03 Aug 2005

02 Aug 2005

Vaguely related to the previous post

Went to see the rather good Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night. Was anyone else, on seeing that all the Oompa-Loompas are played by Deep Roy, filled with urge to shout ‘Speed Chess!’ whenever they appeared on screen?

(Yes, I know 90% of you aren’t going to have the faintest idea what I’m talking about)

01 Aug 2005

Liberating the beautiful corpse

While the announcement that Doctor Who has won a poll to find Britain’s best fantasy TV show has allowed tabloids to indulge in one of their favourite TV-related pastimes - putting pictures of Billie Piper on the cover - it’s interesting to note some of the other shows that got into the top ten. Of course, the poll was primarily of SFX readers, so the results are a little skewed, but it’s heartening to see shows like The Prisoner, Sapphire and Steel and Quatermass making it into there. And let’s face it, the position of Who in the list would only be a surprise if it wasn’t at number one.

However, what most caught my eye - and several other people’s from the looks of it - was that Blake’s 7 got to number 4 in the list. Yes, it does have a relatively large and devoted fanbase out there but, as Alison puts it “when will somebody notice that this show Will Not Die despite its manifest faults“? Indeed, the BBC News article about the poll may raise the hopes of some people with the declaration that “plans to make a new version of Blake’s 7 have been announced“. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that.
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31 Jul 2005

Things may get a little weird

After ages of putting it off, I’m going to try and finally upgrade WordPress from 1.2 to 1.5 soon - probably today, but maybe tomorrow, depending on how quickly I can work out how to back up my database - so if things start looking a little weird at any time, that’s why.

Update: Woo! Done it, and don’t seem to have accidentally deleted anything important in the process. New template to come soon… Actually, I quite like this one - Boxy But Gold, available from here, along with several others.

There will be tinkering over the next few days, but all seems well for now, proving yet again that WordPress is so simple that even I can install and use it.

Crazy like an aardvark

This is either a work of satiric genius, or someone who needs to take a long lie down in a dark and quiet room. As an example:

Rupert Murdoch’s decision to defy the “Coulter Laws” hate speech legislations, has bankrupted News Corporation. George Soros has bought all of News Corps assets and changed its name to Liberty International Broadcasting. LIB’s networks have flourished and circle the globe with a series of satellites beaming liberal & U.N. propaganda worldwide.

The New York City faction of F.O.I.L. is lead by Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North, each uniquely endowed with special abilities devised by a bio mechanical engineer affectionately nicknamed “Oscar”. F.O.I.L. is soon to be joined by a young man named Reagan McGee.

(Via the General)

29 Jul 2005

“Mr speaker. We are for the big.”

You know, if Revenge Of The Sith really had been called Backstroke Of The West instead, and had all the dialogue replaced with itself after being translated into Chinese and then back into English, I might have actually gone and seen the film. Unfortunately, they didn’t do that, so you’ll just have to experience the bizarre and wonderful joys of Backstroke Of The West via the medium of web page rather than IMAX.

In the end, it was inevitable

Kilroy quits Veritas. I think the only logical next step for him is to split from himself, thus giving us Robert Kilroy and Robert Silk as separate entities.

Real names are stranger than fiction

I just have to point out that Lieutenant General Sir Reddy Watt is perhaps the best ever name possessed by a senior member of the British Army. That he’s also a star polo player makes me wonder if he has wandered out of a 19th century novel about the Raj and into the modern Army.

25 Jul 2005

What exactly do you do for an encore?

Series 2 of Doctor Who began filming today. The new series will feature the return of Sarah Jane Smith and Prime Minister Harrier Jones, Cybermen, Anthony Head as a villain, an alien called the Sycorax, Queen Victoria, an episode written by Stephen Fry and David Tennant dressed to resemble either Jarvis Cocker or the stereotypical image of a member of Crooked Timber.

Fraud? What fraud?

You may remember, casting your mind back a few months, that three Labour councillors in Birmingham were found guilty of electoral fraud and that their election had to be rerun.

Well, it’s being rerun now and Lorna happens to live in the ward in question (Aston) where she’s received a letter from the Labour Party asking for her vote and discussing why the election had to be reheld. It deserves some sort of combined memory hole/brass neck award for shamelessness, frankly.

Unintentionally amusing line of the day: apparently, Aston voters should

not allow the outcome of an election to be decided by a small minority who are voting by post.

Hmm. Who might they be then?

21 Jul 2005

So, who’s going to be the first to blame the evil liberals for what happened in London today, and how quickly will it take them? Blog posts before midnight, or do we have to wait for them to sober up Hitchens enough for him to be able to type semi-coherently?

20 Jul 2005

The dictionary now has a new definition of ‘overreacting’

Wow, someone really likes their Harry Potter a bit too much. I’m guessing the author probably likes Alanis Morrisette’s defintion of ‘irnoic’ having not noticed how stupid complaining about children being present at the launch of a children’s book is.

18 Jul 2005

Quote of the day

Duncan ponders:

It’s easy to forget that Michael Howard still actually leads the Conservative Party. Whenever I hear him on the radio I visualise him with a jumper on, as though he’s this week’s guest in dictionary corner on Countdown.

14 Jul 2005

What a let down

The headline Clinton Wades Into GTA Sex Storm should really lead to a much more interesting and amusing story than it really does.

11 Jul 2005

Is it just me…

Or does the picture on this article about women bishops make anyone else think of a superhero team getting ready to power up and go into battle?

Go go Anglican Rangers!

08 Jul 2005

Time to make a stand

I will at the earliest opportunity, assemble in London in a public demonstration of respect to the victims of the July 7 atrocity, defiance of the murderers who carried it out and solidarity with the people of London

Go and sign it. (Pledgebank currently limits the maximum number of signatures to 100, but it will hopefully be increased as attention spreads)

07 Jul 2005


Just found this that I wrote after Madrid:

Thursday hasn’t changed my plans. I’m still going to be there. I’m still going to be getting trains here to go to and from work. You only live in fear if you choose to and I don’t choose that path. A little over three years ago, I was working at Television Centre . I wasn’t in the building when someone exploded a bomb outside it, but I was due in to work at 6am that morning. I could have turned round when I heard, and chosen not to go into work, to go home and let the fear win, but I didn’t then and I won’t now.

And until last week I used to go through Liverpool Street every day I was at work.

London Pride

Simon has an idea - if you want to show your support for London, go out and have a pint of London Pride. See also Dsquared at Crooked Timber.

And Ken Livingstone just made a brilliant speech about London - I’ll post a transcript when I find one. Some parts of it here:

This is not an attack against the rich and powerful. It is not an attack on the politicians, but on the common working people of London.

I can tell you now that you will fail in your long-term objectives to destroy our free society.

In the days that follow, look at our airports and seaports, and even after your cowardly attacks, you will still see people from around the world coming to London to achieve their dreams.

Update: Full statement here. As, unsurprisingly, the GLA website is very busy and slow today, it’s reproduced in full below the cut.
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