June 2, 2005

GEOweasel to be pitched to Oh Yeah! Cartoons

The title knows all.


That's a storyboard of the "secret project" I'm working on, which is, pitching GEOweasel to Nickelodeon and Frederator's Oh Yeah! Cartoons season 4. They're looking for 39 new cartoon shorts and I want to be a part of the action.
The episode I will be pitching is slightly different than other installments of the series, mainly in writing. The plot is centered around the Weasels being a group of kids who want to rule the world and for the first time accentuates that they are actually "the bad guys." Weas, Nar, Mitri, and Jimbob are all there, and so is a "villian" from an unseen comic and a cancelled episode, The Janitizer. You will also see the "Fix my saxaphone" quote come into play and make sense, even.
So if all goes well and the executives like this, you'll see GEOweasel on TV sometime in 2006. If not, then you get to see this cartoon anyway, so everyone wins. I'll post more goodies such as storyboards or animatics later, so sit tight.


Jon Hanson said...

Awesome, but be prepared to get stomped on by people who've gone to animation school. Still awesome though. Maybe I should do something like this for fun over the summer. Man, it'd be awesome if you actually got picked up. The only problem I can forsee is they might be looking for a character driven show, which is an area where Geoweasles has always been a little weak in. Well, actually thaat can be said for pretty much every internet cartoon. Anyways, good luck, and if it falls through be sure to post the board online.

10:33 PM  
Anonymous said...

Wow. GeoWeasel on T.V. Wow. That is the coolest thing ever. Period mark.

6:43 PM  
Eric Mort said...

Sweet! To see GeoWeasel on TV would be a dream come true! Also, remember that if you don't get picked up that Nick sucks. (They canceled everyone of they're best shows. *cough* Invader Zim *cough*)

3:42 PM  
Anonymous said...

If GEOweasel makes it to TV, will it still be online? It would be harder for me to watch, considering I don't have cable TV.

4:51 PM  
Cinder! said...

Oh my God, I'm so happy for you! Your cartoon might be the only reason to get me to watch Nick again!

11:49 PM  

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