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A Week at Granny's
For the past week, I have been staying with my grandmother while my parents went on a semi-vacation in Texas. I say "semi" because they were there to visit relatives and friends, not to say, go to the beach and relax. There is, after all, a certain amount of stress to be had in visiting relatives and friends that you have not seen in quiet a long time. Now, you must understand that my granny is 96 years old, still gets around fairly well, does some of her own cooking, and has her mind. Having said that, here is how my granny drove me insane.

Every morning, I'd get her up, give her her medications, and fix her breakfast while she got dressed. Every morning when I woke her up she would tell me how miserably she slept, despite keeping me up half the night with her snoring, which I could hear thru the baby monitor my parents have to make sure she is heard if she falls in the night. Every morning she'd come in to the kitchen, sit down, start eating her breakfast. And every morning, she'd look at me, where I was standing at the stove, frying sausage and eggs, and ask "Don't you eat breakfast?" Every morning, I'd make my sausage links and scrambled eggs and sit at the table with her and eat my breakfast. Every morning, she'd ask me what time I left for work. And every morning, she'd ask me if I had to make up these days off.

Every afternoon, she makes her own lunch. Every afternoon, she came in to tell me she makes her own lunch and eats it in her own kitchen so I don't have to make her anything.

Every evening, while I was standing in my parents kitchen (Think of my parents and grandparents house like a gigantic duplex. Two kitchens, two living rooms, many many bedrooms and bathrooms.) she would come in and say "I don't come offer to help make dinner. I figure I'd just be in the way."

Every night she'd come in and tell me that I don't have to wait up for her to go to bed at the late hour of 10:30. That I could go to bed whenever I please. Every night, I tell her I stay up later that she does on a regular basis. Every night she says not to stay up late on her account. Every night, she'd tell me she loves me and appreciates my staying with her. And somehow, that makes it all worth the effort.

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Would you say I'm stressed? Me? Of course not!

What's that?

Well... maybe a little...

Anyway! We had a "Stress Management" seminar at work today. Of course it didn't occur to them to say, relieve our stress by improving the morale in the office. But at least we had a perky little seminar about it. One of our handy-dandy exercises was to fill out a questionaire, to determine what our main "stressors" are. Guess what my top two were. Go on guess.

Give up?

Number 1: Occupation! Number 2: Finances!

Gee, wasn't that a huge surprise.

Moving on... the other handy-dandy exercise we had to do was to team up in groups of three and make a list of "stress relievers". Here's what my group came up with:

  • A- Aerobics: needless to say, this was NOT my suggestion. Stress causer is more like it.
  • B- Bath: Our instructor said that her previous group came up with "beer".
  • C- Celtic Music: ah yes, now we're into familiar territory. I'd also like to add "cats". :P
  • D- Drive in the country
  • E- Eating: A good, healthy way to relieve stress, right?
  • F- Fantasies: no, not THAT kind of fantasy. Pervs. The faeries and dragons kind.
  • G- Gardening
  • H- Hugging: aw. How very touchy-feely.
  • I- Ice Cream: Do we seem to have a theme going? E for "eating", I for "ice cream". What's next? P for Popcorn?
  • J- We didn't have an answer for J at the time, but later, as I contemplated our lack of J-ness, I thought, "of course, Johnny Depp!" Oh yes, I have but to think of Johnny Depp and suddenly I'm less stressed.
  • K- Kick boxing: Again, not my idea. But the thought of kicking the snot out of ... well... some people that shall remain nameless... is quite tempting. I thought we should've continued the touchy-feely-ness and went with "kissing," and that would lead nicely into our answers for O and S, but oh well.
  • L- Laughing: Also, would like to add "Lord of the Rings," as in the movies.
  • M- Music
  • N- Nap
  • O- The scribe refused to write down what all three of us said for O, but we all said "orgasms". I can't imagine why she wouldn't write that down for a work seminar.
  • P- Playing the piano: this actually wasn't my suggestion, but it applies.
  • Q- Quiet: of course we could've said P was "peace" and Q was "quiet".
  • R- Reading
  • S- Again, we had no answer because the scribe for our group wouldn't write down "sex".
  • T- Tea, as in, the drinking of.
  • U- Our group didn't have an answer for U. The instructor said that the same group that put "beer" for B, but "U bringing me beer" for U.
  • V- Vacation
  • W- Walking: Definitely not my idea. That would stress me out more, what with my bad knee and all.
  • X- We had no answer for X as all we could think of that starts with X is xylophone. Or X-rated movies.
  • Y- Yelling, preferably at someone that won't yell back. Like your kids.
  • Z- Zoo, as in, the going to. Meh. What else starts with Z that you could think of in a work seminar in 1 minute.

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Attention Please, I Have an Announcement to Make

That is all.

Thank you.

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Dream Diary AKA Peanut Monkies Are Taking Over My Dreams
I don't remember much of the dream I had last night, but... yes, you guessed it. The peanut monkey made a guest appearance. An honest-to-god appearance, too. Not just a passing thought. For some reason, he just showed up at my mum's for holiday dinner and expected to sleep at my house while he visited the states. It was all quite surprising. There was even *gasp* hugs.

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Quotes of teh Day
April 9, 1999- "Victory means exit strategy. It is important for the president to explain to us what the exit strategy is. -- George W. Bush on Clinton

June, 1999- "I think it is also important for the president to lay out a time table as to how long they (the soldiers) will be involved and when they will be withdrawn. -- George W. Bush on Clinton

June 24, 2005- " It doesn't make any sense to have a timetable. You know, if you have a timetable, you're... you're conceding too much to the enemy. -- George W. Bush on the war in Iraq

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I was bored so I updated my site a little bit. Nothing important.

  • Updated interests
  • Added World of Warcraft to interests
  • Updated info
  • Removed "new" tag from pictures
  • Removed "new" tag from losers
  • Updated losers to indicate no new losers for the forseeable future
  • Deleted ads from guestbook
  • Updated links
  • Added links
  • Removed slainte! since I never updated it
  • Updated contact me info
  • Updated copyright notice to reflect 2005 instead of 2004
  • Removed Save Farscape banner

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Fantabulous Kitty Quotes
"Our words should be purrs instead of hisses." -- Kathrine Palmer Peterson

"To me, the best holistic remedy for high blood pressure, is a purring cat on your lap." -- Kathrine Palmer Peterson

"I always find it curious as to why I take such great pains to keep my cat's dishes clean when I know I'll look out the window and see her happily carrying a dead mouse in her mouth." -- Fannie Roach Palmer

*With thanks to "pete123" for emailing these to me back in December of 2003. Nooo, I don't procrastinate.

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Dream Diary
Apparently Daryl and Sarah and I have moved to London, or some other large city in England. We've gotten a little house and I enrolled in an University. Daryl wasn't in my dream at this point. I don't know why. Maybe he was at work. I left Sarah at the house alone and started walking to the University. I had memorized the directions, but they took me through a very dodgy part of town. As I walked I heard crying. Following the sound, I found a little girl. Somehow this little girl, maybe 6, had lost track of her younger sister, and now the little sister had fallen through a broken sewer grate in the gutter and couldn't get back out. The little sister seemed strangely undisturbed at being stuck in the gutter under a sewer grate. As I kneeled in the muck to reach the girl to pull her out, I saw an older guy breaking into a house out of the corner of my eye. I thought "maybe he'll leave me alone if I don't act like I saw him." I pulled the little girl out and left the girls to get back to their house, which didn't seem at all weird. I started walking out of the dodgy part of town. I rounded a corner and walked past a policeman and blurted out that there was a robbery in progress around the corner. Just then, the theif walked around the corner and without thinknig, I point and shout "That's him!" The policeman pulls his gun out but the robber sees him and runs at him and knocks the officer roughly to the ground, where he goes unconscious. The robber pulls his own gun out and starts shooting at me, intent on killing the witness. I drop to avoid one shot that goes high, and as I roll and start to my feet, I pull out my own gun that my father gave me to protect myself. Because we all know guns are allowed in England. I fire at the thief six times. The first shot goes wide but the next five hit him right in the chest.

The next part is unclear in my mind but I remember I go on to the University like normal and eventually get involved in a long conversation with the professor and a couple of male students after class. I remember one made threats at me for some reason and I said something like "Just try it. I already shot one man 5 times in the chest today." Later I remember saying I had told Sarah I'd be home around 5pm and someone pointed out ot me that it was already 1030pm. I realize I don't remmeber how to get back ot my house and I don't remember the name of the street. Somehow it's light out even though it's 1030 at night. Perhaps I wandered around all night. A group of 3 cyclists, two guys and a girl, walk past me holding their bikes and casually chatting. The cute blond of the bunch asked if he could help me and I told him my problem. He promised he'd help me find my home. I open my bag and pull out my bike, which is groovy and folding and light as a feather, and my cell, which isn't working and hasn't all night.

As we walk, a big storm blows in and my new friend says he knows a place we can shelther in. It belongs to a friend of his and they just use it to store things, and that it had never been cleared of the stuff left by the previous tenants. It's in a dodgy part of town. We find it and go on in. I slowly come to realize that it's the house I grew up in and start to cry as memories ouf my brothers and I flood my mind. We were poor and it was hard, but we had fun and loved each other. As the storm dies, my cell rings, and it's my sister, Maggie. She's at my house with Sarah and they're both worried because I never came home. Daryl is out looking for me. It's a bad connection and we loose it before I can get the address or directions. I also remember thinking that it would be cool if I knew where Adam the peanut monkey lived, because I could go visit him since I'm in England now. But I don't have his address or phone number or anything, so I can't. Anyway, somehow Daryl finds us. The three of us start for my house. The cute blond stays with usbecause he promised he'd help me get home.

It gets fuzzy again. Somehow my dad is in the hospital so we decide to go see him first. I remember it was overcrowded and filthy. I remember using the restroom and it was disgustingly dirty, with urine stains on the floor and mold on the walls. I told my mom about the house. She asks us to go back for some reason. Probably to pick up the pictures and things we had left behind when we moved. I don't know why we left everything behind. Now it starts getting really weird (like it wasn't already).

Something bad happened while we were in the house, and suddenly I'm like Elena from the series Wit'ch Wars by James Clemens (which is what I was reading before I went to bed. She uses sunlight to replenish her magic, by putting her hand in a beam of light and absorbing it's energy.) I had to replinish my magic in the sunlight. I went to the room that used to be mine and my brothers bedroom. Part of the ceiling has fallen in and the room had flooded in the storm. I had to jump from floating bed to floating bed, because of course it rained SO much and that room was um, watertight... yeah... until I could reach the sunlight streaming in through the ceiling and gain my magic. We decide to make a run for it. Now it gets all World of Warcraft-y.

We aren't fast neough running and there's a group of lvl 60 horde (orcs, trolls, tauren, and undead) after us. We aren't fast enough so I shout to ask if everyone has their mounts. We all do, so we stop and summon them. We take off running again but I'm a lower level and don't have my epic mount (which run twice as fast as a regular mount, but you have to be lvl 60 to use it) so Daryl and the blond guy start to outrun me. One of the horde also has his epic mount and quickly overtakes me. I feel a tingling between my shoulders and just know the troll is about to run his glowing blue sword straight through my back. I don't dare look back. Suddenly he starts to pass me. He raises his sword, point toward the sky, grinning, in a weird salute. I guess I'm too low to count as an honorable kill to a lvl 60 so he's going after Daryl and the blond guy. We find we can't outrun the horde.. horde, so we start blasting holes in the walls to jump thru in an attempt to evade them and loose them. I'm too slow compared to the epic mounts speed, so the first troll easily keeps up with me, and leads the horde after us. We eventually make a mistake and somehow circle around and blow a hole in the wall and the opening comes out in the middle of the horde mob. We ready our spells and weapons, preparing to die in a massive PvP battle.

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Dream Diary
Okay, so this dream occured sometime last week, and I couldn't be buggered to type up what I wrote down earlier, and besides that, I figure no one really cares. Do you? No, I didn't think so. :P

My husband (yes, Daryl, not some fake dream husband) and I were living in a huge expensive mansion near an ocean. I was thin and beautiful and looked totally unlike myself as I really am. Indeed. Apparently he and I lived in a different country and a completely different culture where it is totally acceptable, nay, expected that any man of status has more than one wife. I say apparently because one day he waltzed in with a small, dark, and beautiful second wife. Bastard. Of course, I immediately hated her for no real reason, except that my husband married her. Which is silly of course, since I should've been mad at him. Daryl spent all his time with her and never left time for me. And since, in my dream he was being a right bastard, he didn't even notice how much emotional distress I was in. I had a fight over something with Daryl and ran into our bedroom, slammed the door, and locked it behind me. He didn't even notice. He turned to his new wife and they mocked and scoffed me with their mocking scoffery.

I left through our bedroom, which convieniently had a beautiful double door leading onto a porch overlooking the ocean. I climbed over the porch rail, despite wearing a beautiful white flowing multilayered dress. I took one of our beautiful (noticing a theme here?) horses, a white, spirited stallion, and went riding along the beach as fast as I could, determined to never return until he realized just how wonderful a wife I was! As I was riding, I came across a group of scraggly looking, yet beautiful (of course) people that had made a village, complete with women and children, in a nearby cove.

They captured me and forced me to tell them who I was and why I was intruding on their village. They allowed me to stay as long as I earned my keep. Daryl never noticed I had gone, intent upon pleasing his new wife. My father came in search of me, but he was young and dashing, riding a beautiful (what else?) brown horse with a black mane. I told him why I didn't want to return and he decided to stay to protect me and help me. The village people (Y-M-C-A!) meant for their village to be hidden and wouldn't allow us to leave even if we had wanted to, unless we proved ourselves to them. They seemed to survive by a combination of pirating (yar!) and hunting and trapping. They set my father and I on a quest. We had to take a small boat to a nearby island and kill or trap small rodents that looked similar to bunnies but without all the hopping nonsense. They showed us an elaborate trap built solely for the purpose of capturing the rodents. I could tell from the way they looked at each other that there was a catch, but we couldn't figure out what it was before they sent us on our way.

That's as far as my dream got.

So basically, I left home, discovered a new zone (score!), but my pirate faction wasn't high enough, so I had to accept a quest to raise my pirate faction to at least amiable... Daryl says I play too many video games.

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Vulgar Music
Join my husband Sunday night (and every 2nd Sunday of the month) for his new radio show at 9pm CST. It's on 98.9 in the Nashville area, or it's available streaming live from Radio Free Nashville.

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