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Stuckism is No. 1 International Art Movement from 10,000,000 on Google

There are 116 Stuckist groups in 30 countries.

Radical international art movement for new figurative painting with ideas.
Anti the pretensions of conceptual art. Anti-anti-art. The first Remodernist art group.
Daubers (daubing is the new painting - more information on daubing here)
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3 August 2005

Paul Harvey's painting The Stuckists Punk Victorian

Emily Mann: Turner Demo | | Stuckist gallery

"Painting is the medium of yesterday"
- Paul Myners CBE, Acting Chairman of Marks and Spencer, Chairman of Aspen Insurance and Guardian Media Group, member of the Court of Directors of the Bank of England, Non-Executive Director of the Bank of New York, Chairman of Tate Trustees.
(Photo here)
Paul Myners was elected Tate Chairman in 2004 on 1 April.
The Tate trustees are responsible for deciding on acquisitions. They cannot suggest acquisitions, but they have the final say as to whether they are accepted or not...

28 July 2005

By Dalya Alberge, Arts Correspondent

The Tate was accused yesterday of snubbing one of Britain’s foremost collections after it rejected a gift of 160 paintings that had been given pride of place at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.

Its director, Sir Nicholas Serota, said that the works did not deserve to be in a national collection, even though their five-month exhibition last autumn drew thousands of people to the Walker, one of the outstanding collections of fine art in Europe and part of National Museums Liverpool.

Whole story in The Times here

Walker show info here

Some of the rejected paintings here

List of paintings rejected (Excel doc) here

To find out what the Tate does think worth acquiring click here for its list of new work in the collection. The first artwork, by Jennifer Allora, consists of: metal coathangers, ham radio transmitter, aerial.

And this is how the Tate represents painting.

"If you didn't think the Tate was woefully out of touch the news this week that it rejected a gift of 160 paintings by the Stuckists..... makes it painfully clear." -Nate Lippens, Seattle blogsite

"...all that representational crap is just too boring and unoriginal to be worth collecting, even when given away for free, but canned feces? Pure genius, clearly worth 40 times its weight in gold!"

Story also covered on,,,,,,, Ohio State University (28.7.05),, art info Russia, (30.7.05), Europe Media Monitor,
Blogs on,,, University of Michigan,
Read Mark Vallen's Art for a Change blog here Discussion on
Interview and debate on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Picture above adapted from "Sir Nicholas Serota Makes an Acquisitions Decision" by Charles Thomson

Abby Jackson (Oval Stuckists) has work in Art in Mind Part 2 (4-8 Aug) at La Viande Gallery,
3 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, London EC2 (Old St tube). Private View 6-9pm Thu 4 Aug.

Email Abby Promoted by

3-29 Aug 2005

CBGB 313 Gallery, 313 Bowery, New York
The first art exhibition in America featuring work from all of the Remodernist groups, including the Stuckists, the Defastenists, Remodernist Film and Photography,
and Stuckism Photography -
at NYC’s famous home of American punk music/underground art -
CB's 313 is the gallery associated with the famous club CBGB, a launching pad for the Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, Patti Smith and Lydia Lunch.

Philip Absolon, J.T. Dockery, Ella Guru, Jeffrey Scott. Holland, Wolf Howard, Tony Juliano, Joe Machine, Terry Marks, Sexton Ming, Jesse Richards, Vanessa Niwi Rossetto and Charles Thomson. Guest artist: Adam Malec Defastenists: Gary Farrelly and Alex Reilly. Stuckist Photographers: Wolf Howard and Charles Thomson. Remodernist Film and Photography: Jesse Richards, Harris Smith and Nic Watson.
Free Gallery hours: 10am-6pm. Club hours (music): 7pm-midnight (Fri & Sat 7pm-2am)

Contact Jesse Richards, email web site: Gallery site

Opening Reception: 3 Aug 2005, 5.30-8.30pm
8:30pm: screening of Stuckist and Remodernist films, featuring Tom Jarmusch and Billy Childish
Mark Vallen's Art for a Change blog on the show here

Recent painting news...
8 new paintings by Charles Thomson here

Stuckist Classics: MY GRANDFATHER WILL FIGHT YOU by Joe Machine Interview here
Peter Murphy paints the saints of rock - Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Marc Bolan, Uncle Tom Cobley and all. Click for larger images and more info
“I learnt more in three days than in a whole term’s history of art” - Libby Purves, The Times
Mark D ("go fuck yourself" - Stella Vine) paints Billy Childish, Tracey Emin, Stella Vine, Charles Saatchi, Gilbert and George, and Damien Hirst. NEW! - Grayson Perry: Pottery Apothecary + Charles Thomson: The Death of Stuckism here
Paul Harvey paints Nigella Lawson (but is nothing to do with any images of dead rock stars which he thinks is dead corny - excuse pun). Image and new interview here
Nigella the Zen Stuckist cook? "I am not even a trained or professional cook..... we want to feel not like a postmodern, post feminist, overstretched modern woman..... Cooking is not just about... method, but about transformation of a more intimate kind" From C4 site

CARNIVAL OF CHAOS BANNED First reported on this site
Michael Dickinson's website of political collages was deleted without warning after he posted 'Tyrant's Pants' showing President Bush. See the whole story here
New Michael Dickinson site here

Michael Dickinson is the founder of the Istanbul Collage Stuckists
New article by Michael Dickinson on Billy Graham in Counterpunch here

New page on Stuckism International Centre Germany run by Mary von Stockhausen. Features Philip Absolon, Ella Guru, Sexton Ming, baby Lucy and Christian Malsch here

"Good" draughtsmanship or real drawing by Roy Oxlade, if you haven't read it before: here
Nick Currie (aka Momus) on Rockism and Stuckism here. See also 'design rockism' here
If you ever feel like giving up, take heart from this untramelled expression of the human spirit here .
From Dan Belton (Brighton Stuckists): "Hi Folks! Dan here. Have updated website.Though run out of space, so a friend is going to show me some tips to host pics elsewhere and then I'll have more on there. I'll keep you posted." (get a free web site like this from ) (no.2) "The Outsider Art and Stuckism issue"
Issue 3 just online - features paintings by Stuckists Godfrey Blow and Kim Richardson

Watch video on Stuckism from Arte here (4 mins, Realplayer: more details on backup page)

Stuckism shows here including McArdle, Thomson, Harvey (Brockdam Gallery) / Anne Forte (Edinburgh) /
Jeffrey Scott Holland (Kentucky) New: Remy Noe / David Beesley
News on the Ex Stuckist front: the lovely Stella Vine has a show StellaWood at Hamilton's, 13 Carlos Place, London W1, 23 June - 23 Sept (closed 6-22 Aug). See also . All the paintings (which have grown to sizes around 6' square) sold on the opening night, raising in the region of £80,000.
"A cultured person is someone who appreciates Mozart and Radiohead, can argue a case for Tracey Emin or the Stuckists, and who understands what a metaphor is." - The Scotsman 7 Jan 2005

Our condolences to the bereaved families and friends of victims in the London bombing 7 July 2005, and particularly to the parents, Mavis and John, and sister, Esther, of Miriam Hyman, who died in the bus bomb in Tavistock Square. Miriam, a picture researcher, studied Art History and French at university and was a friend of Stuckist artist, Rachel Jordan. Miriam came to the launch of the Stuckists Real Turner Prize show 2000 in Shoreditch, and also Rachel's exhibition in Essex last month.
A memory of Miriam by Rachel is here

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