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Estrada tapes offered to opposition for P5M July 15
Palace disowns wiretap July 15
Chavit: 'X Tapes' contain parts erased by Paguia July 15
RJ denies producing 'X Tapes' July 15
Erap doesn’t care if phone is bugged–Loi July 15
SC keeps freeze on VAT, resolves case July 24 July 15
Palace says President set on finishing term July 15
House lacks impeachment rules July 15
Drilon: December is GMA’s economic deadline July 15
Impeach foes deny dirty play July 15
Visayas warns of secession if GMA is ousted July 15
Arroyo supporters to stage massive rally July 15
DND chief vows AFP will remain apolitical July 15
Noli camp wants poll protest resolved July 15
Arroyo hangs tough as opponents eye impeachment July 14
'Yung dagdag, yung dagdag' July 13
Chants, snacks at anti-Arroyo rally in Makati July 13
Political heat puts RP reform hopes on ice July 13
Arroyo crisis keeps bookmakers busy July 12
Arroyo's presidency gets ever lonelier July 10
Five facts about the Philippine political crisis July 8
From political crisis to a revolutionary situation July 7
Analysts: Army assurance may not mean Arroyo safe July 6
Arroyo could get 23 ½ years in jail, says lawyer July 6
How the crisis burgeoned in the Arroyo administration July 3
NAMFREL accused of favoring Gloria July 2
'The mother of all tapes'
To listen to the audio clips (courtesy of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism), right-click on the links below, choose Save Target As and save on your hard disk.

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The True Results of the 2004 Philippine Presidential Elections based on the NAMFREL Tally By Roberto Verzola, published in Kasarinlan (Vol. 19 No. 2) Journal of Third World Studies University of the Philippines


Arroyo's speech during the call of the US Consuls Tour Group July 14
Cory statement: 'Make a supreme sacrifice of resigning' July 11
Restoring Trust: A plea for moral values in Philippine Politics July 10
PGMA's reaction to CBCP's statement July 10
VP de Castro's reaction to CBCP's statement July 10
Statement of President Arroyo July 8
Statement of PNP July 8
Statement of Susan Roces July 8
Statement of AFP Chief July 8
Statement of Cabinet Members July 8
President Arroyo's statement July 7
Bunye's statement on impeachment complaint July 5
Former president Corazon Aquino's reaction to Roces' statement June 30
Susan Roces rejects President's apology, calls for resignation June 29
President Arroyo's statement on the issue of the audio recordings June 27


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