Disclaimer: I did not create Sailor Moon.  Sailor Moon is the amazing brainchild of Naoko Takeuchi that we have all come to know and love.  Likewise, the pictures used to create the banners are not my own.  I have used free pictures from other sites which are in my "Links" section. 
To request a banner: send an e-mail to bannercenter@yahoo.com.  Give the full # of the banner, the main text you want on it, and the url you want on it (if it applies).  The banner will be sent in an e-mail attachment from CSMBC. Before opening the attachment, be sure that you have recieved an e-mail preceeding its arrival.  This is just a precaution, due to those darn attachment viruses...  *CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS*
Anime Style Banners:
Serena                 Amara
Rei                       Hotaru
Lita                      Trista
Mina                    Cats
Darien                 Group
Rini                     Villians
Manga Style Banners:
Usagi                      Haruka
Ami                        Michiru
Rei                         Hotaru
Makoto                   Setsuna
Minako                   Cats
Rini                        Villians

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