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  Combat Upgrade

Star Wars™ Galaxies is a living, breathing entity and as such over time it will continue to evolve to remain compelling.  By upgrading the combat system; we have taken the game to a new level and added a shot of adrenaline to the game to make the experience more fun and Star Wars-centric. We have enhanced group play by adjusting profession roles that create inter-dependency between players and allow them to choose templates that more closely resonate with their play styles.  We also are allowing role "stacking" -- which gives players the option to blend different types of professions to create "profession combos". Since you can have more than one profession, making character profession roles is even more diverse and interesting.  In the end, this means that combat is much more exciting, tactical and a whole lot more fun!

Combat Upgrade Documentation

Below you will find the links to the Combat Upgrade Documentation

1. Overview

2. Core Combat Changes

3. Health-Action-Mind and the Combat Interface

4. Armor System

5. Character Healing and Related Profession Changes

6. Combat and Artificial Intelligence

7. Profession Roles Overview

8. Combat Schematic

9. Inspiration Buffs

Additional Resources

New Faction Armor
Fantastic new Rebel and Imperial armor

New Weapons
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