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"Contemplating mankind's purpose turns people like me into pseudo-philosophers. I feel that life is simply a matter of one foot in front of the other and down the road we go ... This music is my wish of life abundant and bright, full of joy to you and those for whom you care."

- Hoyt Axton, from the liner notes to Spin Of The Wheel , 1990 (DPI).

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Welcome, everyone, to the new Official Hoyt Axton Web site. My name is Mark Weierman, and I have had the privilege of hosting and mastering Hoyt's official site since he personally asked me to make my unoffical site official a few days shy of two years to the day before he passed away. I apologize for the long interval between updates, and promise that this site will be better kept. I almost didn't carry this site on after Hoyt passed, as it was hard for me to think about it. The original Hoyt site was very much focused on the living man, and I it was saddening to me that it had to change that focus. But am glad now I kept it going, even though it stagnated for a while. Also, I have cut two CDs of original material in the past two years, and have spent just about every spare minute of the last 12 months working on the most recent effort, and I've been playing gigs around my home region (Southern Ohio/Northern Kentucky). I got off my duff about my own songwriting due to Hoyt's encouragement back in 1997, and have made some real strides since. Anyway, to see what I've been up to (and why the site stayed dormant for so long), please check out my own website.

Enough said about me. Now that I have a bit of free time, there is a new Hoyt story in the "Hoyt Stories" section (link below). Anyone who has sent me a Hoyt Story in the past that wasn't posted to this section, you are encouraged to resend it for consideration. In addition, both links sections have been updated and pruned of dead links. Also, there is a new photo section with a few old photos of Hoyt through the years. Please check it out. Suggestions and ideas about how to make this site better are always welcome. My own thoughts include perhaps the addition of a guest register or message board at some point. What do you think? Please help me breathe new life into this old page. Thanks.

Table of Contents

  • Hoyt Axton Bio - Approved by Hoyt. This was written when Hoyt was at his most determined to come back from his stroke. He made a few minor changes to it before giving me his permission to publish it. I left it as it was written because of the fact that he wanted it to end upbeat, to give all his fans encouragement that he hadn't given up on his career. As far as I know, this is the last personally approved bio ever written.

  • Hoyt Axton Discography - As complete as I know of, compliments of Ray Kawal, a long time Hoyt Axton superfan, who graciously offered this link. Go here to get answers to your questions about what Hoyt tunes appeared on what album, etc.

  • Photo Page - New section of old photos of Hoyt through the years... Added 9/15/01.

  • Hoyt Stories - Stories about Hoyt, donated by friends and fans. Updated 11/10/01.

  • Axton Family Portrait, circa 1945 - Mae, John T., Hoyt and Johnny.

  • Hoyt on Today's Country - Photos and Text... I left this the way it was originally written also, because I think it catches a little of the spirit of that week in Nashville, in October, 1997, when Hoyt was so courageously determined to put it all back together.

  • Hoyt Links - Hoyt Axton on the World Wide Web. Updated/pruned 9/15/01. If you find any dead links, or changed URL addresses, please let me know.

  • Hoyt's Music Links - Other Web sites of interest... Also updated and pruned 9/15/01. Ditto the dead links, and such.
  • You can email me at: mark@sixcats.com


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