Remember Terri Schindler, who was tortured to death at the hands of corrupt officials while conscious!

Someone YOU KNOW is asking that RIGHT NOW!

WHY is my home entered when I'm out?
WHY are my things being damaged or stolen?
WHY are my work and work area tampered with?
WHY is my car tampered with overnight?
WHY do I have constant trouble with my telephone?
WHY do strangers harass me in public places?
WHY is my mail delayed, messed with or stolen?
WHY are my family and friends treating me like dirt?
WHY am I no longer able to sleep?
WHY can't I hold on to a job?

Would wearing a tricornered hat be a way to protest the large scale international crimes, such as vigilante/harassment crimes, happening these days? A way to silently remind others that we long to return to early Constitutional principles? A way to locate others who have the same concerns? A way to spark conversations on the important issues? A way of protesting that the media could not cover up?

Multiple Stalker (Vigilante/Harassment Group)
Information and Support Site

July 11, 2005

(This site went into service February 8, 2004)

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Make no mistake about it: The fact that MULTIPLE stalking has become common, and is NOT prosecuted by the justice system of any country, means that constitutional rule of law is DEAD. When citizens can be targeted for years and DECADES without law enforcement acting to stop the crimes, you have no rule of law, you have the rule of the jungle.

What you are going to read on this site may not seem real to the unaware public. There are three statistics, two from official professional sources, which support what we are asserting here:

** A survey like the one on this site was posted on a high volume news site in 2002. 12,000 people visited that survey in 24 hours. About 120 sent in responses saying they had most or all of the symptoms of gang stalking. That is 1 person in a hundred, primarily in North America.

** Statistics from the book Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace show that in Sweden, about 3.5% of the working population is subject to mobbing, which is gang stalking in the workplace. 3.5% of working people is roughly 1 person in a hundred total, and is in line with the gang stalking survey above.

** Statistics from the British (government) Home Office state that 1,900,000 people in the United Kingdom were victims of stalking or harassment at any one time as of the year 2001. That is about 3 people per hundred. Here again, the gang stalking survey's 1 person in a hundred is not out of line. Most interesting is that roughly 45% of the stalking victims are MEN! That suggests a very different picture from the conventional view of stalking victims being mostly women, and may well point toward the type of stalking described here, on this web site. Click here for documentation.

So when we discuss vigilante gangstalking here, please keep in mind that this is a real issue, not some paranoid ranting. One question which deserves to be asked of government and the media repeatedly is: why is this being hushed up?

"Shoulder patch" expressing the attitude
of the vigilante stalkers

BASIC METHOD: The LIE is the cornerstone of vigilante stalking.

Assemble a large GROUP dedicated to rid your community of "undesirables." 100 people or so. Harass a selected target with attacks that look like "life's normal breaks". That way, if the target complains, the target is regarded as mentally ill. Add in some sabotage and tell lies about the target, and you can destroy someone. It WORKS. ALWAYS. Having a GROUP do this is what makes it work, and allows the harassment to continue for the target's life. NETWORKING of these groups means the target canNOT escape by moving.

In effect, these networked groups have established a "parallel justice system," in which innocent people are intentionally "prosecuted" and in which the innocent are not entitled to a defence. In fact, it seems as if this phenomenon may have started out as a justice system effort to "get justice for" people who "should have gotten justice" from the visible justice system but didn't for some reason. Being totally unaccountable to anyone, this "parallel justice system" began to "get justice for" people who were NOT criminals, but for some reason "weren't liked" by someone in power. Such a covert "justice system" is ideal for "nuisance people" like whistleblowers and activists too.

This web site is to collect and post information about a growing modern day phenomenon, stalking by MULTIPLE stalkers. Stalking by multiple stalkers is commonly called gang stalking, although the specialized stalking gangs are distinct and different from other crime gangs. Today's stalking gangs are NOT youth gangs, bikers, or the Mafia.

In fact, the average citizen stalking gang member has NO criminal record, which makes getting police to investigate them quite difficult. (The average citizen stalking gang member IS very SELF-righteous, but in fact has no clue as to the difference between right and wrong!)

At the street level, "vigilante group" is an excellent name, since a large share of their motive is to mete out "justice" to alleged "criminals" (or "sinners" for religious vigilantes) which they "deserve" but which the laws and courts will not or cannot impose. Some of these stalking gangs are hired to mete out vengeance as well. Of course, these vigilantes are acting on LIES about the targets, told them by their leaders.

Vigilante/harassment groups include everyone from small children to seniours, from homeless street people to highly skilled and placed technical, business, and government people. Group members certainly don't look anything like "gang members" in most cases, though youth and other gang members can be involved. Vigilante/harassment group members' appearance, in fact, is indistinguishable from any other citizen. This is one reason for their incredibly seamless cover.

The early 21st century phenomenon called the "flash mob" or "intelligent mob" is a little like stalking gangs/vigilante/harassment groups. The difference is that the "fun" skits, like arranging by cell phone to swarm a given store or other public location for a few minutes, are replaced by harassment of a selected target for years on end. The malevolent vigilante/harassment group skits are carefully designed to look like "life's normal mishaps" so the target cannot even complain without looking like a mental case.

(Blocking a target's car so it can't be moved, by a vehicle where the driver can't be found, is a classic. So are endless wrong number calls, or having one's furniture pushed out of place while away from home.)

But be assured, visitor, that vigilante gang stalking goes far beyond simple skits made to look like life's normal mishaps. If you read the anecdotes and case summaries, indexed below, you will see that gang stalking uses groups of deluded people to utterly destroy every facet of the target's life. Facets including the ability to earn a living, peace and quiet at home, the ability to operate a reliable car, and every friendship, business and family relationship. SUICIDE has been the end result of some cases of this relentless harassment, which has continued right up to the end of the natural life of some targets. It continues in institutional settings like prisons and hospitals. These vigilante stalking groups show NO MERCY to their targets.

Our targeted people have had great difficulty finding out who is behind this harassment. On very rare occasions, one of our members will find a revealing piece of information. One such revelation comes from a member who has a seniour police officer as a personal friend. This police officer (on condition of anonymity) revealed that many police departments tacitly encourage the activity of these citizen vigilante groups because they "keep criminals in line."

The anonymous police officer said police recognize that innocent people will sometimes be targeted too, but some police departments consider that an acceptable price to pay for crime control.

Multi-stalker cases haven't yet achieved the credibility level of single stalker cases, or workplace mobbing cases. Multi-stalker cases are not treated by law enforcement and some social service agencies as "bona fide stalking." Sometimes, victims who complain about multi-stalker crimes are deemed mentally ill. The psychiatric establishment's hair trigger diagnosis of the multi-stalking target being "delusional" is a very powerful means of keeping these crimes under wraps.

This is compounded by the fact that police will usually deny the existence of stalking gangs/vigilante/harassment groups. It's been reported that when a stalking gang target complains to police, often the police ignore the complaint and focus on finding any possible way the target can be made to look as if he/she is responsible for the harassment, or is maybe "overreacting to life's normal mishaps." It's not unusual for police responding to a gang stalking complaint to suggest that the target "see a good psychiatrist." It is very interesting that womens' assault centers know multiple stalking is happening, but police and doctors don't.

Society is now back to the days where vigilantes can operate with little or no interference by law enforcement, incredible as it may seem. Mainly by committing an endless string of crimes, most of which look like "life's normal mishaps." It is literally the perfect crime.

Learn more about this issue on Road to Freedom, a webcast show about the issues of vigilante stalking and electronic harassment.

** If you experience ELECTRONIC harassment ... **
If you are being stalked by multiple stalkers AND you are experiencing significant ELECTRONIC harassment, which can include attacks on your senses and health, I recommend visiting one of the other sites devoted to electronic harassment instead of this one. One such site is Liza Parker's, at this link:

Prior to the startup of this web site in February 2004, I, Eleanor White, the webmaster of this site was unable to find any information about multiple stalking on the Internet.

The purpose of this site is to try to hasten the day when victims of multiple stalkers are treated with the same respect and presumed credibility as are victims of single stalkers today.

This site will be a work in progress for quite some time. I hope to hear from people who have been stalked by MULTIPLE stalkers only - there are other Internet resources for those who are being stalked by a single stalker. Those resources can be found by entering "stalking" into a search engine.

Here are some causes of multiple stalker cases I've heard about informally:

** About References to "Government" **
I, Eleanor White, am NOT anti-government. Instead, I am opposed to CORRUPTION IN government. When government, the agency responsible for public protection and safety, IGNORES criminal activity, PROVIDES COVER FOR criminal activity, or actually carries out criminal activity, I oppose such actions. I am certain that the majority of honest government employees welcome efforts to expose and stop government corruption.

Multiple stalker cases are extremely hard to prove, and therefore to stop, because modern day multiple stalking has developed into an activity which uses carefully scripted methods to disguise the harassment as the "life's normal mishaps", and vigilante/harassment groups are very adept at keeping their operations secret. What is different about multiple stalking is that in the stories I've heard to date:

I would like to invite visitors who are experiencing what is described here to take a survey, which may be anonymous, to help me build up data showing how extensive this crime is becoming:

Click here for the survey form. ** If you are not comfortable sending in the form, please just use it as a self test.


Activism to Expose and Stop Multiple Stalking Crimes
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Battered Women's Justice Project. This website is for and by women who have been abused by intimate partners who are police officers or firefighters. These women are one class of multiple stalking target, and the officers and firefighters do sometimes use extra-judicial harassment to settle scores with people they believe have "offended the police (or fire) family"
Book review, "Rule by Secrecy" by Jim Marrs. This book begins to explain how and why governments have become so corrupt that crime epidemics like vigilante/harassment groups can thrive without any fear of prosecution
Canadian anti-pedophilia site Crimes against people, such as gang stalking, often have pedophilia at their root. Thanks to God for sites which dare to expose these Satanic atrocities. God knows public officals and professionals are providing cover in many cases.
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Contact info at the bottom of this page
CRIMINAL judges, awarding custody of children to their pedophile fathers, while mothers suffer vengeance group stalking in which some of the group members are actually government and medical officials (e.g., hospitals which refuse to examine the child for signs of sexual abuse)
Dr. Leuren Moret, former physicist at Livermore [government] Labs in California, is a prominent whistleblower exposing the billion-year plague which is resulting from "depleted" uranium dust from military ammunition usage in U.S. war sites since the 1980s. Her whistleblowing activities have earned her becoming a gang stalking target.
Gang Stalking yahoo email forum, for stalking by multiple people but NO electronic harassment. This group displays messages.
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Government pedophiles: Providing cover for multiple stalking cases?
"Hell Contents", a site with a great deal of information about gruesome crimes rarely investigated by mainstream media. I, Eleanor White cannot verify this huge archive, but it is food for thought and if even part of what is written there is true, it makes multiple stalking appear to be right in line with the other crimes there
Gang Stalking Interview Guide, for use by media considering an interview on this topic, or use by both vigilante/harassment group targets and talk show hosts when an opportunity to air this issue arises
Hiding Multiple Stalker Harassment, a powerful essay by multi stalker target Deborah Spilko
Interview, Eleanor White speaking about gang stalking, on Patriot radio show "Deadline Live", hosted by researcher and activist Jack Blood, October 20, 2004:

Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
Judicially mandated "gang stalking", the extreme case of Terri Schindler, who was tortured to death by a judge who is the classic judicial member of a stalking gang (at the bottom of this page)
LIDA, an old (Korean War vintage) device which can destroy a target's ability to work (or sleep), silently, through walls
Mobbing (Canada), an excellent web site on mobbing, which is the workplace version of gang stalking
Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace, a review of this book by Eleanor White, web site of the book "Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace". VERY encouraging that mobbing is beginning to get legislative attention, as the web site declares. Our job now is to try to get those involved in exposing and stopping mobbing to understand that it happens everywhere, not just in the workplace.
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Patriot radio shows ...which broadcast the efforts of the many brave people fighting a whole range of overwhelming crimes, including government crimes, and which I, Eleanor White, find very uplifting and hopeful to listen to, as a vigilante/harassment group target
Persons Against Ritual Abuse - Torture, a web site showing that society DOES include people appearing to be "normal and righteous," who are actually depraved and quite capable of the activities reported here as vigilante stalking
Police officers: You CAN solve these crimes, and do so with very little of your time and resources!
Preparedness page, tips for coping with predicted disasters
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Satanic ritual abuse articles, a source of motive for vigilante/harassment group operations, very well covered up by people in high places, which the general public does not yet realize is happening
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Some examples of sabotage by multiple stalkers
Some examples of thefts by multiple stalkers
SPIEL, intended for recording and playing back on a picket site or other public place to begin the process of educating the public about this growing crime syndrome. NOT copyrighted.
Spiel, recorded, Windows Media version, spoken by James Henry Graf
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Stalking laws by state, (under construction,) a digest of stalking laws maintained by dedicated activist Vicky Kindhart. THANKS, Vicky!
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Starfish Girl's anti-stalking campaign email forum, for both gang and single stalking, with emphasis on gang stalking
Terrorist Stalking in America, by David Lawson, a powerful expose of the growing gangs of multiple stalkers which continue to be denied by politicians, doctors, and police. LARGE FONT version for the visually impaired.
Threats received by vigilante/harassment group targets
Through-wall surveillance tools for stalkers
Vigilante Groups, articles describing vigilante groups, showing that they really exist. Tell such groups LIES about vigilante/harassment group victims and they will willingly harass innocent people, ostensibly for life.
Yahoo multiple stalker email group
Yahoo New York City gang stalking email forum
Yahoo stranger stalker email group

Here is an excerpt from the stranger stalking site linked above:

"Victims of stranger stalking often ask themselves, why me? They search through their memories for any event that might have provoked this reaction from a stranger. Many times the victims of stranger stalking are simply selected at random. Occasionally victims of stranger stalking may eventually find out who their stalkers are. Often, the stalker is completely unknown to them, sometimes they are just nodding acquaintances, and sometimes they are individuals who have had chance encounters with the victim."
Multi-stalking victims may be interested, as in our cases, many of our stalkers are not known to us.

** "Perp or Starve!" **

Observations, and even a few face to face conversations with the perps, some members of the vigilante/harassment gangs, reveals a pitiful picture of some of them starting out being harassed themselves, and particularly having every job opportunity trashed. This left the target with seemingly no choice but to join the perps to receive minimal sustenance. This method of recruitment is being enhanced by shipping many jobs overseas, and is a particularly grievous crime in itself.

I have a couple of questions for you perpetrators:

Do you really expect to escape death? Do you really expect that choosing a career of torturing innocent people will have no consequences for you in the NEXT life? Do you really think, after hearing reports from MILLIONS of people who have "died" and come back, that there is no "next life"? Do you really believe that those people who reported ending up in Hell during their near death experiences were all lunatics?

If you email me your answers, I will share them with my colleagues but I will do so anonymously, without your email address. I will NOT attempt to trace your email address. I am interested in exchanging information with you, nothing else. As far as punishment for your crimes, I am quite satisfied to leave that to God.

Many thanks for taking the time to visit this web site.

If this is your first contact with us, can you give us the specific search word or words you used to find this site?



Theresa Schindler Memorial Web site
Terri's Fight Continues

Please remember Theresa "Terri" Schindler, who died of judicially mandated gang stalking on March 31, 2005, TORTURED by denial of water for 14 days, while "police" (behaving as Nazi thugs) arrested 47 heroes who tried to get Terri WATER in her hospice prison. Even dying cancer patients get ice chips in their mouth to ease their suffering, while Terri was denied ALL liquid. The criminals who tortured Terri to death only allowed her last rites Holy Communion ONE DROP OF WINE to make sure Terri dehydrated faster! God PUNISH the criminals in government who ordered Terri's torture!

And by the way, Terri had a number of doctors, one a Nobel prize nominee in neurology, who examined her and/or reviewed her medical records and certified to the court that they considered this 41 year old woman an eminently good candidate for substantial rehabilitation, and that she was NOT vegetative.

The MEDIA is as responsible for this crime as the "judge", george greer, by publishing the lies put forth by Terri's husband. Terri's "husband", michael schiavo, tortured Terri for over a decade by denial of even the most basic human needs. He ordered nurses to not brush her teeth, to keep Terri's window shade drawn all the time, to not treat her bed sores.

michael also continuously discarded any photos and religious items Terri's family and friends tried to give her. He would capriciously withdraw Terri's family their visiting privileges. michael is the embodiment of a DEMON, nothing less.

Terri COULD WALK AND TALK in a limited way at first, but after a decade of no therapy, she had lost some of her abilities, FAR from all, however. Even in her last days, she was responsive to parents and friends who were allowed only SHORT visits as she was being executed.

Finally, SPECIAL thanks to Gordon Watts of Lakeland, Florida who came very close, losing an appeal vote by only one, 4-3, to saving Terri by his private citizen's petition to the Florida courts!

Eleanor White
430 Cumberland Ave. #312
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada L8M 3M9

Click for photo of Eleanor walking home from a day of picketing, November 2004.