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icon_STOP449Park News - (7/15/05) Click here to see a great video clip shot from a local news helicopter showing off just how much of the park was under water during the flood.
   (7/14/05) I’ve been told that SFOG was closed down on Monday due to flooding... a typical event that seems to happen a few times a year at SFOG when the river at the back of the park rises over the parking lot and has even put the lower sections of the Great America Scream Machine and Mindbender’s track under water. The park is already back open however, though we did hear from one reader that while they were only letting people park in the front “preferred lot” because the back lot was closed, they were charging everyone the higher $12 parking fee anyway.
   (6/22/05) Six Flags over Georgia and Marriott have teamed up to offer a great package deal that gives you a night in one of their six participating Atlanta area hotels, two tickets to the park and a bunch of discount coupons for $119 - 139. There is also a two night version for $222 that gives you tickets for two days good for either SFOG or Six Flags White Water. Check it out here.
   (5/2/05) Screamscape has been informed that Deja Vu has reopened at last over the weekend. Unfortunately, it only seemed like it was dispatching the train once every five minutes, so you can imagine just how slow the line moves. I’ve got to wonder about the fate of this ride as well because a reader pointed out to me that they were not able to find it listed on the SFOG website any longer. Looking myself, I noticed it was removed from the pulldown list on the Rides page as well as the long Rides List page. However, it was still second on the list on the Thrills page that has a link to Deja Vu’s own page. I love how they claim it has a hourly capacity of 1100 riders, when the more typical speed of sending one train of 32 riders ever 5 minutes would only allow for 384 riders an hour... 35% of the theoretical capacity. That’s also assuming no breakdowns. So if Deja Vu runs for an 8 hour day with no breakdowns, your still only going to get a little over 3000 of your park guests on the ride.
   (4/8/05) A reader who visited the park on April 6th tells us that MindBender reopened, but with only one train.
   (3/30/05) Screamscape was informed about the current status of the park’s railroad. Contrary to our previous report, the General locomotive has yet to be touched or have it’s conversion from steam to diesel even begun yet so you will not see it return to service this season. The Texas however has been converted and should return to service in the near future as the only locomotive. The “Gretta” that was on loan from Fiesta Texas for the past couple of years has been returned.

2005_Skull Island Open

2005 - Skull Island - (7/4/05) KoalaPlay sent out this photo of the new Skull Island play structure that is now open.
   (5/27/05) Lots of progress has been made on Skull Island over the last 45 days or so. Check out these latest photos sent in by a reader. Plus, they tossed in a photo GASM taken from the new pathway to the Southern Star theater.
   (2/4/05) Six Flags announced what everyone already knew about, the addition of the Skull Island water play structure, complete with six different slides. The artwork for the SFOG version is almost identical to the version going into Six Flags Great America though we’ve heard that they will not be identical projects. And since the cat is now out of the bag, a reader sent me the artwork for the park’s new map that was what let the cat out of the bag last week anyway.
   (1/25/05) In a move that all but confirms what is going on next season, Citigraph, the theme park map company, slipped up yesterday and accidentally posted the 2005 park map onto their promotional website. By the end of the day, Six Flags had discovered the error and had the graphic removed from Citigraph as well as a couple of other park fan sites out there. While I did not see the map itself, several sources who did claim that the new waterpark area was on it, just as described and it looked very similar to the artwork being used for the new Skull Island play structure going into SF Great America.
   (1/21/05) The latest rumors to come flooding into my mailbox today claim that the park will install a large waterpark style playground area that will feature both typical water fortress play elements as well as a few slides for the older guests. It will be installed somewhere between the Great American Scream Machine and Superman: Ultimate Flight, with the pathway to the amphitheater likely to be moved to go around this new attraction as well. It may be themed with a big volcano in the middle that erupts water. The working title right now is Skull Island.

2006 - New Coaster - Rumor - (7/1/05) The latest rumor we’ve heard from a guest at the park claims that they spotted a construction flag/marker “under the loading platform” of the Looping Starship that was labeled “Station1”.
   (6/27/05) Several sources report that early ground work for the new coaster may have started outside the park. It seems the ponds in front of the entrance has been drained and a few trees have been removed. You can see the location in our Connect the Dots link below. In another report we’ve heard rumors that a few rides could be removed from the USA area to make way for the coaster including the Looping Starship and Great Gasp.
   (6/13/05) I like the way that this Coaster Hunter out at SFOG has laid out what they’ve seen at the park. Little flags and spray paint tags have been appearing all over the park lately and they’ve put them all together on an overhead photos of the park so that you can Connect the Dots and see what could be the layout of a rather large new coaster.
   (5/27/05) Our latest rumor updates claim that Ninja isn’t going anywhere just yet, but the park may still be planning on adding a new coaster next season. Stay tuned!
   (3/21/05) While the B&M rumor may be sticking for the time being, we’ve heard another rumor about replacing Ninja with a B&M Floorless with a custom layout.
   (3/14/05) The rumors are back on for a coaster in the USA section of the park in 2006 once again. And as we’ve heard for the past several years, the big talk is for a B&M Hypercoaster. So the question is, will it finally happen next year?  Six Flags has reported that they will increase spending at their parks next year which is a good sign and there is also a rumor that Six Flags may also have bought three B&M coasters for 2006 as well, but at this point there is no telling exactly where they may go for sure.
   (1/21/05) The rumors for a tall hyper coaster are back once again, with the entrance possibly being placed into the USA section of the park.
   (11/1/04) While it’s too far away to know if this rumor will hold true or not, we’ve heard that a new major ride, likely a coaster, is in the long term plan for 2006.

2007/2008 - Hurricane Harbor - Rumor - (1/28/05) With the new Skull Island waterpark style playground virtually confirmed for 2005, this has got many people wondering just why the park would build such a thing when they already own WhiteWhite on the other side of town. A glance to Chicago may answer that question where they are hard at work building the next Hurricane Harbor waterpark that will be included with admission to SFGAm. This has now led to speculation that if the new play area performs well for the park in 2005, they may be considering expanding it into a full sized Hurricane Harbor area as well, likely taking over the location of the Southern Star concert arena.

The Future - Rumors - (5/22/03) A Screamscape reader took part in a Focus Group for the park over the winter who tells us that they talked quite a bit about changing the Monster Plantation with a new ride. I suspect that it would be another Scooby Doo and the Scary Swamp style ride like the one that opened in SFSL in 2002. At some point in the session the subject of a Hypercoaster was also brought up, but nothing more than that.



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