Bo Hopkins 
Remembers Dynasty!
interviewed by Mike Pingel

Part of the original cast of Dynasty, Bo Hopkins takes a few minutes to chat about how he got involved in the monster 80s hit TV show Dynasty.    

When did they approach you to do Dynasty?
When I was doing Rodeo Girl, I was sent a script out for me to read in a hurry called "OIL."  I read it, of course they described Matthew Blaisdel was a cross between John Wayne and Montgomery Clift in Red River and of course that got me because that is one of my favorites. 

Did you sign on right away?
Actually, I still did not want to do a series, I had done one early called Doc Elliott and of course I did The Rockford Files,  that was great because they would let me off to do movies.  I never wanted to do another series so I turned it down that night.

So What Changed your mind?
The next day I came on the set and they made a big offer. I went and talked to Jackie Cooper (director of Rodeo Girl) about it and said I don't know what to do. They offered a lot of money but I really don't want to do a series. 

Cooper said "Listen it's a pilot maybe it won't sell."  I said, damn your right. I figure I get paid for doing a pilot and if it went series I would think about it then. 

Of course I did signed and I think the second week into shooting they got an ok for twelve shows. I was in the make-up I remember I looked in the mirror I was white on one side and sprayed with color on the other side. 

On one hand I was happy and the other I wasn't. Then they started talking about 5 years, 10 years and that scared me. At that time I was not think so much about money I was thinking doing parts I enjoyed doing. 

OIL (aka Dynasty) was great fun because I was working with Dale Robinson and George Peppard (The A Team), who originally played Blake Carrington. 

Why did George Peppard Leave? 
George kept calling Ester & Richard Shapiro (Dynasty's creators/producers) and saying he didn't want to be another JR. and he wanted to change this and that. 

Three weeks later we where shooting at 20th Century Fox.  One day, I came in and they said George was fired yesterday so they had hired John Forsythe and we have to go back up to Hearst Castle to re-shoot everything again 

What was the difference between George and John? 
George and I played off each other and we could have knock down drag out fights. We had to re-shoot and John was a lot older and I couldn't  hit him so we had to use stunt guys.  But I really enjoyed working with John. 

Why did you leave? 
After the first year that's when Ester & Richard Shapiro and I left. Because they didn't like how they were turning the series into a "Bold & the Beautiful" - rich peoples problems, rich ladies getting their hair done., which it didn't start out that way. I think we could have been good as DALLAS if they kept that whole cast together, and if George would have stayed. 

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Dynasty is 
still a Party! 

by Brian Eden

The champagne corks were flying and shoulder pads were swishing more than Steven Carrington's hips on a tennis court at Club Makeup's All-Stars last Friday. Free flowing champagne and birthday cake kicked off the evening to celebrate not only Big Mamma's birthday, but also the long awaited DVD release of DYNASTY Season One.

Series creator, Esther Shapiro, and Alexis Arquette were both on hand to toast the double celebration. Once Big Mamma made a wish and blew out her candles, the music started pumping and the dance floor came alive. Dead or Alive that is... as well as Madonna, Billy Idol, Wham!, and all your other favorites that shaped the roaring eighties. "Like a Virgin" pulled every last gay boy (and the girls who love them) out onto the floor as well as those who really did have "Pac-Man Fever" and couldn't figure out a frickin' Rubick's Cube to save their life.

The clock struck midnight and Momma's tampon turned into a pumpkin... Wait! Wrong story. At the stroke of twelve... Wait! Let's not go there either. Sometime around midnight, Big Mamma hosted a fashion show that will not be forgotten by anyone who was there. There were more sequenced tube tops on stage than there ever were in Bob Mackie's closet. And speaking of closets, Steven came out of the closet with both Claudia and Sami Jo for a fabulous DYNASTY look-a-like contest followed by Alexis, Krystal, and Blake.

The decadence didn't stop there! Oh, no! "Sweet Dreams Are Made of These" got the dance floor moving again. And what a sweet dream it is to have one of the great 80's prime time soaps on DVD. It makes one wonder... Can DYNASTY II: The Colby's be far behind?




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