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Are you ready to MASTER the art, of selling on the Internet and and leaning affiliate programs. Well, follow all the information in this business solutions here and you are on your way to be a MILLIONAIRE!

With MARTINIAMINC 12 point Make Money Now Business Solutions, you can start making MONEY NOW. Please Study each affiliate programs compensation plan, to see what commission, $ and  % they pay. If you are the entrepreneur, I think you are, you will be make money from all MARTINIAMINC 12 points business solution in no time. Just remember you are the "boss". You can make as much money as you want!


To The Right Of This Page,  You Will See MARTINIAMINC E-Training Center Links. When you finish reading the instruction below, return to MARTINIAMINC Training Center Links and Get started  building your business online and offline!

Here is ten business tips, that will help jump start your business solution:

*NOTE #1: Do Not skip The Information Below. Please Read FIRST!

*NOTE #2. Refer back to this page for changes in your business solutions and updates.

*NOTE #3. you will be recieving a monthly "Business Solutions Tips" from MARTINIAMINC to help you with your business solutions.

*NOTE #4. You must learn what affiliate programs is about and how they work.

*NOTE #5. You must learn how to market offline and online.

*NOTE #6. Stay focus

*NOTE #7. Add to your prospect list every day

*NOTE #8. Always take ACTION

*NOTE #9. Build your group and help you clients to join your bsuiness solutions. Have Monthly house seminars or presentation about your business solutions

*NOTE #10. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat Reading, Studying, Marketing, Promoting, Recruit and Getting The INFORMATION That Will Grow Your Business = MAILLIONAIRE.

You can find all the above information, to the right of this page to help you.

If you are not a member; you will understand better by joining.  Click to the right of this webpage on (D) and click on (F)- MARTINIAMINC and follow the instructions.  As an MARTINIAMINC Independant Network Partner, you can submit to us by email affiliate programs, you find or a member of; for us to review.

If the programs pass the review board we may join your program(s)or promote them on our websites.

We are here to help you Step by step, with your MARTINIAMINC - Make Money Now Business Solutions!

*In this program you are an independant agent. You are the boss. You can make as much money now as you want. We are only here to help you, be successful in doing that.

In Order to get the best out of your, business solutions; you need to read this information and click to the right of this webpage on A, B, C and D links and get start on your way to Make Money Now! or you can sign up off-line at: 8911 N Leonard
St., Portland, Oregon 97203.
We will hell help you to set up your, affiliate programs on site; in our computer lab and training center. As you read and study your business solutions. You will see, there is a lot to learn to make money on the Internet and being a affiliate to make money and being a successful MARTINIAMINC Independant Business Partner. That is, we are not talking about pennies. MARTINIAMINC University goals are to train clients to be millionaire. Therefore MARTINIAMINC - Make Money Now Business Solutions e-packet have all the tools you will need, to get your business up and going toward being a millionaire. people who don't won't to be successful will always be running after "Hype Affiliate Programs" and never reaching their goals and never understanding why affiliate programs don't work for them.

No! No! MARTINIAMINC University are not training people to be failures or hyping our programs to fool people, in to buying our products, services and never to return again because it did not work for them. No! we want our clients to be happy; a happy customer will re turn. This is why we want you to take your time and learn, the value of what you got, whats a real business is all about, how to start your affiliate programs, how to setup your fornt office and back office,how to be successful off-line and on-line, how to get traffic to your website and how to build your website.

We all know that starting a business has some risk or you have to take chances, but a business is not a lottory; where millions and millions of people take chance every hour or everday. You really don't need a skill to play the lottory, you just go on- line or in a store and buy a lottory ticket(s) Pick the programs you want or numbers you like and get in line with millions and millions of other people and wait to see a set of numbers to pop up. Just think what are your chances of winning a lottory, to be a millionaire. Well, your chances of being a millionaire with MARTINIAMINC -Make Money Now Business Solutions is........Well, I don't have to tell you, I think you already know the odds, of becoming a millionaire by running a business or buying a lottory ticket(s)to become a millionaire.

If you would follow the information in this e-packet and MARTINIAMINC business solutions. You will see that we have selected better than best affiliate and tools for you. You will be a millionaire long before the millions and millions of people, that are waiting in line with a lottory ticket.

MARTINIAMINC have researhed more than 5,000 affiliate programs, MLM, commission base programs and recieved more than 50,000 affiliate email offer per year, so we know a good program when we see one.

Once you have completed reading these programs and understand the value of them and have join then; you are ready to move on, to Step #1.

To go back to #1 and your Make Money Now Business Solutions, I want to ask you to do something for me, This will take a little work. Put this URL in your browser:

This is a test, just to see how much you know about the Internet Technology, web Browsers and URLs. If you fell this test and need help let us know, we are here to help you, you still qualified to be a MARTINIAMINC Independant Network Partner. We are here to help you step by step. If You had no peoblem doing this you are on your way to learn to be a millionaire.

*** Do not skip the the information above and go to #1***

We want you to know your business and you can not be successful if you don't know what you are doing.  MARTINIAMINC University affiliate school, we are here to help you be a millionaire. Our process of teaching is step by step sefl pace and repeat and repeat and repeat = MILLIONAIRES.

THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCAM! Oh, sorry for hollering, but we want you to win at the Internet marketing game and make you a millionaire.

James W. Booker
CEO/Marketing Team
8911 N Leonard Street
Portland, Oregon 97203

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