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LESSONS [1-40]

Used to
List Of Adjectives




ESL/EFL Articles




Type I
Type II
Type III


[-]Gerunds and Infinitives


Abstract Nouns
Collective Nouns
Common Nouns
Compound Nouns
Concrete Nouns
Countable/Uncountable Nouns
Predicate Nouns
Proper Nouns


Prepositions of Movement
Prepositions of Place
Prepositions of Time


Indefinite Pronouns
Personal Pronouns
Possessive Pronouns
Reflexive Pronouns


Closed Questions
Open (Wh ..) Questions
Tag Questions

[-]Reported Speech

[-]Simple Capitalisation Guide

[-]Simple Pluralisation Guide

[-]Simple Prefixes Guide

[-]Simple Punctuation Guide

[-]Simple Sentence Construction Guide

[-]Simple Spelling Guide

[-]Simple Suffixes Guide


[ ]Simple
Simple Present as Future

[ ]Continuous
Present Continuous as Future

[ ]Perfect
Past Perfect Simple
Past Perfect Continuous
Present Perfect Simple
Present Perfect Continuous
Present Perfect Simple as Future
Present Perfect Continuous as Future

[ ]Future
The Future using going to
The Future using shall/will


Action Verbs
Auxiliary Verbs
Irregular Verbs
Modal Verbs
Regular Verbs
Conjugation and Contraction

[+]Some Very Important Verbs
To be
To do
To have
Do or make
Used to


Active Voice
Passive Voice

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[+]Unit 1

Am/is/are + what/who?
Introductions, greetings and farewells
People and places + where?
The alphabet + names
Numbers 1-10

[+]Unit 2

More about people + titles
Present continuous - positive
Present continuous - negative
Present continuous - question

[+]Unit 3

Present simple - positive
Present simple - negative
Present simple - question
Present simple & present continuous
More numbers 11-20

[+]Unit 4

Time 1 - on the hour
Time 2 - quarter past, half past etc.
Time 3 - opening times when
Days of the week
Even more numbers 21-1000

[+]Unit 5

Months of the year
Ordinal numbers
The seasons
Appearances 1 - height, build etc. + to have
Appearances 2 - facial features

[+]Unit 6

Adjectives for people and places
Possesive adjectives
Today, yesterday, tomorrow
Simple past - positive
Simple past - negative

[+]Unit 7

Simple past - question
Offering, accepting and refusing
Likes and dislikes
Ordering in a cafe
Paying in a cafe

[+]Unit 8

How much & how many ?
Turning uncountable nouns into countable nouns
Much & many
The future using will or shall
The future using present continuous and "going to"

How to improve your English skills ?
Improve Your English Learning Skills
Motivate yourself.
Set yourself achievable goals.
Understanding how you learn best may also help you.
Improve Your English Grammar
Use self-study grammar books.
Learn the different tenses.
Do online exercises.

Improve Your English Vocabulary
Top 500 English words.
Top 100 English verbs.
Top 100 misspelt/misspelled words.
100 words for advanced learners.
English slang.

Improve Your English Listening Skills
Try some of the radio stations and tv channels.
Films in English are an excellent language resource...

Improve Your English Speaking English Pronunciation Skills
Learn the phonetic alphabet.
Find native English speaking friends.
You can find epals on the internet...
Improve Your English Reading Skills
Make a habit of reading regularly.
Find an author you like and read all their books.
Don't try to understand every word...
Improve Your English Writing Skills
Get the most out of your dictionary by understanding how to use it well. Find penpal.
Copy out short passages of English text from newspapers, magazines or books...
Other English Learning Tips
Travel to an English speaking country.
Spend your time on things that interest you...
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[+]Fun Stuff & Games

Amusing Proverbs
Computer Poems
Funny English
Important Questions
Stupid Things Ever Said
Fun Facts
Actual Court Transcript
Ten Reasons
Diet Tips For Holidays
Bad Gifts
Predicting The Future
World's Dumbest People
50 Amazing Facts
Tongue - Twisters
Zozanga Mania
Kid Chat Rooms
Wordsquare Game
Online Radio Stations

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New YorkTimes
Wall Street Journal
USA Today
The Washington Post
New York Post
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BBC Online
The Sun

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