you you probably won’t like it.

Click here to see what it’s like to be a chav for a day

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Baarmy Sheep


Nathan found this page, a sheepish version of the crazy frog. Well, kind of, it's not as long or annoying, and you can choose not to watch it or hear it (unlike that bloody frog AND it's free.

Click here to watch the baarmy sheep...


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That 70's Show Theme Song

Randomness time: if you want to download the theme song to 'That 70's Show', just click one of the links below. They're all from the official site, so if you wanted to see loads of other stuff about the individual episodes, the cast, or some other stuff, go visit them...

Theme tune (feat. Cheap Trick) - WAV format

If you want the video to the opening credits of the show, click here, then click on 'video'...

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Internet TV (free) from Telewest Broadband

Blueyonder has launched a new (free) online TV service for people visiting it's site. A music channel, entertainments channel, sports channel, lifestyle channel and another one (I forget). Anyway, it's free. If you wanted to go and watch free TV, just click the link below. Bear in mind that you'll need to have a broadband connection of at least 510kbp/s downstream. No dial up - sorry Emma.

Click here to watch Blueyonder TV


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Who wants a Gmail account?

Because I'm so kind, plus I have 50 invitations to give out, I was wondering if any of you who don't have a Gmail account yet (somehow) wanted one. They offer about 2.3GB of memory for no apparant reason (useful for moving stuff between school and home), message searching, unlimited message filters, automatic message forwarding to another account, rich text formatting, POP access, instant notifications via the Gmail notifier, plus a load of other stuff that I can't be bothered to type out here. Just guess the rest. I'm only trying to get you to ask me for one because I have 50 invitations left, and I want to get rid of them.

If you want to get a Gmail account (they'll be free soon anyway), just click here to ask me for an invite...


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Go see Maddox's new game!

Just thought I'd let you all know about a fantastic new addition to Maddox's page. It's only a demo of what a possible game would be like, but you sure as hell want it to be real. A pirate blowing stuff up and vanquishing his enemies. Yeah. Nothing better.

If you want to see it, click here...


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I hate U2

I hate U2. You probably guessed that from the title of this post. I hate them so much I've dedicated a page to my hatred on my site. If you want to see that page, click on the link below. There's a poll on there too. I hope you enjoy registering your hatred for U2. I did. Any U2 fans reading this, read that page too. It's good. You'll probably like it. Go on, you know you want to.

Well, if you want to see that page about my hatred for U2, click anywhere on this big blue text. It's as if I want you to see how much I hate them so much that I'm making it difficult for you to miss the link. Go on, it's 'ace'.


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Yoda Origami


Make your very own Yoda from paper. You know I hate him - form sentences he can't, he's lazy (as demonstrated in Ep 3 - he hitches a ride on a Wookie... lazy or what), but what the hell, you may aswell make one! I think you'll need a brain, preferably a good one because this is bloody difficult to make. It baffles me just looking at it. :-/ Anyway, you'll also need some scissors I think and some paper. It's a good idea to use green paper, because he's green. Unless you're colour blind, then you don't have to use any coloured paper. You'll need Adobe Acrobat reader (free from Adobe.com) do display the file.

Link to instructions (PDF)

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Music Library

I've uploaded an automatically generated snapshot of my iTunes music library. It shows all my songs on my computer (obviously you can't download any, but they're there so you can see them). I have 1523 songs lasting (if you played them non stop) for approximately 4 days.

I'll update the blog when I update my music library page.

Click here to see my music library

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Things to do in....

Good thing that I'm putting this, otherwise you may forget about these pages for ever and ever and ever. You probably already had. Anyway, if you want to see things like 'What to do in McDonalds', 'What to do when calling a pizza place' and similar stuff, just click belowe to take you to the respective pages...

The pages from that were also on my old site - woo for everything!


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Site back up and running

Thanks to me (because I did it all), Guisarme and AngryPigeon's sites are open again. Yeah, all cos of me. They were closed because of me, but that's not the point. Leave me alone.


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How to organise a successful cinema trip

Right. Here's the thing: we were meant to be going to the cinema (to see one of the last showings of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy'). By 'we' I mean myself, and a few of my friends. However, the person(s) who were organising this trip (I'm not going to name names) thought that it would be a good idea to organise it in the week that our exams are on, meaning that most people are reluctant to go, and at a time when they have no money (most of us are lazy and don't have jobs). So, it's off to a good start eh?

First off, they suggest that we go on Friday. Yes. Friday. It's unholy to go on a Friday. We never go on a Friday. It's probably against the law in several countries, or it should be. Friday is the day that we either:

a) go wandering around aimlessly
b) go to a party
c) stay in (it's the best way to spend Fridays)

Tut. Anyway, that idea was blown out of the water by two factors. One was that we couldn't go to Hull (because someone was in sunny Scunny), and the other was that hardly anyone had any money, which is kind of essential if you're going to pay over the top train fares of £7.80 or whatever it is now, then pay for the film itself. See, because hardly any of us have jobs because we're all lazy, we don't have any money (except those on EMA, the 'corrupt' way of paying certain students money and others none).

Second idea: Saturday. Good idea, but someone didn't plan ahead. Someone didn't realise that the only feesable time that the film would be showing was at 18:40, when noone could be bothered to go. Plus, to catch an earlier showing, someone would have had to have cancelled their driving lesson. Saturday's gone.

Next in line, Sunday. This seemed good, but no one (i.e. me) could make it. Because I was at my grandparents.

So, Monday it is. And they've gone. I didn't go because in the end I didn't want to. Which would mean that they could have gone to Hull on Sunday. Oh dear. Oh well, not my problem :D

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