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Technical Support
Customer Support
Accounts and Billing
Joining the Test Server
Displayed Items Don't Match In-Game Items
Missing Characters on EQII Select Screen
Launchpad Troubleshooting
Crashing or Freezing
Mouse Troubles
Security Alert/Hack Attempt
Firewall Proxy Info
Dial Up Troubleshooting
Broadband Troubleshooting
Router Support
Audio Troubleshooting
Supported Sound Cards
Video Troubleshooting
Supported Video Cards
Updating Video/Sound Drivers
Options Menu Layout
System Requirements
Installing the Game
Installation Troubleshooting

EverQuest II Manual
Customer Service Contact FAQ
EverQuest II Guild Creation
Petitioning Process
Account Security Policy
SOE Game Card Instructions
Creating an Account
Recover Password or Station Name
Subscription Rates
Changing Subscription
Canceling an EverQuest II Account
Rules and Policies
Station Players Terms of Use
Rules of Conduct
Naming Privilege Policy
EQ II Reimbursement Policy

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