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Orthodoxy and Catholicism
A Comparison

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Discussion on Orthodox Caesaropapism & Proper Historiography (vs. "Theophan" & Joel Kalvesmaki)

Does Orthodoxy Allow Contraception Or Not? 62K

Orthodox-Catholic Reunion: Some Preliminary Thoughts

Theosis and God's Exalted Role for the Blessed Virgin Mary (Dave Armstrong) 16K
A Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue on the Filioque (William Klimon) 27K
A Catholic View of Orthodoxy (Aidan Nichols)
Why Not Eastern Orthodoxy? (Al Kimel)
The Idea of Doctrinal Development in Eastern Orthodox Theology (from From Newman to Congar; by Aidan Nichols)
Eastern Monasticism (Adrian Fortescue)
The Eastern Church Defends Petrine Primacy and the Papacy! (Fathers; compiled by Antoine Valentim)
Byzantium and the Roman Primacy  (Francis Dvornik)
Popes of Rome who are Orthodox Saints (Dave Brown)
Alexander Schmemann: a Man in Full  (Richard John Neuhaus)
Apologia: For Protestants and Eastern Orthodox Looking Into Catholicism (Cat Clark)
Is There a Byzantine Mariology? (John Samaha)
The Byzantine Plot (Luke Rivington)
The Sixth Nicene Canon and the Papacy  (James F. Loughlin)
Papal Authority in the First Ecumenical Councils (Brian W. Harrison)
Filioque (Church Fathers; ed. Joe Gallegos)
Catholic Encyclopedia: FILIOQUE

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