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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Dungeons, Dragons, & You: If you're a big D&D; fan be sure to sign up for the Dragonshard beta! For shameless mockery, check out my take on D&D; for Dummies in this week's column. -- Fargo
Now Playing: Will's Top 5 Xbox Live picks have GameSpy HQ in an uproar. Read the picks and hit the forums!
From Russia
With Love

Preview: The latest Bond game goes back to the classics. (PS2) (Xbox) (GCN)
SSX On Tour
Preview: Carve up these mountains like a thanksgiving turkey. (PS2) (Xbox) (GCN)
Black & White 2
Preview: Molyneux's creature feature is almost ready for prime time. (PC)
The Godfather
Preview: Start leaving guns and taking cannolis! See it all right here. (PS2) (Xbox)
We Love Katamari
Hands-On: Get the ball rolling with the Japanese version of Namco's quirky sequel. (PS2)
Tiger Woods 2006
Preview: Shoot for the cup with the latest in this stellar golf series. (PC) (PS2) (Xbox) (GCN)
Battlefield 2 Expansion Unveiled
Preview: Six new groups of special forces prepare to duke it out. (PC)
D&D; Made Simple

Humor: This week, Fargo boils the game down to the essentials.
Preview: Vampires in the wild west? Six-shooters? Deathmatch? Yes please. (PS2)
Oblivion: The Mods
Article: The inside story of how players will be able to modify this upcoming RPG. (PC)
Preview: The guns are the stars in this jaw-dropping shooter. (PS2) (Xbox)
Top 5 on Xbox Live
Column: This week, Will picks the five must-haves for wired Xboxers. (Xbox)
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New Comic Each Weekday!
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