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   Player Events
Player Hosted Events
Listed by Galaxy

Updated: August 15th 2005

This page contains a list of currently scheduled player hosted events. The SWG Events Team may attend several of these each week to help support the player community. Check out our "How To" Guides for ideas on hosting your own event. To submit your own event, please use the Player Event thread at the top of your Galaxy Forum. We will review events posted every couple of days. 

Ahazi Eclipse Gorath Naritus Sunrunner
Bloodfin Euro-Chimaera Intrepid Radiant Tarquinas
Bria Euro-FarStar Kauri Scylla Tempest
Chilastra Euro-Infinity Kettemoor Shadowfire Valcyn
Corbantis Flurry Lowca Starsider Wanderhome



Name of Event: In-game Weapons Auction
In-game Contact: Cyrus' Ludarin
Date: August 18th, 2005
Time: 6pm EST/3pm PST Convert to Local Time
Location: 4100 -6420, outside Mos Eisley, Tatooine
Purpose: To start a fun ingame sale that will benefit both crafters AND players! For more info check the forum post here:

Name of event: Mos Phoenix Variety Show Contest
In-game contact: Roosta-ymb
City: Mos Phoenix
Planet: Tatooine
Location: 6013, -1666 (Rancors Jaw Cantina)
Date: August 19th
Time: 8:00pm CST/6pm PST Convert to Local Time
Purpose:  A variety show to showcase all of the great talent on Ahazi. We will have all sorts of different acts including comedy, musical, dancing, tricks, and hard to define acts. Everyone is welcome to come an enjoy the show. For those of you interested in performing the best act as determined by the 3 judges (myself and 2 others) will receive the grand prize of 150k credits. All performers will receive 15k credits just for performing in the show. Everyone must first pass an audition to be chosen to perform in the show. The audition is really just a formality but it does ensure that you have prepared a real act. I already have quit a few acts confirmed but more would be great, so get your act together and be prepared to audition. Contact me in game for an audition or more details..


Name of Event: Red vs. Blue
In-game Contact: Maleki, Malickie, or SlickSith/SlickRogue.
Location: Bloodfin
Date: August 16th - August 20th
Purpose of Event: Bring back fun/balanced PvP to the Bloodfin Server.

Name of Event: MASC PvP Tournament
In-game Contact: 'codith', Zel
Location: 2500, 4400 Tatooine, just north of Mos Entha
Date: Sunday, August 21th
Time: 2:00pm EST/11am PST Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: As part of MASC's 2nd Anniversary Celebration, we will be hosting a PvP tournament. Winners will recieve an invitation for themselves and 3 friends to attend our Base Battle event on the 28th. This is to give us a chance before the base event to try to invite the same number of jedi/pvpers on both sides. SIGN UP BEFOREHAND! For more details please see:

Name of Event:  MASC Imperial Alliance Social Hour
In-game Contact: Kharast or Kevelyn
Location: MASC-Sun City, Tatooine
Date: Saturday, August 27th
Time: 3pm EST/12pm PST Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: As part of MASC's 2nd Anniversary Celebration, we are inviting all of our Imperial Allies to join us for fun, food, and meriment in MASC-Sun City.  Come out and to socialize, share stories, even duel, as MASC hosts her friends from all across the galaxy.

Name of Event:  MASC Best/Worst Dressed Pageant
In-game Contact: Kharast, Kevelyn, or Hibbityj
Location: MASC-Sun City, Tatooine
Date: Saturday, August 27th
Time: 5pm EST/2pm PST Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: As part of MASC's 2nd Anniversary Celebration, we are inviting the bloodfin community to come out to enjoy a fashion show.  Come out to strut your stuff or just watch the fun with two categories of participants: Best Dressed and Worst Dressed.  MASC's Master Tailor Hibbityj has volunteered to help with the costuming.  contact him for requests and orders.  admission will be free for spectators or contestants.  a prize of 100k credits will be awarded to the winners of both categories.

Name of Event: BHA Player Bounty System Beta
Contact: Grifn J'Aago
Location: Entire Galaxy
Date: Constant (ongoing)
Purpose of Event: Player-created content to allow non-Jedi characters to role-play a 'wanted' sentient and experience the thrill of being hunted by a Bounty Hunter, while offering members of the Bounty Hunters Alliance an alternate to Jedi hunting.
Please view the BHA Player Bounty System for details before contact:

Name of Event: Weekly Dueling club
In-Game Contact: Alucias
Location: Atlantis, Rori
Date-Time: Every Tuesday Night at 8pm EST/5pm PST Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: For fellow PvPers to get together to and practice there skill, and have fun.


Name of Event: ATO Fight Night
In-game Contact: Kaleigh (Or Any ATO Officer If I'm Not Available)
Location: TBA
Date: Sunday, August 28th
Time: 2PM PST (5PM EST) Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: PvP Tournament (1 vs 1).  Three categories: Melee, Ranged, & Jedi.  Here's the chance to prove you've got what it takes to be ranked among the best fighters on Bria.  Are you up to the challenge? SIGN UP OPEN NOW! Sign Up Here:

Name of Event: The Azerath Guild Semi-Nightly Hunt(s)
In-game Contact: Lysire (Please, email only!)
Location: Kashi, Rori. Though the end location varies.
Date: Every night depending on amount of people interested.
Time: Evenings.
Purpose of Event: The council members of the city of Kashi hold semi-nightly hunts for certain, more difficult to defeat areas for those who are interested in going for fun and comraderie instead of petty reasons. In the past we have done NK Necrosis, Ancient Krayts, Ackley, and the Gorath, but further suggestions are welcome. Rebel and neutral players are preffered as Azerath is a rebel guild, but we will not turn away anyone due to faction as long as they are kind and won't kill the other members. (may make healing a problem though) Understand that this is a hunting party so only the amount of players that can fit in the group can attend. Sometimes multiple and space parties available. Email me for more information.


Name of event: Makan and Serafina's Wedding
In game contact: Makan, Serafina, or Slone
Location: Dominion, Talus
Date : Thursday, August 25
Time: 9:00pm est/6pm PST Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: To celebrate the joining of Makan and Serafina in the bond of marrige. After the ceremony, join in the fun with a lottery droid, capture the flag, swoop racing and much more! Please, everyone that comes to our wedding, please come on leave to prevent any conflicts between factions.

Name of Event: Battle for Dantooine
In-game Contact: Salvan
Location: Dantooine, Abandoned Rebel Base
Date: August 27th
Time: 2:00pm Mountain/1pm Pacific Time Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: This is a Role Playing Event and All participants are required to RP. Purpose is to have fun and live what we see in the adds for this game..


Name of Event: Corbantis Movie Filming!
In-game Contact: Lavain Alias
Location: Many planets and MANY locations.
Date: Time: Sometimes next week, mjybe starting the 13th of August. Ongoing afterwards.
Purpose of Event: To film the COrbantis movie. Closed set is required, but positions still do need to be filled.


We are in the process of reviewing player hosted events on this server and encourage you to submit your own events. Please refer to the Player Event thread in your server forum by clicking on the server name above.


Name of Event: Jawa Haggleday Festival!
In-game Contact: Utah or Bounder
Location: Tatooine, Jawa Trade Outpost [POI], -6160, 1840
Date: 28th August
Time: 7pm - 10pm BST
Purpose of Event: A serverwide RP Trade Festival welcoming RPers and non-RPers alike, Chimaera habitants and those from other servers. Player crafters will be accomodating the Jawa Tents for the duration of the event. Also, we will be holding a Lottery AV-21 Giveaway and have constructed a player made Jawa Themepark for attendees to get involved in.


Name of Event: FRIDAY HUNT!!!
In-game Contact: Gil Ossano
Location: TBC
Date: Every Friday
Time: TBC
Purpose of Event: Various, from massacring Ewoks, taking down Gorax, eliminating
Wookiees. Keep an eye out on the forums. A thread will be posted each week with the details..


Name of Event: Cannon ball run
In-game Contact: Amellie
Location: starts at Vae victus
Date: 20th august
Time: all day
Purpose of Event: 500k plus white jedi crystal high quality to be one. best time wins..


Name of Event: Celestial Storm on Tour!
In-game Contact: Shi'ann
Location: (To Be Determined)
Date: Friday, Aug. 26th
Time: 6:00pm PDT, 9:00pm EDT Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: Free concert with musicians and dancers strutting their stuff at the Coronet starport. Take a few moments to stop by and enjoy the show brought to you by the members of Celestial Storm!


Name of Event: Party at the Ryloth Ryll Den
In-game Contact: Achernar, Degwin, Ar'ym, Chomee, Baribus
Location: Ryloth Ryll Den in New Kala'uun (just 800m NW of Rebel Outpost on RORI)
Date: 8/16 (every Tuesday)
Time: 10 pm EST/7pm PST Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: The all twilek town of New Kala'uun would love to have you visit and enjoy the hospitality and beauty of our race. Shadow Coven is an all twilek guild and has been around since the first day guilds have existed. We will be featuring the Kreetles each Tuesday evening so please come out and bring a friend. The bar will be open so please relax and enjoy the show. Festivities usually last at least for 2 hours. Thanks!.


We are in the process of reviewing player hosted events on this server and encourage you to submit your own events. Please refer to the Player Event thread in your server forum by clicking on the server name above.


Name of Event: Oasis Party
Location: Tatooine Oasis (6207, 0, -415)
Date: Friday, August 19th
Time: 9pm EST (6pm PST) Convert to Local Time
Contact: Goldy
Purpose: To run around in a bikini and splash people! Pavillions will be set up for those who just like to lounge in the shade. People who like to fish should be able to catch something in this little watering hole I believe. Make sure to wear appropriate beach party wear and don't forget the sunscreen! Please see this post for more details:

Name of Event: 2005 Miss Kauri Beauty Pageant
In-game Contact: Ithamar
Location: The Black Hole Cantina, Blackdog City, Corellia
Date: Saturday, August 20th
Time: 8 PM CST (6 PM PST)
Purpose of Event: Find Kauri's most beautiful female and have fun!  For more info:

Name of Event: Anchorhead Shindig
Location: Anchorhead Cantina, Tatooine
Date: Wednesday, August 31st
Time: 9pm EST (6pm PST) Convert to Local Time
In-game Contact: Goldy
Purpose of Event: This event idea comes to you courtesy of the entertainer guild, MOSH. They contacted me to host an event for them by the end of the month that will bring socialites and combatants together. Unfortunately because of my already busy schedule this weekend and Illiam and I going on vacation next weekend, and the following weekend is labor day weekend, this is the best I could do for the date. I hope it works out. This is like any other party except that open war is encouraged. Those looking for a fight please come already assigned to Special Forces or you may come just looking for a duel if you wish. Only request we have is to keep the fighting outdoors to allow those looking to roleplay and relax can do so inside the cantina. See this post for more details:


Name of Event: Battle for the Galaxy
In-game Contact: Eoda Oso & Jewell Gemini
Location: Utopia, Dantooine ( -5744, 173 )
Date: August 17th - 22nd
Time: Starting at 3pm EST/12pm PST Convert to Local Time
Purpose of the Event: Addressing our role in the Galactic Civil War (PvP and RP). Refer to the post called Battle for the Galaxy or send an ingame mail to Eoda for more information. This will be a PvP event as well as an open RP event.

Name of Event: Battle for Carkoon
In-game Contact: Sudelaya & Stratta
Location:  Carkoon City, Tatooine
Date: Saturday, Aug. 20th
Purpose of the Event: RP/PvP event to take back Carkoon city..

Name of Event: 3rd Kettemoor Cantina Crawl
In-game Contact: Derianadai
Location: We'll be meeting at the Celestial Dawn Cantina in Rinato and moving out from there.
Date/Time: Saturday, August 27th. Gathering time is 4pm Eastern (1pm Pacific), we move out around 4:30pm. Latecomers are welcome to join wherever we are (use the channel listed below to contact us). Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: The cantina crawls are a series of events that are open to everyone from every server. We gather in a particular cantina at a particular time, get all dressed up, and then 'crawl' from location to location and party hard. Although most of the people who attend are entertainers, we welcome folks from all walks of life to an evening of music, merriment, flirting, fashion and fun..

Name of Event: The Grotto
In-game Contact: Mere'dith
Location: Namasoon City, Dantooine 3007, -2855
Date: Every Monday
Time: 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: Ever get the Monday evening blues and need something to do? Get up to Dantooine and visit the Grotto. The Grotto is a cantina built out of an abandonded Tattooinian Guild Hall in Namasoon City. With the addition of a shuttle in NC, it is now safer than ever to attend. Now all you have to worry about is the local militia! Come prepared to relax and enjoy music, deal with some of the shadier characters this side of the galaxy, or listen for a bit of juicy gossip.

Name of Event: Twi'lite Star
In-game Contact: An'ji
Location: Echo Canyon, Tatooine
Date: Every Tuesday
Time: 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: After spending the start of your week on the purple planet, head to the sunny sands of Tatooine to frolick with friends and enjoy a cozy atmosphere.  No word on armor rules, but weapons must be holstered please.

Name of Event: Drop in the Bucket
In-game Contact: Derianadai, Henaji., Kypek, Monchichi, Venia
Location: Temenos, Naboo -1164, 241
Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific  Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.  Question is, how'd they learn it and what kind of dirt do they have on you?  In a place where the only liquor left at the end of the night is a drop in the bucket, who knows what can be learned. This is not your usual night at a cantina.  Armor is allowed and dress code is relaxed and casual, not trashy, its a bar, not a strip club.  Come shoot some pool, shoot the breeze, just don't shoot the band cause the staff is packin heat but they look like everybody else. Local militia jurisidiction may end at the door, but that doesn't mean they won't arrest you on the porch and it doesn't mean you won't get dragged out there either.  Militia personnel and stormtroopers in small squads or pairs (no more than 4 please) are allowed and encouraged to help foster RP.  Just don't act like you own the don't...we're not sure who does. Note to Musicians: there is a 4 man droid band on stage.  If you want to perform, just ask and they will be moved for you.

Name of Event: The Ragin' Rancors
In-game Contact: Illya or Ravanne
Location: New Hope, Naboo 2708, 6899
Date: Every Thursday
Time: 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: Come for roleplay, stay for the songs. Good back drop evening where entertainers jam, try out songs or dances, work on sets and entertain with the house owners. People are welcome to come in character and use the night for their roleplay. Good crowd, Good Times. Entertainers may wish to bring a variety of clothing.

Name of Event: Blasters
In-game Contact: Kypek or Arcronix
Location: Mos Mesric, Tatooine, -1291, 52
Date: Every Friday
Time: 8:30pm Eastern/5:30pm Pacific Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: A nice break from the Naboo cantina scene, Blasters provides a new twist on a familiar theme. Come listen to the music and relax in the friendly atmosphere.
Name of Event: The Black Dice Den Casino
In-game Contact: MalinBorn
Location: Namasoon City, Dantooine 2980, -2674
Date: Second Saturday of each month (next one is August 13th and then September 10th) Convert to Local Time 
Time: Doors open 8:00pm Eastern/5pm Pacific, Gambling Tables open at 9:00pm Eastern/6pm Pacfic, goes til everyone leaves
Purpose of Event: Role Play, Fun and Friends. Make Money for your Character. Have Fun. Interract. Great Roleplay!! Tables include Snake Eyes (A dice based game where players try to Roll their way to 100 ) and Sabaac (A "card" and dice based game created and modified by some of the Best RPers on the server). This is a full run Casino night with Sabacc table, 10k ante Snake-eyes, and for all you big boys... a private 50k ante Snake-eyes room (and hopefully High Stakes Sabaac as well). Dancers, Drinks and fun RP. Loot Gaming Table (still nothing happens when Use is selected, but we'll see).

Name of Event: Mockingbird's
In-game Contact: Shiobi
Location: New Aldera', Talus 2579, 99
Date: The 3rd Saturday of every month (next one will be August 20th)
Time: 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: Find yourself in a family friendly atmosphere where good music and good friends are the highlight of the evening. No closed faced helmets, beach wear, or extremely revealing clothing permitted. All weapons must be checked at the door or peace tied prior to entry. Dress code and weapons policy strictly enforced. Armor is permitted in the common area, but not the dance floor  new floors cost a lot of credits, and combat wear tends to gouge the fine wood (more so if you should overbalance yourself and fall). Your consideration in this area is greatly appreciated. Mockingbird's is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raghta Shiobi Enterprises, LTD. operating under the authority of the New Aldera' Civic Administration.  Standard disclaimers apply, your mileage may vary. Offer not valid on Corellia, Dantooine, Dathomir, Endor, Kashyyyk, Kessell, Lok, Naboo, Rori, Tattooine, or Yavin IV.

Name of Event: Dai's Den
In-game Contact: Dai'Oro or Silene
Location: Moning Outpost, Dantooine -987, 2107
Date: The 4th Saturday of each month (next one is August 27th)
Time: 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: It's time to go to the Mining Outpost for something other than a good grind session.  Stop on over to Dai's Den, only 500m from the outpost, and enjoy a relaxing evening of music, fun, and roleplay.

Name of Event: Club Fed
In-game Contact: Armilly
Location: Federal Island, Corellia -2235, -4380
Date: The 1st Saturday of each month (next one is August 6th and then September 3rd)
Time: 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: Head east from Coronet starport and across the water to this resort island town.  Enjoy the bar and grill cantina's laid back atmosphere and friendly attitude and listen to the guest band: Chicks with Sticks.  What a way to start off the weekend by taking in the sun and fun at a new event!

Name of Event: The Botched Cork Cantina
In-game Contact: Moriath
Location: Citadel, Naboo 7051, 5309
Date: Every Sunday
Time: 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: Come on down and listen to Riuanna's band, "Fearless" perform. This is a chance to get together with other RP'rs... other entertainers. Bring your RP situations to our cantina... get to know the people you only see on the boards.

Name of Event: The Brass Ring
In-game Contact: Elowo
Location: the Warehouse District in Temenos, Naboo next to Rock Shipping Co.
Date: Tuesday, August 23rd
Time: 10pm Eastern (7pm Pacific) Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: The Brass Ring. The Brass Ring is a fighting club, for those who love combat or love to watch combat. Everyone is welcome to come and watch the fights while sipping on their favorite beverage.  There are five, non-tournament based fights throughout the night. The winner of each fight is determined by winning best two out of three rounds. Each round will last no longer than 10 minutes.

Name of Event: Dance Party with the Hot Rodian Band Lethal Speed
In-game Contact: Carina
Location: The Mind's Eye Cantina, Imperia, Naboo, -4259, 6308
Date: Saturday, August 13th (and every second Saturday of the month)
Time: 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific Convert to Local Time
Purpose: Enjoy some great music, make some great friends. Relaxed atmosphere with the emphasis on friendly fun. Dress is casual. Club attire is acceptable. Armor and weapons are not appropriate. Please drink responsibly. Drunken/obnoxious/rude behavior will get you banned from the club immediately. House Rule: Play Nice. House Band: Lethal Speed...


We are in the process of reviewing player hosted events on this server and encourage you to submit your own events. Please refer to the Player Event thread in your server forum by clicking on the server name above.


We are in the process of reviewing player hosted events on this server and encourage you to submit your own events. Please refer to the Player Event thread in your server forum by clicking on the server name above.


We are in the process of reviewing player hosted events on this server and encourage you to submit your own events. Please refer to the Player Event thread in your server forum by clicking on the server name above.


Name of Event: Junkland Juke Joint Event
Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 9PM EST/6PM PST Convert to Local Time
Location: Helios, Tatooine
In-Game Contact: Rina
Purpose of Event: Meet people and socialize for fun. We are working on getting a band together. In the mean time it will be open mic. Come dance, sing, flirt, and have fun.  No weapons or armor please. [This is intended to be an RP event, so come as your character. Keep all OOC chat in brackets.] Contact Rina for available positions or with questions.

Name of Event: Den of Iniquity RP Nights
In-game Contact: Liliahi hae'Lilitu
Location: Den of Iniquity, Tatooine
Date: Time: Friday & Saturday nights
Purpose of Event: role-playing for anyone on the server who wants to come by.


We are in the process of reviewing player hosted events on this server and encourage you to submit your own events. Please refer to the Player Event thread in your server forum by clicking on the server name above.


Name of Event: The Twin Suns Restuarant!
In-game Contact: Thaesus Andromeda
Location: Tatooine, Farpoint Valley. ( 5500 -1837 )
Date: Every Friday
Time: 9:00 PM EST/6PM PST Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: To Bring a Relaxed, upscale restaurant-feel to Starsider. There will be a Access fee of 10k. Food prices will be given to you at the event itself. Dress is Formal. There will be Music, Dancing, and in the near future, A Dating Game! For More Information please contact Thaesus.There will be a live chef ready to serve you! Bring your mate or friend to a romantic Candle Light Dinner!  This is a RP for all!.

Name of Event: Ladyhawk Luxury Liner Cruises
In-Game contact: Padmie
Location: Starts and ends at Bestine Star Port, Tatooine
Date: Every Saturday Night
Time: 10pm CST/8pm PST Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: entertainment and relaxation without the fear of being stopped,
harrassed, or mutilated by our hard working (though sometimes inconsiderate) stormtroopers. We welcome you to the Ladyhawk Luxury Liners.   Please leave  your weapons stowed while on board.  When in hyperspace, we ask that you cap all drinks and perishables as the starting and stopping of jumping might cause spills and other messes.  Aside from that, everything else is fair game.  We offer games of chance on the games deck above the dance hall, a wonderful lobby that has the perfect view of the stars, and even a place to rest for those too tired to party. Whatever your need, we aim to please.

Name of Event: Music Night at The Crystal Mug
In-game Contact: Polgara
Location: Crystal Hollow, Dantooine The Crystal Mug Cantina
Date: Time: EVERY Saturday Night @ 10pm EST/7pm PST Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: All Entertainers, Musicians, Dancers and Patrons of the arts are welcome. We do this to get to know the community, listen to good music, and get a chance to RP with one another in a known environment. As this is an RPing community event. NO OVERTs  as all rebels, nuetrals and covert Imperials are welcome. We are always hiring Dancers and Musicians to play. Contact Polgara for paid opportunities.


Name of Event: Capture the Flag!
In-game Contact: Raygh
Location: TBD
Date: August 21st
Time: 11:00 AM PDT Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: Capture the Flag will be sponsord weekly to allow all to get on teams to have some time for organized pvp.  Locations will change weekly and will add variety and fun.  Contact Raygh in-game for locations for this event and you will be added to the growing list.

Name of Event: The Galactic Race
In-Game Contact: Xela Night
Location: Dragon & Pawn Cantina  New Haven, Naboo
Date: Sunday, August 28, 2005
Time: 10AM Central/8am Pacific Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event:  To have a good time and generate revenue for New Haven's city treasury: *The Galactic Race is a race across Naboo, with some small puzzle solving to direct the contestants to the next point of contact destination. * Entry fee is 20,000 credits. * Grand prize is 50% of the entry fee take.  (Grand prize may also include additional items as donated by New Haven citizens, and prize information will be updated accordingly.)  The remaining 50% will benefit the New Haven city treasury. * Individual contestants or teams of 2 are welcome.  For teams, both team members must pay an entry fee, and the prize will be split among both members. For updated information as it becomes available, check

Name of Event: Lake Dread Lotto
In-game Contact: Truffle Kililk
Location: Lake Dread just outside the city hall on Dant. -7263 -1513
Date: Time: Weekly / any time you want to eneter
Purpose of Event: Game of chance. Droids will be placed every Wednesday and Friday just outside the city hall.
Will be have 2+ drawlings a week for winners. Pots start at: 10k - 1k to play   (curently up) cords. -7263 -1513,  50k - 5k to play   (soon to be placed), 100k - 10k to play (soon to be placed), 1 mil - 100k to play (soon to be placed).

Name of Event: Shadow Kings
In-game Contact: Kyr'Yxus, Kohs, Zilda
Location: SK Compound Rori, contact Ky for Coordinates
Date: Time: Every Monday 9:00pm EST/6pm PST Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: RP event for the scum and villainy of Sunrunner. Spice, Alcohol,
Gambling, Intrigue, Gladiatorial Tourneys, Dancing, more "private" entertainment. Think Jabba's Palace only classier..


Name of Event: The TALISMAN  
In-game Contact: Woosh
Location: Lok, Imperial Outpost
Date: 8/20/05
Time: 7pm est/4pm pst Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: PvP extravaganza on Tarquinas.

Name of Event: FoodBarn Galactic Tour--Race I
In-game Contact: Pleeto
Location: Tatooine at the Mos Espa Course, near Wayside, Tatooine
Date: Saturday, August 20th
Time: 9pm EDT/6pm PDT Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: To see who the best swoop racer is. The total race purse for Race I is over 250,000 credits with 100,000 credits going to the winner. Details can be seen in this thread:


Name of Event: Pilot Rescue, Man down!
In-game Contact: Eprau (offical Planner), Ra'ja'evan (Imperial Leader)
Location: Yavin 4, (Contact for exact loaction)
Date: August 27th - August 30th, 2005
Time: 3pm - 7pm EST/12pm - 4pm PST each night Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: To bring some RP to the tempest server. This will be a rebel vs. imperial event where each side most try to reach the pilot first. After each side as a certain goal to accomplish before the other.


We are in the process of reviewing player hosted events on this server and encourage you to submit your own events. Please refer to the Player Event thread in your server forum by clicking on the server name above.


Name of Event: The Wedding of the Super Friends
In-game Contact: Valo'
Location: Lake Retreat
Date: Wed 17, 2005
Time: 11:00PM EST/8pm PST Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: Well read the name of the event. Bring the fun to the lake retreat, If anyone does show up there will be lovely gift baskets.

Name of Event: Wanderhome Speeder Show
In-game Contact: Nepa Eva
Location: Tattoine, Outside of Mos Entha
Date: August 20th, 2005
Time: 3pm EST/Noon PST Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: To just show off your speeders and have fun. There will be events for every kind of speeder. At the end Everyone will vote for there favorite. Prizes are as followed. 1st: 10k, 2nd: 5k, 3rd: 2k, There is a 100 credit fee to enter and a 10 credit fee to come and look at the speeders. Please send me a in game e-mail if you want to participate. If you would likr to help out please contact me in game also..

Name of Event: The Hunt for Mandalorian Armor
In-game Contact: Iscariot Salsarian
Location: The Death Watch Bunker, Endor
Date: August (All Month)
Time: 8PM EST/5pm PST Convert to Local Time
Purpose of Event: To collect loot from the Death Watch bunker to eventually make Mandalorian Armor.  All group looting will be set on lottery, so everyone has a chance at it. All are welcome.  Some Master Defenders and Doctors will be needed. *Note* This event will be going on for the month of August.  If you'd like to join anytime after the 1st, contact myself or any member of NeXuS..