Letter from the Editor
Working to Achieve Immune Tolerance
Developing Beta Cells From Embryonic Stem Cells
Encapsulated Islet Implantation
Philanthropic Funding
Effects of Pancreas Transplantation
The Gift of Life
Proposition 71: Leading to a Cure?
Take A Look At Organ Allocation
Bone Marrow-Derived Cells
Lantus vs. Insulin Pump Study Participant
Why we Need a Cure
People and Places

Letter from the Editor
Pancreas and Islet Transplantation
Stem Cell Research
Philanthropic Funding
Costs of Pancreas Transplantation
Pancreas Transplants Abroad
Importing Prescription Drugs
Vote for Curing Diabetes
Profile of an Islet Recipient
Why we Need a Cure
People and Places

Letter from the Editor
Islet Transplantation From a Living-Related Donor
Insulin Gene Therapy
INGAP Continues to Look Promising
Animal-to-Human Islet Cell Transplantation
Islet Cell Regeneration
The Artificial Pancreas
Piloting with a Purpose
People and Places
In the Pipeline: Fish Islet Xenotransplantation

FALL 2003
Letter from the Editor
Managing Diabetes with Pancreas & Islet Transplantation
Isolating Islets: State of the Art
Drugs, Diabetes & More
Islet Transplantation Using a Remote Isolation Facility
Pancreas and Islet Transplantation in Brazil
Tolerance in Pancreas Transplantation: Pipedream or Reality?
The UK Islet Transplant Consortium (UKITC)
The Start of Pancreas Transplantation in Japan
People and Places
In the Pipeline

Letter from the New Editor
Gene Therapy: The Role of Transfected Liver Cells
A Lesson from History: Will and Persistence
Whatever Happended to INGAP?
Preliminary Results of ITN Clinical Islet Trials
Diabetes Meets the Information Age
Living-Related Pancreas Transplants
In Their Own Words
People and Places

FALL 2002
Letter from the Editor
Islet Transplantation: State of the Art
Summary of Worldwide Islet Transplant Activity
Human Islet Transplantation can Correct Diabetes
A Report on the Status of Pancreas Transplantation
Steroid-Free Immunosuppression for Pancreas Transplant Recipients
Life After a Pancreas Transplant: Faith's Story
Xenotransplantation: The Promise. The Controversy.
Developing Pig Tissue for Human Transplantation
Selected Scientific Abstracts from the
19th International Congress of the Transplantation Society

Letter from the Editor
What's Next? A Vision for Islet Transplants in 2010
Perspectives in Islet Cell Transplantation
Implantable Insulin Pumps
Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring
Children, Teenagers, and Insulin Pumps
A Practical Paradigm
The GlucoWatch® Biographer
The Rainbow I've Been Waiting For

Letter from the Editor
Meeting the Challenges of Islet Transplantation
Islet Cell Transplantation: Miles to Go Before We Sleep
Diabetes is Manageable --For Some who are Fortunate
Is Immunosuppression Justified to Achieve Insulin-Independence?
A Promising New Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy
Susan, My Friend
Insulin Pumps: The Next Best Option
Pumping for Control
An Interview with Dr. James Shapiro
INGAP Peptide Begins Testing in Humans
Islet After Kidney Transplants

FALL 2001

Letter from the Editor
Embryonic Stem Cells as Islets
Evolution of Islet Transplantation
Comments on IPITA Meeting
Human Islet Trials
Islet Cell Transplantation in Germany
An Infrastructure for Islets
Pancreas Transplantation
Christmas in Milan
A Limited Supply of Pancreas Organs
The Stem Cell Debate
Xenotransplantation: An Editorial
Present and Future of Xenotransplantation
Islets from Pigs into Humans
Transplanting Encapsulated Pig Islets


Status of Islet Transplantation in Europe
Islet Research in the United Kingdom
Challenges to Islet Transplantation
Interview with Dr. James Shapiro
Pancreas and Islet Transplantation in Japan
Xenotransplantation in Diabetes
Notes from Down Under
Pancreas and Islet Transplants in Brazil
Pancreas and Islet Transplants in the USA
Letter from the Editor
It's DiabetES, not the DiabetIC

FALL 2000

Inside the Multi-Center Islet Trials
Letter from the Editor
From the Soul of a Researcher
Comments from an Edmonton Islet Recipient
The Islet Crunch
The Portal Project
Islet Regeneration
In Memory of Judith
Pancreas Transplant Statistics
The Procurement Problem
Cell Proliferation
Diabetes Graffiti
It's DiabetES, not the DiabetIC

Perceptions vs. Reality
Letter from the Editor
Beyond Control
Fix my Baby!
Introducing Diabetes Living
Station Rocks!
The World of Islets
IFW Pancreas Transplant Coverage Act
Children who Care

Solitary Pancreas Transplantation
Letter from the Editor
On the Shoulders of Giants
The Numbers
To Act or to Wait
Insulin-Free World in Action
A Million People DO Matter

FALL 1999

Fast Track to a Cure

Photographs and essays about diabetes
from the 7,000-mile, 2-month,
Fast Track to a Cure campaign.



Diabetes isn’t Just about Needles

A Profile of Diabetes
20 pages of thoughts and
experiences of diabetic
people of all ages.



Letter from the Editor
The Islet Shortage and Cell Proliferation
The Diabetes we Know
Monet's Bankrupt Pupil
"No" is not a Sufficient Answer
Introduction to Showdown with Diabetes
Dancing with Bryan
Historical Note, Facts, and Definitions

Foundation of Hope
Letter from the Editor
Healing Complications
What's Wrong with this Picture?
Insulin-Free World in Action
Introducing Choice in the Transplant Market
Limited Options
Holiday Ideas

The Time is Now
Letter from the Editor
Controlling Diabetes. For Life??
Sugar Madness
A Diabetic by Any Other Name

Guide to Human Islet Cell Transplantation
Letter from the Editor
The Things I Didn't Know
The DCCT - What Did It Really Tell Us?
Medicare Benefits for Pancreas Transplants
Today's Solutions for Type 1 Diabetes
Undercover Life

Transplantation for Type 1 Diabetes
Welcome from the Executive Director
Diabetes, the Unwelcome Guest
Chocolate Fireworks!!
Diabetes, an UNmanageable Disease
Dream Big Because Dreams Shape Reality
Complications of Pancreas Transplantation