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Okay, so it's a bit informal....But so are most natural disasters...Bear with me as we present:

THE NEWS [insert teletype sound here]



FINALLY, Origins Best Games Award winner, CASTLE FALKENSTEIN, the original Victorian fantasy game featuring its original, elegant playing-card based system is currently being uploaded in pdf. form to DriveThruRPG.com for purchase ($16.00). This does not entirely preclude later paper reprint of this book but it is not on the calendar at this time. Meanwhile there are many excellent supplements for Castle Falkenstein, including Six Guns and Sorcery, the Americas supplement, which was the winner of the Origins aware for Best Game Supplement, which are still available in paper form through Tundra Sales Organization. (You can get there through the Castle Falkenstein catalog page!)

Also new to DriveThruRPG.com, the Core Fuzion Rules are now available for a paltry $3.00 so you can take a look. That's less than you spend on a Grande Mocha at Starbuck's for one of the simplest and most flexible systems around.



If you're going to be at A-Kon in Dallas from June 2-5 or Origins in Columbus from June 30th-July 3rd, look Michael up and say "Hi!"


The players above were the first players (except for friends and family) of Cyberpunk V.3 when they played in a game with Mike Pondsmith (third from left) at I-Con in Ronkonkoma, N.Y. a few weeks ago. Of course, since then they've been sequestered pending release of the book so they can't tell you anything. You can send candy bars and gaming magazines to "The CP V.3 Five" care of R. Talsorian Games. Thanks to Mike Phillips for the photo!


We recently received erratta for the Night City Sourcebook from Will Kenedy and have placed it on the Game Errata page on this site. If you use the Night City Sourcebook (now available at DriveThruRPG.com) you should check it out and see if it clears anything up for you.

Night City Erratta

> A couple of months ago, I noticed that two of the maps in the Cyberpunk
> Night City sourcebook were swapped. I still think it is one of the best
> city
> sourcebooks for any game system. Please find two (2) attached jpegs. They
> are my take on what the maps in the Night City Sourcebook should probably
> resemble, based on what (admittedly little) I know about planning
> geography
> and the limited real estate in which to place them.
> The Oaks would be close to the bases, but far enough away for it to feel
> like a somewhat exclusive enclave, as a reward for the former officers.
> The CINC-NORPAC base is where it would logically be placed, given that a
> Naval Station should - naturally enough - have water access, if not
> actually
> be a waterfront property.
> The 157th Tac Air Sqdn/NorCal ADC base is located between the naval
> station
> and the Army base. To serve as a buffer zone. That old Army/Navy rivalry
> thing. It's also close enough to either that air ops could be launched in
> support of activities from either or both of them.
> The 223rd Armoured Batt is located near the Highway, should hostilities
> escalate and the Free states need support from Federal Military services
> (and the National guard are not adequate for the task.)


For the second year running Fuzion system licensee, Jay Libby, has compiled a terrific Fuzion yearbook this year themed around using the Fuzion system in all kinds of fantasy settings. Take a look! Here's what Jay has to say:

"The yearbook that will keep people talking is here! This fantasy edition gives you everything you need to run a kick butt Fuzion fantasy game. This one is a MUST have! We've really got some great stuff. You can get the dirty details on the link below along with the place to buy it! http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?p=3895908#post3895908"


A Whole Lotta News Going On!

DriveThru RPG News
Finally work has started on converting the basic rulebooks for Castle Falkenstein and Fuzion into pdf.'s for distribution on DriveThruRPG.com. Expect to see these become available in a few weeks. For now, we have added some other old favorites for those of you trying to fill out your collections or replace old copies.

For Cyberpunk:

Hardwired (based on the Walter Jon Williams novel)
Night City Guide
Solo of Fortune #1
Rache Bartmoss Guide to the Net

For Teenagers From Outer Space:

Fieldtrip, the adventure

For Mekton:

Mekton Zeta Plus
Mekton Empire
Mekton Tech Book (from the pre-Z conformation)

Cybergeneration: Generation Gap
For fans of Cybergeneration (the spin-off series from Cyberpunk), Generation Gap, (rumored to be in production since 1997) is now available. Premiering a few weeks ago at I-Con to rave reviews, this product from the good folks at Firestore Ink carries on the grand tradition of angst ridden teens with cyberpowers in the Dark Future They Never Made.

The Big Question
After showing off the rough manuscript at I-Con (where he ran demos), Mike Pondsmith is on the home stretch for Cyberpunk V.3. The complete manuscript is now in layout, being edited, polished and having art issues addressed at this time. Woot! The light at the end of the tunnel is no longer just an oncoming train!

Mekton Zeta fans rejoice!
Mekton Zeta Plus, the amazing building system for Mekton Zeta, has been out-of-print for some time. But a recent expedition into the depths of our inventory has turned up a few copies. If you're interested in acquiring of these rare gems, they will be available through mail order from the RTG website.

And while we're on Mekton, the Atomic Rocket guys have some great news as well:

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the Internet... The Atomic Rocket Games site has been updated! The boys at ARG have updated their site with new features, including:

*Previews of upcoming Mekton Zeta Mini Campaigns
*Updated News and Submissions Policies
*Information about upcoming product lines

Of course, the free-to-download Mekton Z/Z+ sheets, and the first Mini Campaign, The War Of The Worlds, are still on the site and going strong (over 15,000 downloads so far!).

There's also good news for fans of Christian Conkle's Lightspeed, Fuzion space opera at its finest. For more information, refer to the links below.

Lightspeed: Cargo Manifest comes with 34 new starships for Lightspeed, the Fuzion-powered sci-fi RPG, ranging from the smallest work-pod to the largest super-starship.

Download Lightspeed: Cargo Manifest today and get ready to see the Galaxy! Lightspeed: Cargo Manifest is a 36-page PDF available for download from http://www.RPGNow.com or from http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/Lightspeed-RPG/ for absolutely FREE!


London Sourcebook for Victoriana released!

Victoriana players waiting eagerly for The Smoke, need wait no longer! Heresy Gaming is proud to present their guidebook to Fantasy Victorian London, an invaluable guide to any gutter runner at the heart of the empire. The Smoke is available exclusively on www.DrivethruRPG.com for $12.99. Also available on Friday is 'Hounds of Hate' the first in a series of 'Penny Dreadfuls' designed specifically for PDF, these mini adventures provide a story appropriate for an evenings play for only $2 - as close to 1d as the modern age allows!



R. Talsorian Games, Inc. is pleased to announce the imminent release of Generation Gap, one of the mythic lost Cybergeneration books written, but never published, in late '90's. If you have an interest in Cybergeneration, or just a spin on Cyberpunk that will bend your character development majorly, please take a look. The book is being produced by the true believers at Firestorm Ink. They have a real love of this critically acclaimed, but not widely known sub-line of Cyberpunk, so I urge you to support them. They can be found at http://cybergenerations.firestorm-ink.com/ See what they have to say about the book below.

"Stop it Matt! That was so 'Punk it made me sick! What are you? 30?"

You've played the old Edgers, you've played juves, you've tried to run them together and hit a huge gaping chasm. How can you combine the old with the new? Three words, READ THIS BOOK!

The long awaited sourcebook for CyberGeneration, the Generation Gap, is out and in your face. Trust us, it was well worth the wait.

Inside you'll get:

- Information on what's it's like being the GenGM and the Gen Player.
- Tips and tricks on how to play a Juve
- Ideas on how to use different skills
- Creating a long CyberGeneration campaigns
- Having Family in your games
- When to bring on the Revolution
- The Care and Feeding of the CyberEvolved
- Plans on building your own yogangs

... and lots more stuff inside.

96 Pages, $18.00 USD
Order from your Friendly Local Hobby Store, or directly through Key 20 Direct at www.key20direct.com

Now you can read up, get busy, and start bridging that Generation Gap!


Mike Pondsmith World Tour - Spring, 2005

If you want to ask Mike Pondsmith stupid questions, hold a reasoned discussion or just say "Hi!", you can catch him making a guest appearance at the following conventions this Spring.
Norwescon 28   SeaTac, Washington   March 24-27
I-Con 24Ronkonkoma, N.Y.April 8-10
A-Kon 16Dallas, TexasJune 3-5
Origins 2005Columbus, OhioJune 29-July 3


Hey Fuzion fans, please see following the latest announcement of new releases from Fuzion licensees Dilly Green Bean Games. Take a look. Meanwhile we should have the schedule up tomorrow for the Mike Pondsmith Grand Tour, including a Special Guest turn at Origins in June!

Dilly Green Bean Games is happy to announce the release of Guardian Universe Two-In-One: Black Ops/Deep Space! This twin pack offers something for Fuzion fans and something for fans of The Basic System! Contents include:
-Guardian Universe: Black Ops
Sometimes when push comes to shove you have to hit them below the belt and be as ruthless as hell. GU Black Ops takes players inside of Project: Genetec and the Top Secret US Black Ops program. Bomb airliners, kill politicians, and murder entire villages in this violent look into the darker reaches of the Guardian Universe. Also included are new templates for players. Black Ops is a Fuzion based sourcebook. You also get SpyCorps! If you ever loved the classic Bond films then this Surge-Plug for Fuzion is a MUST! All the spy gear one needs to carry out missions all over the world. New templates included too!
-Guardian Universe: Deep Space for The Basic System
Do you believe in that life exists out there? Well pretty soon it won’t if you can’t stop the forces of evil as they move towards Earth! The Gods of Mythology have sent their children to fight against the threat, but can Demi-Gods alone stop the forces of Necross and his Zovamz warriors! Entire worlds are dying and only you can save them! This sourcebook includes The Basic System V2 and complete powers lists to play a stand-alone cosmic RPG! New templates like: Demi-Gods, Children of the Stars and Mystically Bestowed will help you be a hero! So get ready for Jim Starlin style gaming in this cosmic powered book!

Guardian Universe Two-In-One: Black Ops/Deep Space
124 pages
Black and White interior
ISBN: 0-9744698-3-1
Cost: $17.00
Available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles, and Dilly Green Bean Games


Click here for a preview of the upcoming Cyberpunk V3


For any of you who are interested in Fuzion- based Science Fiction or Space Opera, I greatly recommend that you take a look at Chris Conkle's Lightspeed and the recently released supplement Lightspeed: Old Earth Empires. For more information, please see below. 

The Lightspeed: Old Earth Empires sourcebook is finally finished and available for download for only $5.00 at http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=3791

The Galactic region around Earth is the realm of the Old Earth Empires, the ancient decadent powers that originally colonized space. The horror and destruction of the Core Wars and the subsequent secession of both the Pan Solar Empire and the Interstellar Federation ended their domination and reduced the once-great nations to second-rate players squabbling for scraps in the shadows of the new Galactic Superpowers. 

Now, after centuries of uneasy peace, the modern Old Earth Empires are beginning to re-arm and shift to a more aggressive strategy. Many believe it is only a matter of time until the next devastating wave of Core Wars begin anew. 

Lightspeed: Old Earth Empires provides gamemasters and players alike with a wealth of information on five of these interstellar colonial nations: Imperial Japan, the United Sates, the European Union, the African Consortium, and Brazil. Within, you'll find complete histories of these rivals along with descriptions of their law enforcement and military organizations. 

Included are 26 new NPC write-ups suitable as PC templates, 24 new starships and starfighters, and 7 new vehicles and Battle-frames. There's also advanced character creation options for creating law enforcement officers and agents, military officers and enlisted personnel, titles of nobility, and one new alien race. 

Purchase Lightspeed: Old Earth Empires today and join the battle for control of the Galaxy! 

Lightspeed: Old Earth Empires is a 74-page PDF available for download from http://www.RPGNow.com for only $5.00! 

Check out http://www.lightspeed-rpg.com for more information on Lightspeed.



Finally Mekton Zeta Plus, the extremely complete building system for Mekton Zeta, has been uploaded to DriveThruRPG.com and should be available there very soon!


This week's featured licensee:

DGBG is one of our Fuzion system licensees and if you haven't caught up to them yet, be sure to check them out at their website. They have a wide range of exciting projects in the works. Guardian Universe, available now, is a new view of Supers. Related to Guardian Universe, but like all Fuzion style projects adaptable for a number of games, are the Black Ops book and Xandoria, a complete alien world sourcebook. These two are available now in a pdf. Rough Cut version, text only. The Fuzion Yearbook is available now in pdf. and paper. Its a collection of Fuzion articles by talented contributors and the book is a charity effort. Tokyo MegaSmash is exactly what it sounds like, but with INCREASED RUBBER MONSTER REALISM! Another project in the works that you might here about is Xenomorph Invasion. Think our heroes in mecha battling invading aliens - but for a better description check out the free demo at www.dillygreenbeangames.com 

You can see Jay and the DGBG gang at almost every con from New Jersey to Maine so if that's your home turf drop by and check out some of the demos. 

There are FREE DEMOS of Xenomorph Invasion and Xandoria at the DGBG website, so what are you waiting for!


Also, Be on the lookout for a new rant by Mike himself in the following week!



(From Mike Pondsmith)

Seems DriveThru changed the dates they are offering NightCity free so people "bought"it when we said it would be free and they got charged. Swell. Please, please put up a note on the website to say that the week Night City is free has changed due to a schedule change at DriveThru. Here's the info in Steve Wieck's words -

Thanks for your inquiry. There was a slight date shift to our original free product schedule. Night City will be next week's free book, so it will be free from 7/19 to 7/26 or so. The books usually change out around noon EST on Mondays

And let's make sure that if anyone bought it this week thinking it would be free that they contact DriveThru and get it fixed!!


More 2020 Cyberpunk coming your way from Social Games!

R. Talsorian has just signed a license with Cyberpunk CCG producers, Social Games, setting up Social to produce supplement material for Cyberpunk 2020 while V.3 is still under construction. Some of the proposed material will help you bring the characters of the CCG into your RPG game. We look forward to the possibilities of this exciting crossover but why not stroll over to Social's website for more information!


For those of you unfamiliar with Christian Conkle's Lightspeed, the Fuzion game of science fiction and space opera, check out the excellent review at RPG.net! http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/10/10336.phtml This game is fun to play, and heck, fun just to read. All the details for buying a copy of Lightspeed are available with the review.


Anybody remember the licensed Mekton and Cyberpunk lines from then Ianus, now Dream Pod 9? DP9 and Talsorian have put their heads together and those books will be once again available through the magic of pdf. over at DriveThruRPG! This includes Night's Edge, the Cyberpunk alternative setting with some Shadowrun, World of Darkness touches thrown in. There are no plans for these books to be reissued in paper so download them soon at DriveThruRPG.


R. Talsorian Games, Inc. Signs on to DriveThruRPG.com

[Redmond, WA] - The era of digital delivery is here, and R. Talsorian Games, Inc. has joined it. If you've ever had trouble locating any of our products, this is your lucky day. You just may find it at DriveThruRPG.com, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (We're starting out with popular out of print books, Night City Sourcebook, Rache Bartmoss' Guide to the Net and Solo of Fortune 1 for Cyberpunk 2020. )

We are happy to announce that we've entered into an exclusive agreement with DriveThruRPG.com to offer our roleplaying game products as secure e-Books on this new site. You can check out the e-Book versions of our products there right now.

DriveThruRPG.com is the first completely professional gaming e-Book site, and it offers secure downloads using Adobe's secure server technology. This allows us to offer our full line of products as e-Books on the site. Basically what iTunes is for music, DriveThruRPG.com is for roleplaying games. It's a virtual gaming superstore with products from top RPG publishers, from current releases to the classic games that brings us back to our own "good old days."

If the technophobes out there need any further encouragement to give RPG e-Books a try, we're making an irresistible offer. In order to help our fans get excited about this new way to get their games, R. Talsorian Games, Inc. and DriveThruRPG.com will be offering The Night City Sourcebook for Cyberpunk 2020 for download absolutely free for the week of July 14th to July 20th. Talk about a good deal! It certainly beats Ebay.

Got a favorite you can't find that you'd like to see over at DriveThru? Drop us a line and we'll see what we can do!



The Fuzion licensed companies on the Right Hand Coast have a number of cons coming up. If you're in the area, be sure to go by the shows, try out their games and say "Hello"

- 03/26-28/2004 I-CON 23, Stony Brook, NY
Fuzion Alliance Members Studio 187, Dilly Green Bean Games, and Chapter 13 Press will be running demonstrations of Fists of Fuzion, Guardian Universe and Bad Muthas: Tales from the Funk! Also play in Demos of Heresy Games Victoriana and some hard hitting Cyberpunk 2020 games.

- 04/30-05/02/2004 A Gazebo Of Games, Edison NJ
Chapter 13 Press will be running a Demo of Bad Muthas: Tales from the Funk! and Cyberpunk 2020

- 07/14-18/2004 Dexcon 7, East Brunswick, New Jersey
Chapter 13 Press will be running Demonstrations of Bad Muthas: Tales from the Funk! and other bits of Fuzion Madness.


Congratulations to Dilly Green Beans Games on release of their new Fuzion game, Guardian Universe. See the details below from DGBG. Be sure to come out to see Dilly Green Beans Games, Chapter 13 Games and Studio 187 at I-Con March 26-28th at SUNY Stony Brook, NY.

Guardian Universe Core Fuzion RPG
Cost: $25.00 (or $17 on Amazon.com)
ISBN: 0-9744698-0-7
Available: NOW
Rated: PG-13
Over 200 pages of gaming material for the Guardian Universe! Over 40 Templates! Beginner character and Advanced character generation! Over 26 Generic NPCs! Gadget Design and power suit design! Equipment, weapons and armor charts! Vehicle charts! The complete history of the Guardian Universe! Summaries of Story Arcs! UN Specials: FUZION included! MUST have Core Fuzion to play this game! Character Generation rules included. visit us at: http://dillygreenbeangames.com/GuardianUniverse.html


For those of you in the San Francisco Bay area, don't forget to go to DunDraCon this weekend! Tim Innes and company are running a Cyberpunk tournament and Norm Albert is running a new Gundam event. We'll be at home checking over the layout of the Gundam book.

Firestorm, the great folks licensed to continue the Cybergen line now have their website open for you to check out at http://cybergenerations.firestorm-ink.com.


Convention News:

For those of you on the East Coast, don't forget Dreamation next weekend. Both Social Games (Cyberpunk CCG) and Chapter 13 (coming soon Bad Muthas, the Fuzion role-playing game of '70's funk) will be out and doing demos. Should be some Cyberpunk role-playing games too.

Chapter 13 will be at Dreamation on the 23 and 24th doing final playtests of "BAD MUTHAS": Tales from the funk! in Technicolor! (2004) and participants will be listed in the credits.

On the West Coast, hello to all you probable DunDraCon attendees. Tim Innes will be running a Cyberpunk tournament at the show, so check that out. And say "Hello" to the Atomic Rocket guys for us!

Welcome to the Family:

Applied Vectors is a new U.K. company looking forward to their first Fuzion release. Here's Ian Liddle of Applied Vectors. "Applied Vectors would like to announce that we have a license to make a gothic horror game for the Fuzion games system. This game marks the beginning of what we hope will be a promising career in roleplaying games production. for further information please contact ian@appliedvectors.co.uk"


>From Peter Wacks at Social Games, home of the Cyberpunk CCG, (which killed 'em at GENCON L.A. last month!)

I have a few announcements to make about tournaments.

1. THE CCS: 
The Cyberpunk CCG website will have a section up soon for organized tournament play. We are calling it the Controlled Chaos System (CCS.) Using it you will have a distinct login and player number once you register. It will also have features allowing a tournament finder and tournament entry if you are a Fixer or a Retailer.

2. FIRST REGIONAL TOURNAMENT (Saturday, January 31st 1:00 p.m. - Denver CO):
We are hosting our first regional! It will be a constructed deck tourney. Our main goal is to test our capability to handle results and CCS entries - but the good news is that if any of you all come in from out of town we'll have some special giveaways for you. Prize support will depend on the number of players, but as always it will be a
sweet pot for everybody who plays.
15107 E Hampden Ave
Aurora, CO 80014-3905
Phone: (303) 699-3349

On top of the standard prize structure we will also be giving away
prizes for:
Best Trash Talker 
Most Creative Deck
Anytime A Special Victory Is Achieved

If you plan to attend please send an e-mail to judgment@cyberpunkccg.com and tell us so we can better plan to accommodate the correct number of people.

We will also be starting an electronic newsletter for the CCG and the RPG called 'night City Screamsheets.' The NCS will have tournament news, spoilers, killer decks, strategy guides, fan fiction, rpg scenarios, and much more...

Peter Wacks
Social Games

>From John Tuckey at Heresy Games in the U.K., home of Victoriana:

The next book up is:
The Dragon in the Smoke
A Penny Dreadful for Victoriana
56 pages. Price $12.99,
A Complete Introductory adventure that will lead your characters through the darkest shadows of the London rookeries in their attempts to unravel the secret of the black smoke.
reviews at: http://www.d20zines.com, http://www.gamewyrd.com

Secondly, Heresy has a new site design with quicktime video at www.heresy-gaming.co.uk, (video is in the Victoriana section).

Thirdly, there are Victoriana penny dreadfuls in the holiday issues of both Valkyrie magazine and Game Trade magazine.

Finally Heresy is starting concept work and rules structure on a fantasy game using Fuzion and one of the key themes will be an open ended magic system.

John Tuckey 
Heresy Games


In-house the latest DragonBall Z installment is still stalled until we can get some time with the overworked Funimation licensing staff.

Mobile Suit Gundam is being laid out and we hope to have light at the end of that tunnel soon.

On the Mekton front, the Atomic Rocket folks have posted a new Mekton adventure based on War of the Worlds. Its a beautiful project and has gotten a lot of hits so check it out. If the link isn't up through this website, it will be soon.

Cyberpunk, don't get us started, still pokes along although Mike Pondsmith came back all fired up after running the massive RPG event for the Social Games guys at GENCON SoCal last weekend. Congratulations to Social, whose new Cyberpunk CCG was the talk of the show. Many happy returns, guys and gals!


Social Games and James Carpio of Chapter 13 games and his team will be running demos at Dreamation January 22-25th in East Brunswick, New Jersey. If you're in the neighborhood and want to check out Cyberpunk table top, Cyberpunk the CCG, interesting Fuzion alternatives or Chapter 13's upcoming Bad Muthas, the Fuzion 60's Blaxploitation game be certain to attend.

The Friday News Flash also includes the latest direct from R. Talsorian licensees who have new products and new news. Right now its time for a message from:

Dilly Green Beans Games (Fuzion licensee)

"Dilly Green Bean Games now has its website up and running. www.dillygreenbeangames.com The website has all the material and preview stuff you'll need. We have pretty much finished the Guardian Universe Core Fuzion book and are adding the final touches up as you read this. We still might have an uber surprise going in the book, but we are awaiting confirmation. GU Core is the Fan-Written RPG for Fans.

Also, Fuzion Forum Yearbook is about ready to go into Layout and Production. Anyone wishing to donate material to go into the yearbook please contact Jay Libby at Jlibby07@maine.rr.com All proceeds go to the Cancer Community Center under the name of Fuzion Forum. Deadline is December 15th. Anything after that you'll need to drop us a line to see if it's too late. A great chance for Fuzion fan writers to get published."

Merry Christmas and other winter holidays as well and see you back here on Friday 12/26 (or maybe a day later as we may be out celebrating.)


For those of you thinking of heading out to GENCON L.A. in December, Mike Pondsmith will be there supporting the Social Games release of the Cyberpunk CCG. Besides hanging at their booth and doing signings, Mike will be running a monster 80-person Cyberpunk 2020 RPG run (with 8 gamemasters assisting) starting Saturday night. Half of those spots are being held by Social Games for fans that have heard about the run by tuning in to our site or theirs, so if you want to reserve a slot, go on over to the Social Games website at http://www.cyberpunkccg.com.


Congratulations to Heresy Games on the release of their new Fuzion-based game, Victoriana. For a recent review, check http://www.gamewryd.com/review/323


As you know, we consider Core Fuzion to be the best basic toolkit for building your own RPG. But what would a toolkit be without a few monkey wrenches and left-handed spanners?

Lightspeed Nominated For Best RPG in the Independent Games Awards

Christian Conkle's terrific space opera FUZION RPG, Lightspeed, was recently nominated as best Independent RPG of the Year. We're delighted to see this game get the recognition it so deserves. And if you like Lightspeed, you definitely want to check out the new supplement, Planets of the Interstellar Era, a colorful and detailed catalog of planets and their inhabitants useable for Lightspeed or any space campaign. (For more information go to http://www.lightspeed-rpg.com. To purchase, links from there will take you to the RPGNow store site.)

Countdown Is On For Release of Victoriana

Victoriana, the dark Victorian fantasy FUZION RPG from Heresy Games is rolling off the presses in the next couple of days. Please take a look at Heresy's website (http://freespace.virgin.net/j.tuckey) for a taste of the game and more information on getting your hands on a copy. Contains crossover information for Castle Falkenstein.

We're working on contracts for a few more games you'll want to see, so keep an eye out for news here. Also RTG is scheduling The Fuzion Catalog for publication after the Cell Saga and Mobile Suit Gundam. This catalog of persons, places and things for Fuzion is the basic socket set for your Fuzion toolbox. 

On The Cyberpunk Front

We are very excited to announced a deal we've recently concluded with ImageNative Worlds, Inc. who will be producing a Collectible Card Game based on Cyberpunk. For more information, see their website at http://www.cyberpunkccg.com

Gamingreport.com has named Cyberpunk on of the top 10 Science Fiction RPG's.


I know that a lot of you have been looking forward to the promised reprint of the Castle Falkenstein core rules. Unfortunately that reprint will have to be postponed due to disappointing distributor orders. This does not mean that we are giving up on the line. As soon as we come up with an appropriate answer for this situation we'll let you know.

We have also received a lot of mail asking "What's up with Mekton?" so please see the latest Lisa's Rant for news on that line. (For news on Cyberpunk, I'll be trying to get a rant from Mike Pondsmith up soon, but you can always drop by the Cyberpunk BBS where he's been holding some discussions lately on that subject!)


We have finished translation on the first book of the Mobile Suit Gundam RPG and are delighted to announce that it is now being edited by long-time Mekton guru, Benjamin Wright. Since his years at Talsorian, Benjamin has moved on to Viz Communications where he is currently working on Shonen Jump. More updates on this product as they come along.


We expect to be posting a print date for the Castle Falkenstein reprint any day, but game players interested in Victoriana and/or High Adventure will also want to take a look at a new Fuzion product now on the schedule from Heresy Games for this Spring.

Victoriana"Heresy Gaming is pleased to confirm that Victoriana (the sensational Fuzion based roleplaying game of vile villany and glorious adventure) will now be available for retail release, May 2003.

Victoriana will be a 300 page paperback, containing everything needed to play, bar the dice, and featuring an introductory short story by Scott Rhymer, the author of Cawnpore For more details and a preview of the release schedule check out www.heresy-gaming.co.uk. New product previews will be uploaded throughout the year as the release date draws nearer, and for those who wish to participate a developer's chat will be forthcoming on the mailing list."

For those of you looking for a Live Falkenstein fix, there will be a Falk LARP at Gamicon Mu (www.mindbridge.org/gamicon/) in Cedar Rapids, IA February 14-16th, so if you're in the area come out. If you need more information on the LARP, drop us some e-mail and we'll put you in touch with the folks running the LARP.


For those of you who have the original printings of Maximum Metal, the power armor supplement to Cyberpunk 2020, check the errata section for the four pages of errata and addenda added to the recent reprint. You didn't think we'd make you buy a whole new book for four pages, did you?


Fuzion Errata section added to the site with a new way to Recover from Dying. You can check it out here.


The reprints of Max Metal ($15.00) and Cyberpunk 2020 ($20.00) will be in stores around November 15th!


Because you asked for it - THE FULL SIZED CASTLE FALKENSTEIN CORE RULEBOOK IS COMING BACK! The award-winning original Victorian fantasy rpg has been scheduled for republication in a pocket edition, but the swashbuckling alternate 19th century background, innovative playing-card based systems and new, simplified LARP rules just won't fit in one pocket. Instead we will be re-releasing the original book (soft-bound only) and publishing a new dedicated LARP book a little farther down the line. Look for the Castle Falkenstein core book in January, but as usual we will post the date the reprint begins and the shipping date on the web site when we know them.


COMING SOON - RTG has signed a deal with Kokusai-Tsushin Co. Ltd., the publishers of Command Magazine in Japan to publish a Japanese language edition of Castle Falkenstein. I'm sure they will be do a beautiful job. If you read Japanese or are just a Falk completist, keep you eye out.

Also, be sure to check out the new supplement to Lightspeed, Psi Rangers. Lightspeed is a science fiction/space exploration rpg from Christian Conkle using the Fuzion system. You can find a link to Christian's site in the Fuzion links. I've read it and it looks pretty interesting.


The reprint of Maximum Metal, (CP3191, $15.00) the power armor supplement for Cyberpunk 2020 is now at the printers. Originally we did not intend to reprint this book as it can raise the caliber and mayhem levels of a campaign almost immediately, but it has been our most demanded reprint for some time now. The book is unchanged except for 4 pages of erratta and addenda we have gathered since the book's initial release. As soon as we have a ship date from the printers we will post it on the Net. Also shipping at that time will be a reprint of Cyberpunk 2020 for those who have been having a hard time finding the core rules. (THIS IS NOT NEW.) We'd appreciate it if you would mention to your retailers you are interested in these upcoming releases, but if you don't have a retailer in your area both will be available through Tundra Sales (tundra-sales-org.com) and Wizard's Attic (wizards-attic.com).



We are very sorry to announce that in the recent Core Fuzion book release, we left the credit for all the interior art provided by Gary Thomas Washington out of the book. We apologize publicly to Gary and promise to make that change on all subsequent print runs of the book.



As most of you know, FUZION is a metasystem for creating games which will allow you exceptional flexibility in mixing genres, moving characters from place to place, and creating game for those wild ideas that just don't fit anywhere else. It's also simple enough that your players can launch in in no time at all.

Well, the Fuzion Core book is out to the printers. If we're really, really lucky it will be out for GENCON, but most probably a week or so after. We've stripped the system down to 56 pages for a starter book anyone can pick up for $8.00 and read in an evening. Then customize the system to run any game you've every wanted to run. The most powerful tool in your gaming arsenal.

Want more than basic ideas for FUZION right now? Check out the recently created FUZION web ring at http://e.webring.com/hub?ring=fuzionalliance&id=1&hub More sites are being added every day with customization ideas, freeware and the opportunity to check out licensed FUZION games you may not have seen before that you can buy online or in the stores. If you haven't checked them out yet, check out Victoriana from Heresy (available as pdf soon) and Lightspeed, a space opera/science fiction setting available as pdf now.

If you like what you're seeing there, why not get involved and join the FUZION Alliance, an online group of like minded players dedicated to promoting FUZION at conventions and in stores. It's just in the beginning phases right now, so get in on the ground floor and help decide how the Alliance will accomplish their goals. If you're interested you can join up by sending a message to autoshare@devermore.net with "subscribe fa-bus" in the body text. That will subscribe you. Then they can just announce yourself.


Recently back from a good time at the Origins convention in Columbus, Ohio. Terrific thanks to Gilbert Milner, C, and Janice Sellars, Steve, Ski and everyone involved in the Castle Falkenstein LARP there. It was a hoot. For those of you interested, there will another LARP at GENCON headed up by Paul Wrider and entitled "No Meaner Name Than Diplomacy?: A Night in Vienna." Its number 5045, cost $3.00 and runs on August 8 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. (In checking the GENCON website for times, I find that there is a second Falk LARP listed, Red Right Hand, 8/9/02 from noon to four.) I encourage anyone into LARPing or Falkenstein to go check them out!

We're already planning Falk LARPs for Origins and GENCON for next year!

On the subject of GENCON, RTG as ourselves will not be there this year, but will be represented at Wizard's Attic. To our friends we are used to seeing every year in Milwaukee, we look forward to seeing you in Indianapolis next year!"

Also for you Falkenstein players, the Ottoman Sourcebook is out over at Steve Jackson Games, so you may want to take a look.


Finally, the Androids Saga book for Dragon Ball Z is shipping from the printers. We'll be selling it at the Origins convention in Columbus, Ohio over the July 4rth weekend and it will go out to the distributors and your retailer as soon as possible. (Give it a week or so to go through the channels.) If you want to order online, please go to the online store at Funimation.com. Meanwhile, we'll be working on the Cell Saga book!
Thanks for your patience!


The approved Androids Saga for the Dragon Ball Z Adventure Game is off to the printers at last. We'll post the projected release date as soon as the printers give it to us. Thanks for your patience.


In an unexpected move, Toei has requested that we change many pieces of art in the manuscript for the Androids supplement. After some difficulties, this has been done and the manuscript is back at Funimation today. We'll let you know as soon as we hear anything more.


Check out Lisa's Rant for news updates on new products.


Final revised Androids at Funimation for last approval


R. Talsorian is pleased to announce a new Fuzion system licensee, Heresy Gaming. Heresy's Victoriana game line is dark, gritty steam punk which should complement our own more fantasy-oriented Castle Falkenstein.

Heresy Gaming "Heresy Gaming (possibly the UKs smallest games company) is pleased to present their forthcoming game of vile villany and fantastic adventure, 'Victoriana'.

Victoriana is set in a Dark Industrial world based on our own 19th Century, Created from history and enhanced by fantasy the world of Victoriana immerses you in a dangerous and oppressive world of progress and revolution, where life is cheap - unless you're an aristo...

Soon to be presented in a variety of formats for your edification and reading pleasure. Please visit the website http://www.heresy-gaming.co.uk for updates, enquiries, and the mailing list."

Speaking of Castle Falkenstein, it now appears that the Ottoman Empire book will be released through Steve Jackson Games in May, around the time of our release of The Gentlemen's and Ladies' Pocket Edition of the Castle Falkenstein core rules. Those rules will be featured in live action games at both Origins and GENCON this year. There's a lot of Steam Age gaming just around the corner!


"We hear that there is a rumor out there that there will be a D-20 Mekton version released. This isn't true. In fact, there are no plans for anyone to release any RTG games in D-20 versions."


Both Dragonball Z and Chrome 3/4 are back in Print!


BECAUSE YOU ASKED FOR IT, R. Talsorian is reprinting Maximum Metal, CP3191, the vehicles and power armor supplement to Cyberpunk 2020. We have had overwhelming interest in a reprint of the book much beloved for its military vehicles, vehicle combat rules and vehicle/power armor construction rules. This is certainly one of the essentials of Cyberpunk and will give you good use even when CP V.3 comes out. Expect release of this reprint in early December.

Maximum Metal CP3191 $14.00


REPRINTS! DragonBall Z and Chrome 3/4 will be arriving in the warehouse the last week of September


R.Talsorian Previews (.pdf)
Cyberpunk v3 Preview (.pdf page 1, page 2)
Dragonball Z & Mekton Previews (.pdf)


IT CAN BE TOLD AT LAST! We can finally announce the Mystery License listed since March. R. Talsorian Games will be publishing a definitive game supplement for ORIGINAL GUNDAM! Gundam has been the inspiration for generations of mechahead gamers and this has long been a goal for Talsorian. We will be publishing the english language translation of the definitive Gundam sourcebook and gaming rules already released in Japan by T.O.Y. International (using the Mekton rules system) under license from property owner, Sunrise. We do not have a release date at this time as the matter has just been concluded but we'll keep you posted.

Lisa Pondsmith General Manager, RTG

And a big thank you to all the gamers at GENCON who came out to say "Hello" and did not attempt to rip off my arms and legs for not having CP V.3 ready. Since I am now sharing my writer, Mike Pondsmith, with Microsoft, things are going slower than anticipated but please check out the preview of V.3 released at GENCON (Page 1, Page 2).


Reprint at the printers now!
Listen Up, You Primitive Screwheads!
CP3291 ISBN# 0-937279-45-5 SRP $12.00
Announcing the return of the Talsorian Tough Love guide for Referees! Don’t miss topics like:
*How do I control my power players? I ‘ve got a game full of Cyberpsychos!
*How do I get my Netrunner in the game so he doesn’t eat all the Fritos?
*Help! My players are better at combat than I am!
*How do I get my players out of the bar and build a campaign?
-Not to mention cool goodies like detailed explosives information and a skill list you won’t have seen in other books.


A lot of people have been asking what the conditions are for licensing the Fuzion system for their games. In order to make this easier for everybody we are posting a sample contract in the Corp Info section of the site so you can check it out. If it still sounds good, drop us a line. And don't be scared off by the lawyer-ese - most of it is pretty basic stuff that can be cut and pasted to fit the circumstances. Incidentally you can license the Fuzion system from R. Talsorian or from Hero Games.


Someone recently dropped us an e-mail telling us about an rpg assistant preset for CP. We haven' t had a chance to take a look, but you might find it interesting.
Download here!


Frieza should be in the stores by the end of next week


Release to be in 4-6 weeks. More specific date as printers give it to me.
2001 release schedule is now online!


Excerpts from the forthcoming book Dragon Ball Z: The Frieza Saga has been posted in the Articles section of the website!


(from Lisa)
the E-mail connection in house has been sick and so things are getting answered slow but I should be back up and running on Monday.


The first in a series of articles concerning Cyberpunk and the cinema has been posted under Articles. Chapter 1: Lasciate Agni Speranza Voi Ch'Entrate centers around what the author believes to be the first cyberpunk film (I'll let you go and figure out what it is on your own.)


Mekton Zeta will be back into the stores the week of November 9th. Also that the next reprint will be Listen Up, You Primitive Screwheads, an invaluable book for DM's of any system.


NOT ENOUGH WACKINESS IN YOUR LIFE! Break out the Gooze, the Koosh Balls and the Silly String! The greatest root beer and pretzels game in creation, Teenagers from Outer Space, is back with licensed supplements from Anime Squared.

So GURPS Falkenstein is out and it looks pretty good to us. Kind of like somebody else writing a travel guide to your hometown. What do you think?


The reprint of Mekton Z is now underway. On the shelves sometime in October. Mekton Z Plus still available.  No modifications of Mekton Z except cover changes to bring in line with later products in Mekton line.

Old News:

Following on the heels of our release of the Dragon Ball Z Adventure game (Check out the catalog if you haven't seen it yet or you just don't believe me), RTG is back in harness with two new planned releases. The first is CHROME 1/2, a compilation of the two popular Chrome series books (1 and 2 or 1/2; get it?). This two in one will be compatable with the upcoming release of Cyberpunk 203X [The Third Edition], which has been pushed back to spring.

The second project is the FRIEZA SAGA; the next book in the Dragon Ball Z series. This little opus will not only cover what happens when a roving band of galactic pirates hijack the planet Namek, but will also include new powers, new technology, and a whole system for building spaceships, planets and alien races (just imagine Star Trek with Super Saiya Two powers!) The FRIEZA SAGA will be followed in due time by the first of the DRAGONBALL MOVIE BOOKS; in this case, the DEAD ZONE, which covers a period of time just before the SAIYAN SAGA and answers a few interesting questions about just what Goku and the Gang were up to before Vegeta dropped in to party hard.

Meanwhile, on the Castle Falkenstein front, drinking buddy and occasional rabid competitor Steve Jackson (of the suspiciously similarly named Game Company), and I have just signed an agreement for GURPS CASTLE FALKENSTEIN. So stay tuned as "Evil Stevie" (his choice of nickname, not mine), prepares to do that voodoo he does so well on our alternate history favorite.

As mentioned earlier, I've pushed CYBERPUNK 203X back till spring; Dragon Ball Z took longer to finish than expected, and it's hard to mix writing about cybertech and writing about alien martial artists at the same time. But stay tuned; Paul and I plan to upload a few pages for you all to look at in the forthcoming WORK IN PROGRESS section of this website....So feel free to drop in and look over our shoulders!

max-mike pondsmith (and the mob at rtg)