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By Matt Barker
November 8, 2000


Intel Announces New Compiler Versions for the Itanium and Pentium 4

Intel announced it is releasing version 5.0 of the Intel C++ Compiler for Windows and Intel Fortran Compiler for Windows. The new compilers take advantage of performance features available in the upcoming 32-bit Pentium 4 microprocessor, and also include a pre-release version for the upcoming 64-bit Itanium processor.

Intel says these compilers can also be used on systems based on Intel 32-bit Pentium processors to create 64-bit executables. This means software developers can start getting applications ready for the Itanium processor with Intel-based systems they may already have.

Intel has enhanced each compiler to support new, performance-oriented features such as autovectorization and OpenMP. OpenMP makes it easier to develop applications for multiprocessor computers; programmers can use high-level OpenMP directives rather than write programs down to a low-level operating system interface. Intel has also enhanced optimization features introduced in earlier compiler releases, including interprocedural optimization, vectorization, and profile-guided optimization. The 32-bit Intel compilers also feature enhanced intrinsics and class libraries that eliminate the need to program directly in assembly language, making it easier to get "close to the hardware" to improve application performance.

Intel C++ and Fortran compilers continue to plug into the popular Microsoft Visual Studio development environment. The 32-bit Intel C++ Compiler 5.0 also carries forward its source- and object-code compatibility with Microsoft Visual C++. This allows application modules generated with either compiler to be linked together in the larger application executable. So application developers can mix and match the best compiler to deliver higher performance on Intel-based computers.

The Intel C/C++ Compiler 5.0 for Windows lists at $399 via the Web, and $499 for a CDROM kit. The Intel Fortran Compiler 5.0 for Windows lists at $449 off the Web and $599 for a kit.

C/C++ Compiler 5.0

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