Aug 02, 2005 - 05:29 AM
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Alien Loves Predator

Status: Ongoing

Known as: Alien Loves Predator, AlP

Artist: Bernie Hou

Updates: Mon./Wed./Fri.

Rating: R (Language, some sexual humor

Genre: Comedy

Art Style: Photography/Photoshop

Story Style: Small storylines

Created: 2004?

Site Style: Really well done php site

Merchandise: None

Forums: Small fan base forums

News Updates: With every update

Contact: Forums

Days Off: Unknown

Associated Sites: None

Prerequisites: None

Conventions: None/Unknown

Extras: None

Website stability/hosting: Okay...

Basic Story:

What if Alien and Predator move into the horror of New York City...

Thoughts and Rants:

Reviewer's Thoughts:

Comedy duo humor lives through all forms of media and entertainment, especially in webcomics. Alien Loves Predator, a webcomic with one of the funniest comedy duo: Alien and Predator, fresh off of their ho-hum summer blockbuster, Alien vs. Predator. As a webcomic, AlP is a great comic with many surprises, unlike the plot of the movie.

First off, the first great attraction of AlP is its artwork. Entire backgrounds are richly done, sometimes even real pictures. As for the characters themselves, well... they're action figures. The same action figures you would see a toddler dragging behind him with a string (I've seen that happen way too many times). After reviewing Legostar Galactica, I had to expect some comics with a similar art style (meaning something that was photographed). AlP takes this sone step further with the great backgrounds, all used in Photoshop without Any pixilation or stretching. Both Alien and Predator (dubbed "Preston" in the series for some odd reason. I might have missed something while Watching the movies) interact with the environment around them. A prime example would be Alien eating the mail that had their eviction notice, only to realize that he ate their issue of Playboy (by taste, somehow .). To sum it up, AlP sets the bar for this art style, delivering richly done strips, each time, every time.

Story is also impressive, following the story of Alien and Predator living in the bustling city of New York (I have yet to see how exactly Alien Loves Predator. Maybe it’s that type of silent relationship thing ). Stories that run of the comic are something that you would find in a Sitcom (and that's in a good sitcom. Not anything with post- Seinfeld Jason Alexander in it), but in a twisted sense. I especially enjoyed the storyline of Jesus being signed to play for the
Yankees. Humor is sarcastic, a bit crude, but still loads of fun.

As I read a comic, a rating of three stars just appears in my head. As I read the archives, I add or detract stars as I go along. With Alien Loves Predator, I never detracted any stars. I was just laughing way too hard. Great art (even though its action figures), great humor makes AlP a wonderful read.
Bottom Line:

Too funny.

Added:  Saturday, March 05, 2005
Reviewer:  TeamMayhem
Related Link:  Alien Loves Predator
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