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Rome, Ohio part II

Following is part two of Ron Schaffner's report on the Rome, Ohio incidents that took place during the summer of 1981. I asked Mr. Schaffner to write on this strange and bizarre series of incidents from 1981 back in April after the 13'th Annual Bigfoot Conference. Following is part 2 of his report.

Rome, Ohio Part II... In the last issue of the Monthly Bigfoot report, I discussed alleged events that began to circulate out of Rome, Ohio twenty years ago. Rome resident and Fortean researcher Dennis Pilichis became involved with a local family in the area that claimed strange orbs and large bipedal creatures were appearing on their property at regular intervals.

This month, I will continue with chronological order of events that supposedly occurred. Please be advised that any improper grammar in the quotes is that of the original author.

July 1, 1981 (During late night and early morning) Two family members claimed to have seen lights/objects in the tree line about the size of basketballs that appeared to change colors. Screams "like a woman" could be heard coming from the tree line. They were allegedly seeing the red eyes and forms again, but this time the eyes seemed to be independent of the forms. In other words, the forms appeared to be running "from left to right of the eyes. They would shoot their shotguns at the eyes and would hear the screams. At one point, Robert tried to talk to the forms, but with no results, so they just fired on them again. Later, they claimed to have seen a form of a horse out in the field. Their horse was locked in the barn, so they knew it wasn't theirs. They fired at this entity too and said it let out a similar scream and headed for the woods. After this, they went to the field and said they discovered strange markings on the ground.

About 3:00 a.m., one family member claimed to be hit in the head by some unusual "ray" from a cornfield across the street. He said he almost fell off the roof. He felt Unconsciousness for a brief time and suffered a severe headache for the rest of the day. Another member of the family shot at a red glowing ball that seemed to turn into a small animal, Like an owl. This "owl" creature fell to the ground and got up and ran away on all fours. They also continued to see strange colored lights for the remainder of the night.

July 3, 1981: The family saw two black forms moving across the field towards the house and watched "them" for 15 minutes. They shot at one of the forms and heard it scream.

Dennis Pilichis and a friend came to initiate more fieldwork on July 4th. In the plowed field, they discovered more three-toed footprints.

Details of tracks:

Several tracks were found in an apparent trail. The first impression was 6 inches wide. There was a 19-inch stride to the next print. The third print was the best and was measured to be 14 Inches long by 6 inches wide with a depth of 1 1/2 inches. All impressions were still damp and had not dried out in the sun as the rest of the ground. The prints gave Pilichis the impression that they were claw-like due to the toes appearing long and hooked. The heel looked twisted with scuffmarks.

July 6, 1981: (4:30 a.m.)

Robert was going to drive his wife to work when he heard noises in the front yard. With the help of his flashlight, he got a quick glance of something running down the road. He saw another form standing in the tree line and shot at it. He said "it looked like it was hit, screamed and ran down the wood line." Robert inspected the area and found impressions on the ground in the front yard. The creature left a damp outline of a print on the driveway, so Robert drew an outline. Again, it is stated that the footprints in the yard were still wet 12 hours later. While the sun had dried the damp print on the driveway, the ink outline was still there.

Willard McIntyre of Maryland arrived at Pilichis' house on July 7th. Both investigators arrived at Robert's house later in the afternoon to do more fieldwork. Robert had erected a barbed wire fence around his front yard. Pilichis and McIntyre discovered prints in the front yard that were five-toed and 18 inches long. They also examined the tree line area and found three-toed prints, plus huge hoof marks, "That so far have not been Identified as anything of "Earthly origin."

Several five-toed footprints were found in the high grass by the tree line. The ground was very hard. These footprints appeared to have the grass swirled around them in a clockwise direction. The tractor path had no evidence of this swirling effect. These prints were 18 inches long. More three-toed prints were also found.

The family members loaded up their guns to be ready for another night on the roof and Pilichis and McIntyre stayed around for the show.

July 7, 1981: A family member said that he saw red glowing eyes at the wood line. McIntyre, Pilichis and three individuals began to move towards the wood line.

Quote from Pilichis: "I must admit, I could not, first off, see many of the forms moving on the wood line. I believe this was due to my night vision abilities, and the fact that various family members were expert hunters, and most probably see better at night that me.�

A glowing form stepped out of the tree line and the family members began shooting at it. The form fell to the ground and the party ran to the site, but found nothing, other than the grass being smashed. Pilichis and McIntyre threw rocks into the trees hoping to chase the entities. Both claims that a rock came flying out of the woods and just missed them. More red eyes were approaching from the eastern tree line, so everybody headed back to the house. Numerous sets of eyes could be seen throughout the night and several illuminated forms were also visible. It was stated that the members of the party believed that the creatures were playing hide-and-go seek with them. Pilichis was holding a flashlight on the high point of the roof, so the family members had a target and McIntyre was attempting to tape record the events.

The best sighting all night was three sets of big red glowing eyes were observed, "one to the left, one behind a dead tree, and one almost on the ground." The biggest creature was estimated to be about 12 feet tall. Pilichis claims to have shined the flashlight directly on this creature. He said that it had black hair. Everyone fired on this animal. The shooting did not seem to hurt it, as it just moved out of the light in a "strange sort of motion."

Pilichis claims to have seen another creature crawl back into the woods.

This was just after Pilichis makes another quote in NIGHT SIEGE: "We were all by this time (3 A.M.) very confused and frustrated by what we were Seeing with our own eyes!"

The party went out towards the tree line and the red eyes seemed to retreat further back in the woods. At this point, daybreak came and the "manifestations" were gone.

There seems to be a gap in the reported activity during the remainder of July and the first part of August. During this time frame, I was accompanying McIntyre on a trip to Washington State to visit Ray Wallace. Other than a few mobile phone calls, McIntyre made to Pilichis, there was no reported activity in Rome that we were aware of.

We found this odd and could not pin point the reason. Perhaps the alleged activity subsided for a while. However, it could be pointed out that Pilichis or the Robert family decided to wait for Willard�s return to continue the investigation. After all, we were kept in the dark about this.

McIntyre�s behavior became strange out in Washington. He became obsessed with Bigfoot. In one instance, a rockslide in White Pass struck the vehicle and split the oil pan. He insisted that a Bigfoot was responsible.

We had to have a wrecker come get the car and Earl Jones and myself stayed with the camper in the midst of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. We were later picked up and taken to Packwood where we camped out for the night in a private campground. Earl and I decided to go to the local tavern to chat with some loggers about Bigfoot. Upon our return to camp, McIntyre claimed to have engaged in a fight with several of the locals. We knew that this wasn�t true. When we reached Wallace�s home, Willard told him that Bigfoot threw a boulder at the car. Of course, our suspicions continued to grow about McIntyre�s credibility.

It wasn�t until NIGHT SIEGE was published until we learned of more reports in mid-August. McIntyre would visit Rome again by August 20. A new player would enter into these investigations. A private investigator from Maryland named Larry Peters would accompany McIntyre to the area.

Let us take a look at some more bizarre aspects of the investigations.

August 13, 1981:

McIntyre contacted Pilichis by phone and letter to discuss further actions should the creatures return. There were discussions on using tape recordings of ducks and rabbits that could be used for bate. McIntyre would use the live rabbits and use cyanide capsules on them. In this manner, the capsules would be broken if the rabbits were eaten alive. Other defenses were brought out, such as flares, cylinders of pressurized hydrofluoric acid, loaded guns of various powers and a "40.00 crucifix" in case the phenomena were demonic. McIntyre also wanted to bring his associate, Larry Peters. Both would be in Ohio by the 20th.

August 21, 1981:

Pilichis, McIntyre and Peters arrived at Robert's home in the morning. Robert related that he had another chicken killed the previous night and his building materials had been scattered all around the yard. Robert also speculated that there appeared to be some sort of "linkage" between one of his boys and the UFOs and creatures. Robert also relayed a story in which he had lost his hot water.

Quote from Night Siege: �In the basement, Robert "found his fuse box smashed in. The damage was mysterious in that it looked like something had put finger-like impressions into the box smashing the fuses. The family could offer no explanation. It was learned later that three times an electronic control box that measures pressure on a gas well was smashed too."

The party decided to explore the Grand River area and claim to have heard unusual sounds in the wooded area. There was a path found which contained a large five-toed footprint that was 20 or so inches. When they arrived back at Robert's, (8:00 p.m.) McIntyre and Peters got the rabbits ready to bate. The rabbits were tied with 1,200 pound test parachute cord. The rabbits were tied around the back foot and the other end of the cord was tied to a metal milk crate.

At 9:30 p.m., the party claim to have seen six sets of red- glowing eyes in the field and tree line. A form was seen moving around the gas well. The glowing eyes appeared to be heading for the rabbits. The "phantom flashlight beams" were also seen. The "manifestations" stopped about 10:30 p.m.

Robert and his family went to the barn to light up the yard better, while McIntyre stayed on the roof with his rifle. Pilichis and Peters were in the front of the house. McIntyre claimed to have seen a smaller form in the tree line and yelled, "Are you human or animal?" When he didn't receive an answer, He fired his rifle and the form screamed and ran back in the woods.

At 1:00 a.m., all members gathered together at the house and they speculated that all the commotion was an attempt to lure them away from the rabbit traps. McIntyre and Pilichis decided to approach the woods from another direction. A strong odor was present. When they returned to the house, Peters and family members said they witnessed more red-glowing eyes. Peters claimed that he had some intense psychological interactions with the entities.

At dawn, the three investigators decided to go home and get some sleep. Robert took his wife to work and checked to see if the rabbits were still there. The rabbits had to be watched carefully that day, because they were a danger with the cyanide capsules. When Robert returned the rabbits were still in place, so he and his sons went to bed.

When Pilichis, McIntyre and Peters arrived later they had to wake the entire family up. It seems that when Willard went back to kill the rabbits, one was gone. The metal milk crate was on its side and the test cord appeared to be snapped in half, as of exploded out. There were impressions all around and there appeared to be footprints - five-toed- that measured 18 inches long.

The investigators believe that the creatures used their feet to hold down the crate, while snapping the cord. There were also mysterious "scuff" marks found in the vicinity. A second rabbit seemed to have puncture marks in the stomach area, with some prints surround it. The third rabbit was untouched.

Quote from Night Siege: "Seeing that I would be at a leading regional forensic laboratory for unrelated business, I thought to take with me the broken cord from the rabbit site. My source concluded through a brief examination that the 1,200 pound test cord had not been cut with a knife, had not been chewed and that for some strange reason the outer skin of the rope had weakened before it actually broke. A rope of this strength cannot be snapped by human hands."

Conclusion of case history:

Dennis continues his booklet with another incident that may have occurred near Rock Creek, Ohio. However, there isn�t any further of substance mentioned about the Rome happenings. He finishes out Night Siege with an outline of past cases of UFO and Bigfoot related phenomena.

Next month, I shall review all the aforementioned material and critique this booklet along with the information that our research team discovered. There will be little doubt that the reader can find some interesting prosaic answers to the events publicized.

Ron Schaffner