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Josh Williams Launches Blinksale

A great new web service to help you prepare and send invoices from your browser. Stunningly designed and well worth a try.

permanent link 26 jul at 19:40 by Mike

Sugar Crash

Sugar Crash, surreal Breakout-style Flash game for a Friday.

permanent link 22 jul at 09:32 by Jason

Photoshop CS2's New Smart Objects

A great video tutorial about using some of Photoshop's new smart features to ease your workflow.

permanent link 21 jul at 18:50 by Mike

Pirated Insights

An interview with Tim Murtaugh, the man behind Pirated Sites and Cloud King

permanent link 21 jul at 17:12 by Shaun

Unobtrusive Flash Objects

Unobtrusive Flash Objects (UFO) v1.0, UFO is a DOM script that detects and embeds Flash objects. It contains several features and best practice techniques that other scripts currently don't have. Wonderful! (via DM)

permanent link 20 jul at 09:24 by Jason

Mobilize Your Site in 2 Mins.

Make your site mobile-friendly in two minutes.

permanent link 19 jul at 17:03 by Cameron


patchoforange is the home of Robin Joseph's spectacular sketchblog. Damn, he's only 20. Talented bastard :D

permanent link 19 jul at 09:34 by Jason

DOM Scripting Task Force

AJAX, get yer red-hot AJAX. A new branch of the WaSP family tackles the latest and greatest in modern JavaScript techniques. Sure to be a must-read for those of us interested in that other separation, structure and behaviour.

permanent link 18 jul at 20:39 by Dave S

Google-ranking news sources

Google's upcoming attempt to categorize news by trustability.

permanent link 17 jul at 02:08 by Mike

Five simple steps to designing grid systems - Part 2

Mark Boulton's Five simple steps to designing grid systems - Part 2

permanent link 16 jul at 18:45 by Jason

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Flickr AJAX gallery

A PHP driven XHTML/CSS site that uses javascript and AJAX to publish photos from Flickr. All the \\\"in\\\" technologies under one roof!

permanent link 26 jul at 18:55 by Nigel Hawthorne

JavaScript vs Brower

Nick Rigby asks if browers should allow you to disable JavaScript? Some interesting points.

permanent link 26 jul at 18:09 by Chris Bison

New game

New game to promote big brother star

permanent link 26 jul at 15:48 by Techno Teacher

Microsoft Corp

The next time you visit the website of Microsoft Corp. to download some software, be prepared to let the world's biggest software company have a look inside your computer.

permanent link 26 jul at 15:22 by

My Name is RICO

Opensource JS library for creating Rich Internet Apps.

AJAX/JS hooray!

permanent link 25 jul at 22:16 by pixelEngine

Glam Rock

How many designers are musicians or ex-musicians?

permanent link 25 jul at 19:25 by Chaz

36 Degrees Discuss..

A new discussion forum for web designers and developers to hang out and talk shop. Moderators and users wanted!

permanent link 25 jul at 00:22 by Stuart

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