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A Brief Corporate Timeline for Our Railroads


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We frequently receive questions about the chronology of the ACL and Seaboard’s formation, absorption of predecessors and affiliates, and evolution into today’s CSX Transportation. The following is a summary of the major dates in the two railroads’ corporate history and successor companies.


You might also be interested in two features on this subject on the CSX web site at: (CSX predecessors) and / or (CSX chronology).


Our thanks to Bob Hanson and Larry Goolsby for compiling this information.


Atlantic Coast Line Railroad 




April 23, 1900

Formed by consolidation of separate railroads that had comprised the Atlantic Coast Line system (ACL name was first used in 1871)

July 1, 1902

ACL absorbs Plant System (lines south and east of Savannah)

February 14, 1903

ACL completes purchase of 51% of Louisville & Nashville RR stock

January 1, 1925

ACL and L&N jointly lease the Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio RR and begin operating it as the Clinchfield RR

January 1, 1927

ACL purchases Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic, renames the RR the Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast and operates it separately

January 1, 1946

ACL merges AB&C as its Western Division

December 31, 1959

ACL merges Charleston & Western Carolina as its Western Carolina Division (ACL and predecessors had controlled C&WC stock since 1898)



Seaboard Air Line Railroad




July 1, 1900

Formed by consolidation of separate railroads that had comprised the Seaboard Air  Line system (SAL name was first used in 1871)

January 1, 1928

SAL merges the Georgia, Florida & Alabama RR

August 1, 1946

SAL emerges from bankruptcy, changes name from Railway to Railroad

March 1, 1958

SAL merges the Macon, Dublin & Savannah RR

June 22, 1959

SAL purchases the Gainesville Midland RR



Seaboard Coast Line Railroad




July 1, 1967

ACL and SAL merge to form Seaboard Coast Line RR

July 1, 1969

SCL merges Piedmont & Northern RR

May 1969

Seaboard Coast Line Industries, holding company for SCL, formed

July 1974

First issue of Family Lines News employee magazine published, replacing separate SCL and L&N magazines; “Family Lines” label had been used in other contexts for about two years, to cover SCL, L&N, Clinchfield, Georgia RR, Atlanta & West Point RR, and the Western Railway of Alabama. (The last three had been jointly leased in 1881 by ACL and the L&N.)

September 1976

SCL purchases Durham & Southern RR



CSX Corporation




November 1, 1980

CSX Corporation created as holding company for SCLI (holding company for the “Family Lines” group) and Chessie System



Seaboard System RR




November 4, 1982

SCL purchases Georgia RR, first step in formation of Seaboard System

December 29, 1982

SCL and L&N merge, change name to Seaboard System

January 1, 1983

SBD merges the Clinchfield, Georgia, A&WP, and WofA



CSX Transportation




July 1, 1986

CSX Transportation succeeds Seaboard System






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