Ultravox Reference Site

The Ultravox Reference website is a place to obtain the latest version of the Ultravox Reference Platform.

What is Ultravox? Ultravox is AOL's proprietary streaming media protocol that powers Radio @ AOL, as well as serving all NSV video content.

The Reference Platform is a collection of source code that implements

  • MODS2: On Demand Server (for files)
  • Firehose2: Relay Server (for live Streams)
  • fb2: File Broadcaster Ap (simulated live stream broadcaster)
  • uvlistener: Ultravox Listener Ap (connects to Server, prints Ultravox frames)
  • uvllib: Ultravox Listener Library (C API for Ultravox listeners)
  • bclib: Ultravox Broadcaster Library (C+ API for Ultravox broadcasters)
  • uvauth: ultravox auth library (C API for Ultravox Auth)
  • Ultravox Reference Platform does not come with a player. We encourage you to use Winamp.

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