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Pre-order and purchase the digital download version from the Station Store and receive a unique Gargoyle Spirit Shroud and adventure as a Monster.
Report from the Wilds #6
Scouts and spies watch the armies as they progress across the lands; one army to the east and one to the west. Part 6 of the Report from the Wilds is now available!!
Veteran Rewards!
As part of EQ's 6th Anniversary celebration, current players (based on total subscription length) will get one Veteran Reward for every year they've been an active EverQuest subscriber!
Want official EQ News on your own site? Use the EQLive Newsfeed.
Developers' Corner
Halfling Hodgepodge
Grab your favorite patch of grass and settle in for another Hodgepodge

Wanted: Sr. Server Programmer
Details inside

The Next Fan Faire Location
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Halfling Hodgepodge
It's time to get groovy and read a Halfling Hodgepodge

SOE Worlds Available
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Evil Frogloks!
The last few weeks have seen a number of events unfold across the EverQuest servers, particularly relating to Grobb / Gukta, and who will retain ownership of it.

Pre-Order Depths of Darkhollow
Pre-order and purchase the digital download version from the Station Store and receive a unique Gargoyle Spirit Shroud and adventure as a Monster.

House of Commons Dev Chat
Join the EQ devs in a Live Chat on Thursday, July28th at 6:00 PM pacific at the Stratics House of Common. This Live Chat will focus on the upcoming Depths of Darkhallow expansion and Live Events. Don't miss it!

Report from the Wilds #6
Scouts and spies watch the armies as they progress across the lands; one army to the east and one to the west. Part 6 of the Report from the Wilds is now available!

Report from the Wilds #5
A dark lord from ages past emerges to lead the amassing forces of evil. Read the ongoing saga in Report from the Wild #5!

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Legends is looking for new subscribers!
The Stormhammer server is looking for new players. Stormhammer is part of the EverQuest Legends service and offers regular GM lead Events for its subscribers. To learn more about EverQuest Legends, please visit to activate your subscription.

Girlz Game Too!
Girlz Game Too! ( is a site created for the perspective of the female gamer. GGT provides a gaming community for the girls who game and the guys who support them in it.  The week of August 15th - 19th we will be hosting the 1st Annual GGT Anniversary Bash!!  Please take a few minutes and check it out, we could use your support. While the site is designed primarily for women, men are most certainly welcome there as well. In fact, the more the merrier!

Guild Recruiting
Knights of the Sleeper on the Cazic-Thule server is now recruiting players level 46+ for fun and adventures. We are a relaxed family style guild and will be advancing into raids as our strength and numbers grow. Currently we are focusing on char advancements and developments.

Join the Karana Pirates!
Avast matee! On the EQ Rathe server, we the Karana Pirates are searching for fellow sea dogs and scallywags to be part of our quirky crew.

Guild Recruiting
Join the Fire Knives in our effort to provide services to the people of Bertoxxulous. Open recruitment for all races, classes and levels. The Fire Knives is reformed and coming back strong!

Knights of Eternal Light
Knights of Eternal Light is now recruiting people of all classes and levels, we are small now, but i hope that in the not so distant future we will be doing experience groups, ldons, dons, raid mobs, and eventually planar progression.

Alliance of Hope on Xegony is Recruiting!
Alliance of Hope on Xegony, is recruiting quality people who play their class well. Currently one kill away from Tacvi and working on MPG trials for Anguish, we also raid Time occassionally, fight the Royals in RS and more.

Guild Recruiting
Oggok Time Travelers is now recruiting new members on Druzzil Ro. We are currently accepting all levels. Guild events will be for higher levels. Fun, free choice, no pressure guild. We are also seeking alliances with other friendly guilds. Visit for info.

Mystical Illusions Recruiting -The Seventh Hammer
We are a famil guild with many well knownplayers. We are recruiting for levels 30 and above. We are part of a mass alliance and you could be too. Come on by the site, if ya like what ya see contact and officer in game for invite.

Guild Recruiting
Dragon Soldiers on the Antonious Bayle server is always looking for new members. any level, class, race, or deity worship can join. We are family oriented, we pride ourselves on great leadership and always there to help our fellow members.

Disciples of Innoruuk Recruiting 5+!
That's right! If you are of a level 5 or over, then definetly join! Near-Vet EQ Player/Father-figure as GM. We even recruit other dieties! SO JOIN!!! Raiding regularly.

The Order of the White Dragon is Recruiting
One of Bristlebanes first guilds has opened its doors again for new recruits. We are one of the oldest, well respected, and well known guilds on BB. We are looking for new recruits levels 45+.

Onyx Soul Is Recruiting (Fennin Ro)
Greetings and well met.  Onyx Soul is now in open recruitment on the Fennin Ro server.  Please visit our website at for more information.

Subliminal Realm Recruiting on Stromm!
Subliminal Realm on Stromm is recruiting once again.  We have recently beaten PoP with killing Quarm on our first attempt and are currently building up for GoD. Tanks and Clerics heavily desired. 

Moonlite Redemption of (Xegony) Recruiting NOW!
Moonlite Redemption was established for the well-seasoned players with the common and innate devotion to helping each other within our ranks. It is, however, encouraged that we help other players in Norrath, especially those with sincere need. We will enjoy EQ to the fullest with a devout sense of family ties within our guild.

North Star Avengers Recruiting
We are currently accepting people that are 55 plus.

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