Long Range Detection

We selected the top performers in the Proximity of Response category and put them against a nine mile, flat, deserted road to see who was the “Long Ranger” of radar detection. The top performers in “Proximity” in the above $200.00 price category were Valentine One, Passport X50, Bel 995, and Bel RX 65. The van with the radar guns was located on a hill with the road trailing away to the nine mile point. The test vehicle was in constant line of sight with the van. Past nine miles the curvature of the earth became an issue. To double check ourselves, each detector was turned on and driven toward the van at 50 mph to verify the “Proximity of Response” (PR) of each detector.Escort-Detector To accurately report your distance from a radar gun, radar detector warnings should become more intense as you approach the radar gun’s location with more signal strength lights illuminated and faster audible alerts from the detectors. They should act like a Geiger counter, thus the term Geiger Effect. All tested detectors accurately and proportionally increased their warnings as they approached the radar guns. This means the closer they came, the more insistent their warnings and the number of signal strength lights increased. Some detectors not participating in this long range test, immediately go to full alert at their first detection of a radar gun which is not good. It doesn’t give you an idea of the distance you are from the radar. We were only concerned with the three frequencies of Ka band and used a Kustom Talon at 35.5 GHz, a Stalker II at 34.7 GHz, and a Bee III at 33.8 GHz. The guns were constantly on for ten seconds during the long range test. Each detector was given three tries on each frequency. This long range test is one of the detector’s sensitivity. However, it is unreasonable to assume police use radar guns at nine miles to give tickets. They don’t. Radar tickets are normally given at distances of approximately 1/4 mile. The test vehicle was asked to report the signal strength reported by each detector at nine miles. The Passport X50’s performance was astounding consistently reporting over 50% signal strength at nine miles. It’s reported signal strength was double that of any other detector. Its performance was followed, in order, by Bel RX 65, Bel 995, and Valentine One. We were assisted by two country sheriff’s departments. The Passport X50 is the Long Ranger of Radar Detection and hotter than a Texas jalapeno pepper!



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