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Sailor Moon Spanish fansubs

jdp898989 $30
Sailor Sol
SuperS version 2 BOXTORRENT!! 08/01/05 at 01:32
YES!!! SuperS VERSION 2 DVD rip DUAL AUDIO .ogm is done and on BOXTORRENTS!!
Thank you for being so patient...this project has literally sucked the life out of me and I will now get some well earned sleep for about the next 2 weeks straight o.o

These are much higher video and audio than our previous encodes (I apologize for the CRAP that was our old SuperS .ogm encodes -.- I didn't encode them...). They are also smaller filesizes!! Yay Xvid! =D Please enjoy^^ I am so sorry to keep you waiting, but they are worth the wait =D

Post made by himuraKAORU

New joint project!! 07/31/05 at 08:21
Want to try something besides regular old anime?! How about some tokusatsu? We have joined with #Mishicorp@irc.dejatoons.net for a new fansub project. Try out Ultraman Nexus DVD fansub 01 .avi ....we think you will want more ^.~

Post made by himuraKAORU

Galaxy Angel Z is done! 07/28/05 at 01:51
Mint has finished encoding the last batch of Galaxy Angel Z episodes! Please download eps 13-18 + a special episode in dual audio .ogm DVD rips HERE!

Post made by himuraKAORU

Make Up! Sailor Senshi special & Galaxy Angel Z!! 07/14/05 at 20:10
We have more releases for you^^ Mint has made some very nice Galaxy Angel Z DVD rip dual audio .ogm episodes 1-12 for us! GO GET THEM! (LOL @ ep 8!! XD)

Also, we have released a DVD rip fansub with nice karaoke effects for the 16 minute special episode "Make Up! Sailor Senshi" from Sailor Moon R season. Enjoy!

More SuperS version 2 eps are being added to my fserver every day. The boxtorrent should be ready soon! Announcement will be made here.

Post made by himuraKAORU

SuperS VERSION 2 158-166 & MKR Season 2 eps 1-4! 06/20/05 at 16:57
I have completed episodes 158-166 (final ep) of Sailor Moon SuperS with MUCH higher video and audio quality and there will be more coming when I return from my trip on July 1st. These are ONLY available in IRC until I reencode the ENTIRE season. (check mine, Frogger303, and Tryx's fservers) I am working backwards until I reach ep 128, the first episode of SuperS, then I will make a boxtorrent for all the v2 .ogms! Look forward to it!
lostboy has started making some fabulous DVD rip DUAL AUDIO .ogm encodes for Magic Knight Rayearth season 2! The first batch for episodes 1-4 (21-24) has been released so go get it! HELP SEED!

Post made by himuraKAORU