Judaism and Catholicism

 Bonfils Studio, Beirut, c. 1875 (from: http://www.lib.uchicago.edu/e/su/mideast/photo/42-85.jpeg)

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The Wailing Wall is actually a small portion of what remains of the outer retaining wall surrounding the Second Temple in Jerusalem. King Solomon built the First Temple in the 10th century BCE. It was destroyed in 586 BCE by the Babylonians. The Second Temple was built on the same ground in 516 BCE and was vastly enlarged and beautified by Herod in 20 BCE. The Temple was again destroyed, this time by the Romans in 70 CE. All that is left of the vast Temple structure are portions of the retaining walls. (description by Michael Dubiner; see his beautiful photographs at: http://duby.com/wall/Wall1.html)

Jewish-Christian Dialogue:  Is the Servant of Isaiah 53 the Messiah or Collective Israel? (Dave Armstrong vs. "Ari G.") 93K
Ancient and Medieval Jewish Bible Commentators and the Messianic Interpretation of Isaiah 53 102K
Psalm 110: Examples of Jewish Commentators Who Regard it as Messianic, and Response to Rabbi Tovia Singer's Charges of Christian "Tampering" With the Text 36K
Old Testament and Jewish Conceptions of the Messiah 34K
Jewish-Christian Dialogue on Authority and the Rabbinic Credentials of Jesus and the Apostle Paul (Dave Armstrong vs. "Ari G.") 17K
The Development of Old Testament and Jewish Views of Sheol, the Afterlife, and Eternal Punishment 89K
Dialogue: The Old Testament, the Jews, and Sola Scriptura (vs. a Baptist)
Refutation of James White: Moses' Seat, the Bible, and Tradition (Introduction | Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Parts VII & VIII)
Extraordinary "Catholic" Movie: "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" (from a book by Mitch Albom)


On Jewish History (Christopher Dawson)
Auschwitz, the Christian, and the Council (Msgr. John M. Oesterreicher)
The Jews as the Christians Saw Them (Robert Louis Wilken)
Judaism or Jewishness? (Elliot Abrams)
Love, Hate, and Jewish Identity (Jonathan Sacks)
Comparing Christianity and Judaism  (Peter Kreeft)
Jews and - Catholics: Beyond Apologies (David Novak)
Christians in the Land Called Holy (Habib C. Malik)
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Babylonian Talmud


The Jews and the Crusaders: Medieval Shoah? (Vince Ryan)
Was Christianity Responsible for the Holocaust? (Helen M. Valois)
Was Hitler a Christian? (Answers in Action)
Reflections on the Holy See's Statement on the Shoah (Cardinal Edward Cassidy)
Anti-Semitism Without Anti-Semites (David Klinghoffer)


Pope Pius XII and the Nazis (James Akin)
Pius XII and the Holocaust (Thomas Craughwell)
Pius XII and the Holocaust, A Reader (Catholic League)
Response to Accusations Against Pius XII: Myth vs. Historical Fact (Pierre Blet, S.J.) Jewish Recognition of Pope Pius XII's Support
Catholic Dossier: January/February 2001 Issue Devoted to Pope Pius XII
Cornwell's Pope: A Nasty Caricature of a Noble and Saintly Man (Dr. Peter Gumpel)
The Record of Pius XII's Opposition to Hitler (Inside the Vatican)
12 Objections to the Beatification of Pius XII  (Fr. Vincent A. Lapomarda)
What Pius XII Did or Did Not Do (Inside the Vatican)
Cornwell's Hoax (Critique of Pius XII) (Inside the Vatican)
The Devil's Advocate: Review of Hitler's Pope (William D. Rubinstein)
New Studies Document Pius XII's Opposition to Nazism (Free Republic)
The Holy See vs. The Third Reich (Ronald J. Rychlak)
800,000 Saved by Pius XII's "Silence" (Donald DeMarco)
Hitler's Pope? (Donald Devine)
Blaming the Wartime Pope (Kenneth Woodward)
Nazi Policy and the Catholic Church (Karol Jozef Gajewski)
Pope Pius XII and the Jews (Margherita Marchione)
The Catholic Church and the Nazis (website)

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