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Station Access™, the low-price all-in-one subscription for Sony Online Entertainment gamers!

If you play more than one if these games, or you want to try the other great games we have available, Station Access opens our game catalog to you.

For more information about Station Access subscription and SOE’s current catalog of premium titles, please read the Station Access FAQ and Terms.

To sign up for Station Access, follow the link “Sign up Now” and sign in using the same Station ID and password you use for your current or cancelled SOE subscriptions. On the Your Subscriptions page, select one of your current or cancelled subscriptions. Next select the ‘Edit Subscription’ button. From there you may choose Station Access as your billing option.
Station Access grants access to all current games published by SOE* (game software sold separately), which includes the games on the right for just $21.99 per month:

As an additional bonus, Station Access subscribers will receive four additional character slots added to their EverQuest II account, bringing the total number of characters you can have to eight characters!

The Bloodline Chronicles Adventure Pack is included with a Station Access™ subscription at no additional cost. If you're already a Station Access subscriber, there's no need to pre-order. Just type /claim and you're off on a new adventure!

Please note: if you cancel your Station Access subscription, you will lose access to any Adventure Pack content you received as part of your Station Access subscription unless and until you either purchase the Adventure Pack(s) or re-subscribe to a Station Access subscription.

Station Access provides the subscriber with a single account that grants access to each of the SOE published titles the player owns. Players must still purchase the software titles individually. The Station Access pass does not include subscription services for non-SOE published titles, such as LucasArts' Star Wars Galaxies™: An Empire Divided™ Japan, versions of EverQuest, EverQuest Online Adventures or PlanetSide published by SOE partners outside of North America, or SOE's wireless or handheld games. The Station Access pass requires a valid credit card. It cannot be used in conjunction with GlobalCollect payment methods, or with GameCards.


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